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Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Bogey of Majoritarianism in Bharat: The Half Truths and Whole Lies

Majoritarianism became an overused and abused word in Bharat from 2014 onwards. Democracy which has always been an exercise of expressing the majority view suddenly became a rigged exercise that somehow was being used to apparently subvert the minorities of India. The bogey of Majoritarianism sparked an Award Wapasi row, many “I-am-not-safe-anymore-in-India” statements from Aamir Khan of Bollywood to the more recent Naseeruddin Shah, also of Bollywood fame. In between, Julio Riberio, a well respected and decorated top cop, came up with a scathing attack that sliced and diced the country into religious lines based on fake narratives of Church attacks.

Raghuram Rajan, ex RBI Governor, speaks in polished tones some very partial truths.  When he does so in an interview with Prannoy Roy of NDTV, the latter repeatedly violates all journalistic norms to come out with some outrageously paraphrased comments which were never rebutted by the ex Governor. In between, Rajan says Majoritarianism divides. Like all partial truths, this one too is insidious, dangerous and wholly deceitful. I wonder if Rajan would repeat this in the US where he lives and works. Ironically, the interview was telecast on 16th December – the 47th anniversary of the split of Pakistan into present day Pakistan & Bangladesh. It showed that an aggressive minority – whose cause they vehemently support – was not able to even survive as a homogenous unit and work under democratic norms. But, logic, facts, history and such in-your-face obvious truths never deter the Rajans & Roys of this world.

The whole truth is that Majoritarianism not just divides, it destroys societies completely if and only if the Majority is non-Dharmic in nature. Roy and Rajan will never tell you this. Clearly, Rajan and Roy openly subvert principles of Democratic Majority enshrined in our Constitution only because a hitherto silent majority now openly supports a leadership more aligned to Dharma than ever before.

Some examples will clarify this completely. Let us first look at societies where non-Dharma majoritarianism prevails and see how they treat minorities of other faiths and whether they have even a modicum of respect for democracy. Examples of such societies are: Saudi Arabia; Iran; Pakistan; Bangladesh and in recent times, Kashmir. Even in Europe, a tiny Kosovo exerted itself as a self-declared Country in a Balkanized former Yugoslavia and has shown to the world what non-Dharmic Majoritarianism does.

There can be non-religious, non-Dharmic Majoritarianism too. Examples of this are: Soviet Russia and their purges under Lenin, Stalin, Kruschev; China – Tibet & now even the Uighurs. Roy and Rajan would like you to believe all is well in these forms of Majoritarianism. Or at best, they will use these examples to blankly tell you “Majoritarianism is Bad” and make you feel guilty of this.

What is it that Roy and Rajan support under the garb of protection from a ‘Majority’? It is a subversive agenda to install a minority view influenced by  Islam-Christianity-Communism-Socialism and just about every other “ism” except Dharma and Hinduism. That is the essence of all these elaborate charades designed to dazzle and fool as many people as they can.

Will Roy and Rajan be able to provide any factual example of majoritarian Dharmic societies oppressing minorities? The lack of evidence here is embarrassing to all who have conditioned their minds to an extent that they will ignore direct evidence in front of them. Undaunted, they still peddle their partial truths.  Those who dish out the example of Myanmar will do well to remember that the local Buddhist majority population bore the brunt of aggressive encroachment, rapine & murderous behaviour of an aggressive minority for years before their Government decided to crack down. If they term this majoritarianism, they do so by wilfully ignoring the deliberate and provocative aggression of the jihadi elements within the Rohingya community in Myanmar, and in other locations they occupy.

It is imperative that the Dharmic Majority of Bharat asset their Majoritarianism proudly and loudly. It is the only assurance for a civil, progressive society for the present and future generations. Otherwise, under the guise of Minority Rights and “Human” rights and anti-Majoritarianism, legal and constitutional cover will be provided for stone pelters, would be assassins, terrorists, saboteurs.

Roy, Rajan and their patrons exploit the Dharmic sense of Compassion, Human Dignity, Love for Peace, Co-existence. These noble characteristics are hijacked to serve their own insidious agenda of ruling over Dharmics & snatching away liberty at the altar of  cultist and authoritarian belief systems.

The convoluted thinking of many anti-Dharma missions, crusades and jihad has harmed Bharat’s society a lot. Just two examples illustrate such harm – The RTE Act and the Draft Anti-Communal Violence Bill.

1.) RTE – The Right to Education Act.

This Act exploits human compassion to economically destroy teaching schools run by non-minority Dharmics. Under the noble sounding RTE Act, supported by Economists & intellectuals like Rajan & Roy, all Dharmic run schools become economically unviable even if they are teaching secular-curriculum approved by the State. This are the type of Laws that Rajan & Roy support aggressively – and is a case of willfully using knowledge of Economics and Policy to ruin education in Bharat. How does it ruin School economics? The following points in RTE are key:

  1. RTE is applicable only to schools run by Hindus, including those which are completely unaided, i.e. which do not receive a single paisa in Government grants.
  2. It  enforces a severe regulatory regime, including a 25% quota for admitting less-privileged children on these schools. This imposes upon such schools the additional burden of a failure by the Government to improve quality of education.
  3. A Corrupt administrative machinery routinely withholds subsidy grants for RTE quota children for years; and many cases of schools having to bribe the machinery to obtain state refunds came to light.
  4. RTE has increased political interference and rising costs in the running of such schools.
  5. Reduced Revenue, Increased Costs & Delayed subsidy grants = Record rate of closures of non-Minority Schools, including many budget schools which provide a valuable service in low-income neighborhoods.

So, after decades of subverting the syllabus, history and making every school going child ignorant of Bharat’s Civilization, Knowledge Systems & Sciences, Language & Logic Traditions, the very existence of schools run by the majority community in conformance with minoritarian norms was put into jeopardy by RTE. The results are visible: a record number of schools have applied for closure or have simply shut down due to this deliberate policy bombing at a time when Bharat has a record number of young school going children.

The eco-system that produces the likes of Rajan, Roy and their political masters has a lot to answer for their aggressive minority-ism and the wreckage of the education, economy, civilizational values, sustainability and more.

2.) The Anti-Communal Violence Bill Draft (ACVB Draft)

The ACVB Draft was made with a ‘noble’ objective leveling the playing ground against ‘Majoritarianism’. This draft may get enacted if people like Roy & Rajan and their subversive agenda is fulfilled. Under the ACVB draft proposals :

  1. It will be the duty of the Police to arrest and imprison without bail any Hindu accused by a Minority even if no case or evidence is presented. In the event a Police official refuses to do so, he may be summarily dismissed from service and prosecuted by the State. All provisions protecting Administrative officials are suspended if a violation under this Bill were to happen.
  2. The way this law has been framed, it could be a crime even if a Hindu protects herself/himself in self-defense. For eg., in the event a Hindu woman is being molested by a Muslim man, it could be a crime if she or her brother/son/father/husband/friend hurts the offender in any manner. The accused Hindu is presumed to be guilty from the outset and there is no burden of proof on the accuser, thereby overturning a basic principle of law. This law is meant to have priority over all other laws. Even the basic right to self-defense if you are a ‘Majority’ could be criminalized.

The definition of Majority will only apply if Dharmics are in majority. It will not apply in Kashmir or some other states protected by flavors of Article 370. Raghuram Rajan and Prannoy Roy will never tell you why these non-Dharmic Majoritarian states are excluded from such ‘Majoritarian’ clauses even when they have a history of eradicating, excommunicating, exiling, and executing minorities, destroying their temples and traditions.  As the burden of proof shifts to accused, even an act of legitimate self-defence is illegal and criminalized if it is done by a person who can be proven to belong to the ‘Majority’. What happens if a Christian Missionary falsely accuses anyone refusing to be converted under the ACVB if it were to become a law? It would be jail without bail for the Dharmic for decades possibly given the pace and priorities of the judicial infrastructure.

All sane people must ponder on the provisions of such Bills. But Rajan & Roy and their ilk will never even acknowledge this aggressive minority-ism that is blatantly unfair on a vast, respectul Dharmic majority which has adapted, humored and accommodated minority led conversion offensives, outrageous subversion of educational curriculum, the open destruction of their traditions, festivals and knowledge systems.

More so, all sane people must ponder on the mindset that produces such legislation. Under the garb of ‘Majoritarianism’, Roy & Rajan and all the anti-Dharma fronts are running a very disturbing, divisive and subversive agenda. They speak in polished English, with the right accents, wearing dignified garbs, take high sounding, moralistic positions, guilt-trip Dharmics into submission and abandonment of their well held and wiser positions.

The only Majoritarianism Bharat needs to protect itself from is of a non-Dharmic variety. Irrespective of what the Roys and Rajans rattle and prattle, may the Dharmic Majority exert itself fully, loudly, assertively, proudly and without any inhibition.  

December 3rd, 2018 marked the 1000th anniversary of an attack of enormous magnitude by an aggressive minority upon the Majoritarianism of Bharat. It was the sack of Mathura by Mahmud of Ghazni. It is an irony, that despite a millennium of aggressive, destructive Minority-ism, the Roys & Rajans chose to heap censure on a fictional fabrication of  ‘Majoritarianism’.

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Prashant Singh
Prashant Singh is a private citizen and an independent observer of current business, social and global developments. Twitter ID: ps_009


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