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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

“Why not build Ram temple on Mars, Moon as well?”: Kanhaiya Kumar

Communists in Bharat pretend to be secularists, claiming to be working for a rational, scientific and egalitarian society.

Let’s put aside the fact that communism has failed the empirical test of delivering better results in societies where it has been implemented in toto: it has actually resulted in genocides and ~ 100 million deaths in countries like USSR (Stalin’s Gulags), China (Mao’s disastrous Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution), Cambodia (Khmer Rouge) etc. In Bharat we have seen how Left ruined West Bengal in every possible way during their 34-year-long rule and carried out horrific crimes like Marichjhapi Massacre where 1,700 Hindu Dalit refugees from Bangladesh were massacred by police and communist cadres at the dawn of Jyoti Basu’s rule in Bengal.

Let’s also put aside the fact that there is nothing ‘scientific’ in theories propounded by communist stalwarts like Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao – communism was essentially born as a reaction to exploitative feudal order of 19th century Europe. Every communist experiment has transformed into dictatorial/authoritarian rule, with a small clique ruling ruthlessly over commoners. The father of communism, Karl Marx, was an outright racist who believed British colonial rule was ‘good’ for Bharat. In USSR and China Communist obscurantism led to persecution of ‘bourgeoise’ scientists with disastrous consequences.

Let’s consider the Indian communists’ claim that they are atheists who maintain an equal distance from all religions. If that is the case, why is communist invective and bile directed exclusively at Hindus, whereas they jump to appease the two globally dominant Abrahamic faiths of Christianity and Islam? The recent-most example of this comes in a clip of a Kanhaiya Kumar speech where he takes potshots at the proposed Ram Mandir in Ayodhya –

This mediocre and thuggish AISF ex-student leader, who once threatened a JNU girl student who asked him not to urinate in public, says in the above clip –

“When God has created the whole Universe, they want to limit Bhagwan Ram to just Ayodhya. When Bhagwan Ram has created the whole Universe, why build a temple for him at just Ayodhya? We just launched Mangalyaan (ISRO’s Mars mission) – we should have sent a murti of Ram ji to build a temple there…a temple can also be constructed on the Moon.”

By opening his mouth, this youth leader, once anointed as the foremost challenger to Narendra Modi by left-liberal intelligentsia, has once again proved his idiocy. Will he extend his logic to say that we should also build a temple for Bhagwan Ram in Mecca? A temple is a place of worship where people gather to pray – the temple is for devotees and believers, not for God. So why should anyone want to build a temple on Mars or any celestial body? Why is Kanhaiya ranting against the Ram Mandir when it has been archaeologically proven beyond any doubt that Babri masjid was built after destroying a temple, and the Supreme Court judgement has come after a 135-year-long legal battle?

Will Kanhaiya ask Muslims and Christians to destroy all mosques and churches across the world as Allah and Christ’s father have created the universe as per those religions?

Cultural Marxists like actor Prakash Raj have echoed a similar contempt for Hindu Dharma by comparing Ramlila to child pornography.

But Kanhaiya is not intelligent enough to think of something original. He is just following in the footsteps of his senior Marxist colleagues. In fact, Marx himself expressed his contempt for Hindus when he uttered –

“That man, the sovereign of nature, fell down on his knees in adoration of Hanuman, the monkey, and Sabbala, the cow” (The British Rule of India, New York Daily Tribune, June 25, 1853). 

Let’s look at some more gems against Hindus and Dharma uttered by senior communist leaders  –

  • G Sudhakaran, CPM MLA and minister in Kerala government, once said, “Hindu sanyasis (ascetic) do not wear underwear, while Christian & Muslim priests are decent.” The same man has written poems in praise of the Muslim ‘icon’ Osama bin-Laden.
  • Rocked by Ayyappa devotees’ protests against his government, Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan said that ‘Sabarimala priests are involved in  prostitution…they are just a bunch of Brahmins who migrated from Andhra Pradesh.”
  • Lok Sabha MP, former minister, and CPM central committee member PK Sreemathi ‘Teacher’ disparaged temple-going Hindu women & men by saying that “Hindu women who go to temples in wet clothes after taking dip in temple ponds do it thus to display their body parts to men in those temples, and men come to temples to enjoy this.”
  • Kerala Marxist leader Saju MR in a Facebook post said “we will not rest till we bury Hindu culture”

And the Indian Communist’s kow-towing to Abrahamic faiths was clear for all to see in the way that Pinarayi Vijayan lambasted a young IAS officer who had demolished a huge Cross built illegally by a radical Christian group in Munnar, or in the way his Government by-passed RBI objections to launch a foray into Islamic banking in Kannur.

This blog highlights another example of Indian Communist double standards over religion. The global Islamist and leftist alliance — Sharia’h-Bolshevism – is posing a dangerous threat to free speech and democracy worldwide.

If you still have doubts, see what CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury said at a public meeting in 2015 –

  • Yechury said Liberation Theology (a pro-poor Christian movement born in Latin America) reflects the “miserable conditions and the wretched existence of the toiling and their struggles for liberation, like Marxism”. Continuing with the Christianity parallels, he quoted from the Gospel of Luke to underline how “Lord Jesus” too had come “to send off the crushed into liberty”.
  • “The Quran states the achievement of jannat (paradise). What is jannat but a classless society?”

Communists, also known as Leftists in Bharat, are truly a cancer for all rational, progressive citizens of the country.

(Featured image source: Outlook)

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