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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Tippu Sultan Jayanti Celebration by Karnataka Congress Government is an Arrogant Act of Ultimate Disaster

Karnataka’s Congress Government has decided to officially celebrate Tippu Sultan Jayanti on November 10. Celebrating a ruthless tyrant’s birthday as the state festival of Karnataka is not just a whole hearted objection of the people from all walks of life, but it is also unacceptable to democratic, secular and humane Bharatiyas and native Kannadigas. Because the truth is, Tippu Sultan fought against foreign powers not for the love of his country, but for the selfish motive of establishing Islamic rule throughout Bharat.

When name of Tippu Sultan comes to our mind some might feel proud about him for what he has been portrayed as, and many may dislike and disown him for what they really know about him. Here is an attempt to reveal the true picture of Tippu to the readers and society and bring it to the notice of handcuffed blind government. This is the collective initiative to help open the eyes of government. It is not directed against any religion, sect or community but against the cruelty of a person who had no morality nor any faith in humanity, but believed in ruthless despotism and radically followed the path of death and destruction.

Opposition to Tippu Jayanti is not because he was a Muslim but because he was an anti-human tyrant. We endorse great personalities like Sant Shishunal Sharif, Mirza Ismail etc., not because they were Muslims but because their contribution to humanity is unquestionable. If government plans for their Jayantis we support the cause, but Karnataka government is so disastrous that it wants to celebrate one of the most brutal, callous, sadistic rulers in the history of Bharat, Tippu Sultan, a communally motivated tyrant.

We the liberated minds of empowering Bharat and Karnataka must ensure the cancellation of the forthcoming “Tippu Jayanti” celebrations planned by the current Government of Karnataka, and save precious Kannadiga lives which is evident from the precedent set from last year’s Tippu Jayanti escapade that resulted in loss of two innocent Kannadiga lives.

Not only is the current dispensation doing great disservice to the general Kannadiga population by celebrating the Jayanti of a highly divisive historical tyrant ruler, they are also willfully creating a deep rift between the Hindu and Muslim communities of the state.

The present Government has failed to understand that no Kannadiga wants his tax money to be spent on celebrating the birth of a despot who deprived the people of their own mother tongue and forced a foreign language Farsi (Persian) upon them. Government has got no money for substantiating the poor farmers’ lives who are committing suicides and are also proud Kannadigas. But it has plenty of money for vote bank politics and communal appeasement; and the real contradiction is that Tippu happens to be anti-Kannadiga because of his ideology and acts! It is a huge loss to exchequer’s budget and set back to intelligentsia who are not questioning the attempt of the government and are blindly falling in line in this hasty ceremony and meaningless celebration. This petition is also an attempt to save the tax payers’ money.

My humble request is to read this ‘’Eleven point Tippu petition’’ and take a stand. Then if you feel like signing the petition against Tippu Jayanti celebration, please join the cause and share the word. These eleven points are not selective as I am not pitching for his acts and dreams in which his ambition was to become the emperor of Bharat at the cost of millions of innocents! He may have ‘pardoned’ a few temples, few people as per his astrological insights. But those were selfish, motivated acts which don’t reflect the true nature of the man.

1. The summer palace near Kalasipalyam bus stand is named after Tippu Sultan. But the unknown fact is that it was constructed by Nadaprabu Kempegowda in very indigenous style. It was renovated and modified with Islamic architecture by Hyder Ali in the year 1761. Later on the practice and precedence continued to call it as Tippu’s Palace forgetting the original father behind the construction and its history. Not to mention how Kempegowda of Bengaluru was annoyed and embarrassed by Hyder Ali. Can anyone forget the way Wodeyar prince of Mysore’s trust was breached, and the way he was cheated and imprisoned? How can we forget the way Madakari Nayaka of Chitradurga was attacked treacherously and hunted?

2. November 10 is also a day when 700 Melukote Ayyangars were hanged by Tippu Sultan. One of the worst genocides Karnataka has ever seen. The day should be a day of mourning for humanity but shockingly it has become a day of pride. It is a real blunder by the Government of Karnataka which is known for committing such blunders again and again throughout its three years of rule. It will be a very huge and uncorrectable blunder if we support it too or blindly accept it. Celebrating the same day as Tippu Jayanti on the same day of genocide is like celebrating Hitler Jayanti on the day he began the holocaust.

3. Not just the Melukote Ayyangars, it’s also the Kodavas who Tippu butchered in the thousands, mainly women and children, and forcibly converted innumerable people. It’s the Mangalorean Catholics, whose churches he destroyed and converted thousands of Christians. It’s the Nairs of Wyanad and Malabar, who he tried to exterminate. Evidence for this comes from Tippu’s own letters and diaries.

4. As far as the famous Mysore missile technology is concerned, it was not a sudden offshoot under Tippu Sultan’s regime as wrongly projected and assumed. But it was the gradual development of the technology natively. Before Anglo-Maratha wars, there was no major war like situation before the Mysore kingdom and therefore they never used it. It was effectively used by Tippu and not exactly developed by him. Iron-cased rockets fitted with swords in them was the very innovative idea of native people of Mysore region inspired from ancient texts.

5. He is celebrated as ‘Tiger of Mysore’ mainly for two reasons. One, he had to fight three battles with the East India Company. The second reason is very political. After the ruthless despotic regimes of Islamic Delhi sultanate, Mughals in Delhi and regional tyrants like Bahmanis in Karnataka, Nizam of Hyderabad etc, secular historians wanted to prove at least one Islamic regime to be secular and mature with high quest for freedom! But this was done on the slippery bricks of lies – therefore it was necessary to project Tippu Sultan to be the ‘Tiger of Mysore’ who fought for Bharat.

It was very cleverly used to encash the vote bank of Muslims by celebrating Tippu Jayanti as an official festival of the state, legitimizing him to be a real freedom fighter with great virtues of a noble ruler and projecting him as the father of missile technology and an ideal administrator, not to mention his (un)secular approach in daily life. This portrayed, fictional Tippu is something we all need to put behind us and move ahead, but falsely believing in those unquestioned lies of historians and blindly celebrating him to be a martyr who fought for the nation is like being part of fool’s paradise.

6. The conspiracy of this year’s Tippu Jayanti takes us to another level. Last year, when it was started it was celebrated under waqf board. Now the government has started to show its true color by celebrating this year’s second Tippu Jayanti under Department of Kannada and Culture. It is the clear agenda of the government making Tippu Jayanti to be the state festival, and implanting Tippu Sultan as Karnataka’s icon. This is one of the easy ways for Karnataka Congress Government to consolidate Muslims by covertly encouraging the communal divide.

7. Last year even when there was dissent by Hindus against its celebration, Karnataka Government still went ahead with the celebration, ignoring all the dissents, protests and uncountable requests – not to mention the disturbance caused to life and peace of the state. After 300 years, even when many liberal Muslims do not endorse this Jayanti, and even when the state is starving without water and when we are facing multiple challenges, is it necessary for the state government to happily celebrate Tippu Jayanti? It sounds somber but the state government isn’t disturbed by all of this, and arrogantly believes in ‘mine is right’ principle, which is a very dangerous, dictatorial attitude in a democracy.

8. Tippu Sultan forcefully made Persian language as the administrative language during his regime by pulling down the popular soul of people and their native Kannada language which was the prevalent administrative and Mysore state language earlier and after Tippu! What a contradiction that the person who was the enemy of Kannada language and Kannada culture is being celebrated as a hero by Karnataka Government’s Kannada and Culture department. Tax payer’s money seems to have become a source for sabotaging the pride of Kannada and Karnataka.

9. Tippu’s radical chauvinist mentality was not just restricted to enforcing Persian language over Kannada but also in all aspects of his life. Prominent Muslim historians like Kirmani and Ghulam Muhammad, Tippu Sultan’s own son, revealed numerous shocking facts and realities associated with Tippu Sultan in their writings. Since he wanted to give most things around him a Muslim touch, he got several Hindu names of places replaced with Muslim names. For example, Mangalore or Mangalapuri was changed to Jalalabad, Mysore to Nazarabad, Bepur to Sultanpatanam, Cannanore to Kusanabad, Gooty to Faiz-Hissar, Dharwar to Quarshed-Sawad, Dindigul to Khaliqabad, Ratnagiri to Mustafabad, Kozhikode to Islamabad, and Dindigul to Khaliqabad. The local residents of all these places could revert to old names only after Tippu Sultan’s death!

10. As per an official report by Colonel Fullarton, the then in-charge of British forces in Mangalore, Tippu Sultan committed the worst possible brutalities on Hindus during his acquisition of Palghat Fort in the year 1783. His soldiers scared Hindus by exposing the heads of all innocent Brahmins that were brutally killed by them from the fort. The Zamorin (Hindu King) then decided to abandon the fort, so that he and his Hindu followers didn’t have to witness more such brutalities. Tippu continued to commit brutalities as he moved ahead, fighting and annihilating the Hindus in Kerala. The Rajas who didn’t want to let him proceed with all this asked help from the British.

11. During his reign, one of the major goals of Tippu Sultan was to destroy/ ruin Hindu temples in Mysore and Malabar, and let Islam establish and thrive. Historians like Lewis B. Boury have described Tippu’s violence against Hindus in and around Malabar as way more ferocious than atrocities committed by Mahmud of Ghazni, Nadir Shah and Alauddin Khalji against Hindus in Bharat. William Logan has mentioned in the “Malabar Manual” that Thalipparampu and Thrichambaram temples of Chirackal Taluqa, Ponmeri Temple of Badakara, and Thiruvangatu of Tellicherry were among the major temples smashed by Tippu Sultan. Since all such actions committed by Tippu Sultan were inspired by his hatred for Hindus and Hindu Dharma, he forced his victims to accept Islam. Worse, countless women and children were included among his victims.

Think for yourself and draw your own conclusion. Do flag your objection if you feel that Tippu Sultan is absolutely unworthy of celebration. If anything, this chapter in Bharatiya history must be dealt with the same vehemence that the Germans deal with their history of Hitler and ensure that such an act is never allowed to happen again. If you think otherwise, feel free to enlighten me.


– Jai Hind.
Shreyanka S Ranade

(Disclaimer: This article represents the opinions of the Author, and the Author is responsible for ensuring the factual veracity of the content. HinduPost will not be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information, contained herein.)

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  1. Shreyanka s ranade you fool… just deteriorating the name of muslim…. u are just ultimate haters of muslim ….. u cannot change history every body knows TIPU SULTAN THE FIRST FREEDOM FIGHTER ……U ARE JUST WANT TO DESTROY IMAGE OF MYSLIM WHO FIGHT …..BUT U CANNOT CHANGE HISTORY ….. AND WHAT MUSLIMS HAVE GIVEN INDIA ……..LISTEN EVERY HINDU WHO HATE MUSLIMS … YOUR COMING GENERATION WILL BE ATHEIST. …………. WITH IN 50 YEARS YOUR RELIGION WE BE NO WHERE

    • “WITH IN 50 YEARS YOUR RELIGION WE BE NO WHERE” is what India has to worry about.

      Does Islam support secularism?
      Was Prophet Muhammad secular?
      No. It supports only Jihad.
      Secularism is non-religious reasons to explain phenomena. Religious explanations are extremely simple and have to be believed with the understanding that belief means untrue. If true, no belief would be required.
      Islam is pure belief. Can’t be verified. Therefore Islam has no science, no learning, no art, no literature, nothing.
      If no reasons can be offered, how can you get your way? By jihad (or war), of course.
      It is highly unlikely that its founder was secular and suddenly sometime in history it turned its opposite due to its followers’ efforts. That is why its founder put in the clause, it is the word of god and he is the last prophet and Islam can’t be changed. And it hasn’t.


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