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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

TMC MLA’s Bengali Film “Dharmajuddha” triggers boycott calls after anti-Hindu trailer release

While Bollywood remains infamous for its anti-Hindu stance and is now brought to its knees by awakened Hindus, the Bengali film and entertainment industry continues to grow as the next most hinduphobic industry.

The TMC ideology entirely controls the present entertainment industry of West Bengal. Actors, directors, and producers are part-time politicians in the TMC camp; Mimi Chakraborty, Nusrat Jahan, Soham Chakraborty, infamous for the “condom of Shivalinga” tweet, Saayoni Ghosh have been inducted into the ruling party, and there is no one in the industry that can dare to embrace an ideology opposed to the TMC. Hence the production of films that propagate Hindu hate and presents a contorted view of the Hindu dharma is rampant. 

The latest addition to this trend is the Bengali film Dharmajuddha by filmmaker Raj Chakraborty, TMC MLA from the Barrackpore constituency. The movie created a storm in Bengal before its release for the anti-Hindu elements shown in the film’s trailer. Though the TMC lawmaker claims that he has made this film to convey a message of equality and communal harmony, the trailer betrays his claims. 

In one trailer segment, a Hindu man named Raghav, sporting a saffron scarf, is shown to recite the “yada yada hi dharmasya…” shloka from Bhagwat Geeta while holding a knife to an elderly woman’s throat. Raghav is the name of Bhagwan Ram. The intense hate of the TMC matriarch and her followers towards the existence of Bhagwan Ram is not unknown to Hindus. 

Hence, presenting a man named after Bhagwan Ram as a religious extremist suits the sinister agenda of the Muslim pandering political party. Showing a Hindu reciting a popular Bhagwat Geeta shloka and holding a knife to a woman’s throat is misleading and far from the truth. The truth is that Islamist extremists often recite Islamic verses or the chant of Allah-Hu-Akbar while slaughtering their victims. 

Chakraborty states that he has tried to maintain a balance between the two communities. But creating an equilibrium between the Hindus and the Muslims is a tremendous disservice to Hindu Dharma and Hindus. It is impossible to draw a parallel between the violence of Islamists, a regular feature in Bengal, and the timidness of the Hindus.

Another question is why “Dharmajuddha”? Why not “Jihad”?

After all, the people of Bengal have been repeatedly thrown into the flames of Islamist Jihad. From the Direct Action Day of 1946 to the horrors of partition, the 1971 Bangladesh war, to the post-poll pogrom in 2021, the Hindus have always felt the brunt of Islamist violence and thirst for Hindu blood. Then how fair is it to place the Hindus and Muslims as equal culprits?

The film has triggered an outrage among awakened Hindu Bengalis, who have called for a boycott of the film. Some have taken to YouTube to voice their strong objection to the film. 

The Bengali entertainment industry is known for Aparna Sen, Kaushik Ganguli, Tapas Pal, Badshah Moitra, and Kabir Suman. Often dubbed as “intellectuals,” the artists of Tollywood (as the Bengali film industry is popularly referred to) have repeatedly exposed their fondness for Bangladesh, detestation for Hindu Dharma and Hindu sentiment, and a very passionate sympathy for Muslims as well as Islamists.

Their appeasement of the Islamists has reached such dangerous limits that they comfortably twist ground realities in their movies. They play the real communal horrors the country faces but with a total role reversal by switching Hindu victims to Muslims and showing Islamist attackers as Hindutva goons.

During the anti-Hindu riots in Delhi in 2020, an Islamist mob caught Hindu youth Dilbar Singh Negi, chopped off his limbs, and threw him to fire to be charred alive. The entire sequence was captured in a Bengali OTT series, Charitraheen. But, they projected it as a riotous Hindu mob attacking a Muslim village and performing the exact cruel stunt on Muslim youth.

The OTT audience of West Bengal, consuming this twisted narrative, has evolved into one of the country’s most anti-Hindu and woke demography. If 35 years of communist and ten years of TMC rule was not enough, these OTT shows are turning it into a land barren of dharma.

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  1. If you look at the IMDb reviews of this movie.. You can’t just stop yourself form shaking your head by total ignorance and delusions of Bengalis.
    One called it much better than The Kashmir Files because it gives a message of “unity and secularism” unlike TKF where “violence is glorified”.
    Second whine about ” Hindi imperialism” and “protecting Bengali culture”.

  2. Bengali movie industry was always Anti-Hindu since the beginning. Its just they didn’t have pamindian appeal nor they get dubbed in Hindi like South so others don’t realised it yet.
    Such Anti-hindu mentality is prevalent in west Bengal because they think by being AntiHindu they are opposing NonBengalis.

  3. Bengali hindus have not learnt lesson from centuries of genocide by jihadis. Already larger part of Bengal has become islamic bangladesh where leftover hindus are subjected to daily torture.Days are not far when bengali hindus will face same fate as bangladeshi hindus if they do not wakeup now.
    muslim population is increasing at alarming speed due to population jihad and there may be demand to merge west bengal with bangladesh in the future once they become majority.


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