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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Why West’s anti-Hindutva pitch is front for anti-Hindu Dharma, and will get louder ahead of 2024 polls

American billionaire George Soros funds activists against the current Narendra Modi-led government because he believes it is ‘Hindu nationalist’ and anti-minority. It is tough to bring even a single central government action to note and prove it to be anti-minority in the two terms of PM Modi, but such is the narrative and belief amongst the global left elite that they are convinced this government is bad and needs to be booted out. They say it is for the best of Bharat and Bharatiyas, but again, that argument is more emotional than factual.

Why is it that a ‘Hindu nationalist’ government is seen in such a bad light in the West? After all, there is nothing wrong with being Hindu or nationalist. Why is it that this terminology is now universally accepted as a euphemism for a fascist and dictatorial government?

Sydney University professor and sociologist Salvatore Babones tells me it’s because Hindutva and fascism have been very cleverly likened in the West academia, but he believes the anti-Hindutva activism is a front for anti-Hindu bias.

“There is nothing in common between Hindutva and Nazism. What else is compared to Nazism? We routinely see Zionism, that is, Jews’ desire to return to Israel, as a form of fascism, which is ridiculous. We see these terms thrown around because they are very emotional terms, and people want to associate things they disagree with, with these emotional connections to absolute evil. Of course, this is pure rhetoric, but, I stress, for an American, who knows nothing about India, this rhetoric becomes all that person knows about India. That’s why this is causing such problems,” Babones said.

He also believes, regardless of political leanings, Bharatiyas of all shades must object to this classification of ‘Hindu nationalism’.

“Yes, the current Indian government is nationalistic, just like every American government is. Just like every major political party in India is. The current party in power is closely associated with Hinduism, just like every major party in India is,” he added.

(The story was first published on news18.com on March 17, 2023 and has been reproduced here with minor edits to conform to HinduPost style-guide.)

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  1. So sad, what is happening against Hindus and Hinduism around the world. The Christians and Islamist want to dismantle Hinduism quickly, as it poses a threat to their religions and ideology.
    Many Hindus are sleepwalking and I fear it will be too late to save our peaceful and beautiful Dharma called Hinduism.
    The world will be poor place if Hinduism is lost or marginalised by the power of the Western world and Islamist, both
    trying to convert Hindus to their ideology.

  2. Sanatan Dharm is a template & representative of all the hundreds of diverse cultures & civilisations which have been destroyed by the abrahamic, artificial, delusional, manmade, violent, stepbrother related,  predatory, middle-east desert cults , in the past two millenia.
    It is rich with languages, literature, truth seeking, philosophy, medicine, deep human psychology, scientific discoveries, art, architecture etc. etc. etc.


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