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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The subversive politics of Ramachandra Guha

The recent tweets by historian Ramachandra Guha highlight the problematic nexus of Leftist  Secular Liberal historians who attempt to rewrite and whitewash history to deliberately mislead and misinform people, who for various reasons, are unable to confront and correct this diabolical  Break Bharat game.

I cannot comprehend why Ramachandra Guha should have put out this Tweet, grossly insensitive to the fact that Bharat and the whole world is struggling with a pandemic that has caused misery to so many vulnerable people everywhere.

As expected, many people, especially Gujaratis and Bengalis, reacted strongly against the selective quote of  Philip Spratt – both the Gujaratis (for calling them culturally backward) and the Bengalis (for calling them economically backward).

Philip Spratt was a Communist, sent to Bharat to form the Communist Party of India. In his previous Twitter introduction, Guha had labeled himself as a lapsed Marxist.  Yet, he wants to glorify a Communist who really does not have any empathy for Bharat, a country and its people who have given Guha so much opportunity (to study and also financed at least his initial career).  In a subsequent Tweet, Guha says:

It is well-known that the Indian Communists, a group which Guha continues to be a part of, despite his disclaimer of being a lapsed Communist, have captured the power of state patronage of so many tax-funded institutions in Bharat. Given that he has not been successful in his venture for thirty years, perhaps the rest of the Communists in Bharat really do not see him as an asset for their propaganda!

Why should Guha want to make Spratt, given Spratt’s lack of empathy, better known? It cannot be that Guha wants to expose Spratt as perhaps being a sort of charlatan, at least in his early stay in Bharat.  Besides, branding those who have contested Guha’s Tweets as trolls, shows his utter lack of tolerance for a diametrically opposed point of view.

Probably the best response was from the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani, who said:

I thought this was a mature and dignified response, politely requesting Guha to stop his program of creating divisions amongst the people of Bharat.  And, also a defence of both Bengal and Gujarat.  But, given his political agenda, Guha does not seem to be capable of responding with either maturity or dignity.  He tweeted:

To me this was an arrogant tweet that creates an impression that the Gujarat CM ignores his constitutional duties and continuously follows Guha with an intention of disputing him whenever the CM objects to Guha’s Tweet.  Guha’s objective seems to be to sneer at the CM.

As for accusing the CM of confusing Guha with the dead writer, it is important for Guha to have some basic knowledge of how people would view a quote put out by him.  In trying to distance himself away from Pratt’s 1939 quote, Guha says:

To this, quite reasonably, other twitter users pointed out:

Guha decided to put out another tweet to push his agenda, by quoting Spratt again:

In neither of the tweets, did Guha say that he disagrees with Spratt.  But then why should Guha do so?  After all he wanted Spratt to become as much as a household name, as he is in the Communist circle in Bharat.  However,  I am exaggerating only to make a point!

Another important BJP leader responded to Guha:

The Polish children, along with some elders (primarily their mothers) had been forced to leave Poland because of the attack by the Nazis at the beginning of the Second World War. They thought that some country in Europe would give them refuge – but no one did, and the ship came all the way to Mumbai.

Here, too, the British (as colonisers) refused permission for the people to land, even though Poland was  part of the Allied Forces in the War.  However, Maharaja Jam Saheb Digvijaysinhji Jadeja of Jamnagar heard about their plight, permitted them to come to his land and promised them refuge. This was similar to the gesture of the Gujaratis  who gave refuge to the Zoroastrians who had to flee their homeland due to an attack by the Arabs who wanted to force Islam onto them. When the War ended, these refugees went back to Poland, and even today,  Poland wants its people to gratefully remember the  Maharaja’s generous gesture.

But it is not authentic history that Guha is interested in. On the contrary, he wants to use history as a tool for his political agenda.  So, he again Tweets arrogantly:

Guha can indulge in his campaign of hatred as much as he wants. If he has even an iota of shame, he would carefully study the responses to his campaign and understand that there is a Bharat that exists that he may be unable to relate with. As the Gujarat CM said: “Gujarat is great, Bengal is great… India is united.  Our cultural foundations are strong, our economic aspirations are high.”

Even though the people of Bharat, over the years, have done so much for him, ingratitude seems ingrained in Guha’s DNA. In April 2010, he addressed a section of people in Canada, where he highlighted ‘Ten Reasons why India will not and must not become a Superpower’.  It suited the audience not to ask him whether the then Superpowers fulfilled the ten conditions to be called a Superpower.  Nor did it strike Guha to offer his opinion on the subject!

Guha is a go-to person for some among the international crowd who are curious about what is happening in Bharat. Guha makes it his mission to mislead them. Sadly, there are many of Bharatiya origin in Bharat and abroad who do not think it necessary to confront and correct him.  But then they too are on the same asuric trip as Guha.

(Featured image source: Twitter)

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Ashok Chowgule
Ashok Chowgule
Working President (External), Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bharat.


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