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Himanta Sarma says ‘New India doesn’t need madrasas’ – why madrasas are dangerous and regressive

Assam Chief Minister (CM) Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the country doesn’t need madrasas that produce Maulvis but modern schools, colleges, and universities. He was speaking on the occasion of Shiva Charithe held on March 16 in Belgavi’s Shivaji Maharaj Garden.

What Assam CM Himanta Sarma said about madrasas

“A TV anchor in Delhi asked me why did you close down 600 government-run madrasas in your state, what is your intention? I replied that I belong to a state where illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators threaten our culture and civilisation. My intention is to close all madrasas which only produce Maulana. People need modern schools, colleges and universities which produce doctors, engineers, and scientists”, Sarma said in his speech.

The Assam CM also addressed BJP’s Vijay Sankalp Yatra in poll-bound Karnataka’s Belgavi. He also highlighted how Communists and Congress distorted history making it all about the Mughals. “Congress and Communists showed that India’s history was all about Babur, Aurangzeb, and Shah Jahan. I want to tell that India’s history was not about them but about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Guru Gobind Singh, Lachit Barphukan and Swami Vivekananda”, Himanta Sarma emphasized.

“South India and North East were never under Aurangzeb’s rule, but communist historians try to show that the whole of India was under Aurangzeb’s control. Today we need to write a new history. Like the great Shivaji Maharaj, the mighty Ahom rulers and great general Lachit Barphukan defeated the Aurangzeb army many times. But it was not included in Indian history intentionally by the left history writers”, he stated regarding the distortion of history. He also equated Congress to the Mughals saying it was working to weaken Bharat.

Madrasas are dens of crime & anti-national activities

“The children are facing exploitation of sorts in the unauthorised madrasas. The Constitutional rights to education are being disregarded there. Hence, the mapping of such madrasas is required. The process has already been initiated by state governments in Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. In 2022, some cases have also been reported wherein it was claimed that some Hindu children belonging to the Dalit community were being imparted with ‘religious teachings’ in the madrasas. The states have been issued directions to rescue those children”, NCPCR Chief Priyank Kanoongo said in a recent interview.

Researchers have repeatedly found that madrasas are breeding grounds for Islamic radicalization. The number of madrasas, including unregistered and part-time ones, in Bharat, could be as high as 5 lakhs. Yet, the secular Indian state continues pumping funds to ‘modernize’ madrasas instead of shutting them down and mainstreaming the education of Muslim children. At least Assam has stopped funding public madrasas, but private madrasas often fueled by Gulf money, are still running unchecked.

Madrasas impart Islamic education which is not only contrary to scientific knowledge but also tends to radicalize students since most madrasas impart the theo-Fascist variety of Islam and Wahabism, a Saudi-sponsored creed of extremist Islam linked to global terror.

“When the Muslims enter the enemy’s country and besiege the cities or strongholds of the infidels, it is necessary to invite them to embrace the faith, because Ibn Abbas relates of the Prophet that he never destroyed any without previously inviting them to embrace the faith. If, therefore, they embrace the faith, it is unnecessary to war with them, because that which was the design of the war is then obtained without war”, wrote retired IPS officer Ram Ohri in his 2017 article on Deoband.

Some madrasas have played a major role in radicalization. We also read daily reports of Hindus facing hate crimes like temple desecration, lynching, rape, intimidation, and the exodus of Hindus from Muslim majority pockets as in Kairana and elsewhere. In such a scenario, Himanta Biswa Sarma’s decision to close these entities that polarize and radicalize is commendable and needs to be emulated by other states.

Besides radicalizing students, the madrasas also act as safe havens for terror modules. An Al-Qaeda terror module run from madrasas was busted in Assam in July last year. Besides these Islamic institutions also indulge in land jihad as witnessed in Uttarakhand. Arms and ammunition, including gunpowder and explosives, have also been recovered from madrasas in Bihar.

Moreover, crime including sexual exploitation takes place rampantly in these institutions that are controlled by Maulvis and Maulanas. In December last year, 12 minor Biharis were rescued from a Chennai madrasa. Police said the children had been ill-treated and were injured with sharp weapons at the study centre. In December 2022, it was reported that a 12-year-old boy living and studying at a madrasa was sedated, and raped repeatedly by the ulema in Delhi. Many such crimes have come to light from madrasas across the country.

The mosques-madrasas located on the Indo-Nepal border that is funded by Pakistan’s ISI are a grave security threat to the country. These religious setups have mushroomed within 10 km from the Nepal border and also across the border on the Nepal side, leading to demographic change in some parts of the border areas in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, the report has said.

Modern Bharat has no place for such institutions where crimes like rape, sodomy, and sexual exploitation are normalized and rampant, shelter terrorists posing a security threat, where love/grooming jihad is encouraged, and promote anti-nationalism.

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