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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Time To Launch A Diplomatic Blitzkrieg Against Pakistan

President Trump’s reprimand  & jibe at  Pakistan and his acceptance that Pakistan has swindled the 33 billion dollar aid meant for curtailing & curbing Al-Qaeda, Haqqani & Taliban networks is a rare testament by an American President and a strong vindication of Bharat’s stand that Pakistan is a rogue State that harbours & supplies terrorists.

To think that America did not know that Pakistan was hoodwinking the former all these decades & siphoning funds meant for reining in terror towards abetting & aiding terror, would be a fallacy. If the Americans could smoke out Osama from Pakistan then they very well knew that Pakistan was mis-utilising America’s aid all these years; but they preferred to turn a blind eye for their own vested interest in the region, unmindful of the wider & serious ramifications for themselves.

Now with a loquacious & cantankerous President at the helm, the beans have been spilt & America’s erstwhile hypocrisy stands exposed. With America openly blaming Pakistan for abetting terror in the region rather than stemming it, Bharat has a golden opening in smoking out international terrorist Hafiz Saeed from Pakistan just like America plucked Osama Bin Laden out of Abbottabad.

As a beleaguered Pakistan is rummaged & ravaged by America, Bharat has a chance of rectifying the weak policies of earlier Governments and restoring the status quo, by upping the ante on freeing PoK from the clutches of Pakistan and smoking out notorious terrorist Hafiz Saeed.

Inspite of the surgical strikes by Bharat & its frequent forays into PoK to flush out terrorists, Pakistan has continued its terrorist activities unabated – killing Bharat’s  soldiers by deceit & treachery like the recent killing of CRPF personnel.

International terrorist Hafiz Sayeed has been operating from Pakistan, fuelling & funnelling terrorism across Bharat’s borders & killing innocent lives. With America – Pak’s biggest ally over the years – openly reprimanding the latter for it’s dubious stand on terrorism & embezzlement of dollars meant for anti terrorist operations’, it’s time for Bharat to launch a fresh diplomatic offensive against Pakistan for harbouring & nurturing international terrorist Hafiz Saeed and allowing him to operate terrorist camps in PoK.

PoK has been the breeding ground for terrorism with international terrorist Hafiz Saeed imparting training to terrorists in cahoots with the ISI &  Pakistani Army and launching them against Bharat from across the LoC. The surgical strikes have proven to be a temporary lull & Pakistan continues unabated in pushing terrorists across the border.

The only way to put an end to this tyranny is to reclaim PoK, initially through a diplomatic blitzkrieg at the UN & by bringing other powerful nations to support Bharat so that Pakistan & China (it’s biggest ally) are isolated on the world stage. This move will also counter China’s OBOR (One Belt One Road) dream which threatens Bharat’s borders.

For Bharat, with all it’s new found international stature & clout, and with America – Pakistan’s biggest ally till recently – pulling the rug from under Pakistan, the conditions are ideal to garner international support. Bharat has the most capable political dispensation at the helm which can crack the whip on Pakistan and get back Bharat’s land (PoK) from a rogue terrorist nation.

With America at loggerheads with Pakistan, Bharat has an ideal platform to launch an all out diplomatic offensive to get back PoK and remove the scourge of terrorism from its border.

China, which has been defending international terrorists Hafiz Saeed & Maulana Masood Azhar, needs to be exposed for its pro-terrorism attitude by Bharat at all international fora, so that it is made to mend its ways. A fresh diplomatic onslaught by Bharat can expose China’s hypocrisy on terrorism, as it allies with two rogue nations in Pakistan & North Korea.

It’s after decades that such  a diplomatic opportunity beckons Bharat to set right a historical blunder committed seven decades earlier, just as it has been decades since America openly castigated Pakistan for siding with terror and frittering away & embezzling the 33 odd billion dollars that was meant to stop terrorism.

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Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta
Political Editor, Samast Bharat magazine


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