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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Time for Hindus of Uttar Pradesh to Wake Up to Existential Threat

UP Assembly Elections 2017, which kick off today, are crucial for the state’s  79% Hindu population. As the politics of the two regional heavyeight political outfits – SP and BSP – has gradually Islamized over the last decade, many Hindus still do not yet realize the existential threat that confronts them.

Hindus live in denial, and the problem has grown acute since Independence. The delusion of being a ‘majority’ and  the false idea that composite culture or Ganga-Jamuna tehzeeb is what unites Bharat, has induced a complacency which blinds Hindus to the clear and present danger posed by Islamism and Christian evangelism.

What Hindus are loathe to acknowledge is that Islam and Christianity do not regard Hindu Dharma as an equal – both these Abrahamic religions have an exclusivist doctrine that ultimately wants to conquer over the inferior Hindus. Hence, any political outfit that panders to minority votebank ends up strengthening those forces which in the long run want to reduce Hindus to second-class citizen status.

In the case of UP, the clout of the Muslim community has grown immensely in the last decade – both SP and BSP now realize that a large chunk of Hindu vote is development-oriented and thus no longer captive. Hence, they are wooing Muslims ever more aggressively. It is no secret that the Muslim community votes as per the diktats of their religious and community leaders. Hence wooing the Muslim vote means wooing the local imams, fanatical seminaries like Deoband and influential local leaders – all of whom are conservative, hardline Muslims. Hence, once these local Muslim leaders deliver the Muslim vote to the ‘secular’ Hindu party like SP, BSP or Congress – they demand their pound of flesh post-elections. And that is when the atrocities against Hindus like rapes, murders and land grabs begin.

The Akhilesh Yadav regime was a complete disaster on the law & order front, and that should have been the primary subject of all debates regarding the upcoming elections. But as is the norm in Bharat today, secular crimes are no crimes, it is only ‘Hindu’ crimes like Una flogging of Dalits or Dadri lynching that are the blot on our nation and deserving of debate.

And it is the crimes against women that exemplify the rot that has set in. What happened to 40-year-old ASHA worker Somvati, or the plight of the minor girl and her mother who were gang-raped in Bulandshahr, must anguish the heart of every Hindu. Last year, we tracked at least 6 cases where a Hindu woman had been raped by Muslim perpetrators in Muzaffarnagar district in just a 2 week period.

A trip through Western UP talking to locals will show how grim the ground situation is, with people even hesitating to send their daughters to school. There was a 161% rise in rape cases in just one year (2014 to 2015) in UP, twice the national average.

And how can one forget the Kairana exodus? It is amazing how this issue has been sidelined and how those raising it are branded as ‘communal hate-mongers’. But we need more leaders like Yogi Adityanath who are not afraid to say what needs to be said

BJP MP Yogi Adityanath said that the situation in the western part of Uttar Pradesh is similar to that of the Kashmir Valley on 19 January 1990. Lakhs of Kashmiri Pundits were forced to flee from the Kashmir valley and hundreds of them raped and murdered by Islamic extremists in 1990, he said, adding that he finds a similar situation developing in the region. Ghaziabad MP V K Singh also attended the rally.

“Is Kairana not an issue? Is Kashmir not an issue? If this country’s majority, Hindus, are tortured, is it not an issue? But if a thorn pricks the foot of someone from the minority community, it becomes an issue. This politics is strange,” he added.

Those talking of Dalit-Muslim unity, conveniently ignore the plight of Dalits in Muslim dominated areas, and how Dalit festivities for Santi Ravidas jayanti are routinely targeted by Islamist fanatics. And even the advocates of the Yadav-Muslim alliance must be asked to explain why this so-called brotherhood was unable to save the life of 65-year-old Singhasan Yadav who had his throat slit by neighborhood Muslim hoodlums despite being a SP worker. Why did Akhilesh Yadav not condemn this death, or announce compensation like was done for Mohammed Akhlaq’s family in Dadri?

Mayawati was undoubtedly better than Akhilesh on the law & order and governance front, but even she is not immune to the Islamist hold over ‘secular’ politics in UP anymore. BSP rallies this time around start with recitation of Quran verses and Hadees is quoted to exhort Muslims to rally behind Naseemuddin Siddiqui, the Muslim leader touted as the equal of party supremo Mayawati.

For Muslims, any alliance with Yadav-led SP, Dalit-led BSP or Brahmin-led Congress is only tactical – as the Islamists gain in power, they will gradually turn against all kafirs (non-believers). This art of deception is nothing new as the history of Islam shows us time and again. Creation of Pakistan was also overwhelmingly supported by Muslims of pre-independence UP (with Western-education promoting AMU at the forefront of the Pakistan movement) as a theocratic state in order to create a new Medina – just as Mohammed did when he and his followers initially faced opposition in Mecca. Medina was the sanctuary where the Muslims built their strength before taking Mecca.

Hindus need to realize that by allying their caste/regional outfit with Muslim fanatics, they might gain political power in the short-term, but they are laying the seeds of destruction for their own children 10-20 years down the line. The rise of Muslim demography in UP makes this inevitable. Voting against any outfit which panders to Muslims extremists should be the guiding principle for Hindus across Bharat.

Right now, BJP is far & away the best possible option for Hindus of UP. One expressway and a metro project does not constitute ‘development’ as the Akhilesh lobbyists are trying hard to sell. The carefully-crafted family drama to cleanse Akhilesh’s image also cannot conceal the fact that Akhilesh was hand-in-glove with all decisions taken by the SP Government over the last 5 years. The so-called corrupt sections of his family like uncle Shivpal have still got tickets for the coming elections, and elements like the foul-mouthed communal Azam Khan are still part of the ruling coterie. Akhilesh’s decision to team up with a failed, delusional dynast like Rahul Gandhi, tells us what kind of political vision he holds.

Electing BJP will not change UP overnight – but it will the first step in restoring the Hindu heartland in Uttar Bharat to its former glory. Hindu voters in UP should see how 13 years of BJP rule in MP has slowly transformed the state’s fortunes and pulled MP out of BIMARU status – a similar revolution can unfold in UP if voters disregard caste and personal loyalties and vote for the greater good of Hindus and Hindu society.

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  1. Very well written. Look at West Bengal. Muslim Appeasement by TMC had led to Hindus living in constant fear in West Bengal.


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