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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Tamil Nadu Congress’ Failed “Minority Under Attack” Agenda

In its enthusiasm to accuse BJP and its allies of communalism, Tamil Nadu Congress minority wing has put its foot in its mouth. As per the FIR copy tweeted by the TN Congress minority wing’s twitter handle, one Habibur Rahman, chairman of Ramanathapuram Congress minority wing, was attacked by some goons who were regular visitors to his hotel in the town of Devipattinam. The drunkards were in the habit of not paying for the service rendered and attacking the cashier, Madan, for nearly a week.

On the fourth of this month, they provoked Habib using obscene words and came at him with sickles due to which he sustained injuries on his nose and forehead. Then they beat him and the cashier using sticks and smashed the tables and chairs in the hotel. They also looted ₹5 lakh from the cash register and threw stones at his car. They went as far as issuing death threats to him before finally leaving.

So far, this incident was on expected lines for Congress’ pet “minority under attack” theme. But the twist is that the goons were Seeni Kadar, Sarthar, Fakhruddin, Rafiq and Altaf.

Inside the highlighted area of the copy of FIR are the names of those accused.

It is clear to anyone who reads the names that they belong to the same ‘minority’ community as Rahman. But the Congress twitter handle had gone the extra mile to paint it as a communal crime and tweeted “Are minority people in Tamil Nadu safe?”

Congress spokesperson Khushbu Sundar was quick to comment, but without checking the culprits’ names or because she can’t read Tamil, is only known to her.

While this may appear hilarious at first look, Tamil tweeters have taken offence to the Congress spreading lies about a drunken brawl but remaining oblivious to hate crimes against Hindus.

It has only added fuel to the fire of seething anger caused by the brutal murder of a textbook secular Hindu like V Ramalingam, and ‘secular’ political parties’ apathetic response to it.

Wouldn’t it be pertinent to ask how the same Congress in general and its minority wing in particular, reacted to the murder of Ramalingam who was killed because he questioned the Islamic conversion mafia led by the deadly PFI? While Congress ally DMK was three days late to convey its condolence and condemnation for the sake of it, Congress functionaries both at national and state level didn’t even bat an eyelid, even though the incident was discussed in some sections of national media.

It is not just hypocrisy but absolute brazenness of Congress’ unquestionable faith in Hindu voters who are prone to forget its selective secularism.

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