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Thursday, September 29, 2022

State-Sponsored Violence in Kerala also Exposes Secular-Liberal Hypocrisy of the Congress Kind

When Pinarayi Vijayan was announced as the CM candidate of the newly formed LDF government in Kerala on 20 May 2016, the immediate fear people of Kerala had in their minds was about political murders. Pinarayi Vijayan hails from Pinarayi village in the Kannur district of Kerala, which is known for violent clashes. Being a Chief Minister from this violent district of Kerala, Vijayan didn’t falsify the fear in the minds of the people of Kerala, for the law and order situation in Kerala deteriorated quickly after he was sworn-in as the CM.

“Anil Kumar, Pramod, Ramachandran, Vineesh, Vishwa, Radhakrishnan, Santhosh, Sujit, Biju, Rajesh…” the list of political murders which took place in Kerala keeps going on in the last 14 months under Vijayan’s tenure as CM. While general depiction is that BJP/RSS vs. CPM(LDF) clashes result in such murders, the reality has been entirely different from this viewpoint.

The list of people killed in Kerala includes members of Congress party led UDF coalition as well. Although the victims are mostly Hindus, some Muslim workers from IUML (a CPM rival and Congress ally which appeases radical Muslims for vote bank politics) have been killed by Marxist goons as well. While the murders of BJP and RSS members in Kerala are highlighted by the leaders of those organisations, the Congress and others are surprisingly mute on this issue.

It is ironic to note the Congress moving in a friendly way with CPI(M) in Delhi and other parts of Bharat while their party workers are murdered by CPI(M) in Kerala. While Rahul Gandhi visited Hyderabad over the death of Rohit Vemula and sat in protest for protection of Dalit rights, he did not utter a word over the murder of Rajesh who belonged to the same Dalit community; the intolerance brigade too was completely silent.

While Rohit Vemula’s Dalit identity itself was questionable as per his father’s statement, Rajesh was definitely a Dalit and also a staunch Hindu nationalist. So does this mean that Congress and other so-called secular-progressive parties are trying to play anti-national and anti-Hindu politics under the garb of Dalit politics? Is this why they are silent on the murders of SC/ST people who also happen to be Hindu nationalists?  

A day before the murderous attack on Rajesh, BJP’s Kerala state capital office was attacked while Party state president Kummanam Rajasekharan was in the office. Kummanam was earlier booked by the Kerala police, which has been utterly helpless to stop the spree of killings in the state, for posting a video of CPI(M) activists celebrating the murder of RSS Karyakartha Choorakkad Biju. It must be noted that Kummanam Rajasekharan has been acting as a strong voice of Hindus in Kerala even before his affiliation with BJP which can be seen from his protest against the Aranmula airport which involved the desecration of certain parts of centuries old Aranumla Parathasarathy temple.

The state of affairs in Kerala raises the question whether self-declared secular-liberal parties like Congress are really worried about intolerance and violence or is it a case of hypocrisy exhibited by them? While such parties and their allies in civil society have been launching campaigns like #NotInMyName over the alleged targeted violence against minorities, they seem to be totally silent over the murders of their own cadres by CPM activists.

Is it a part of the anti-Hindu secular agenda to remain quiet on intolerance shown by political ideologies such as Communism if the victims are Hindus? Will Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders explain this hypocrisy which makes them sit with Communist leaders in protest over the suicide of a University student and abstract intolerance against minorities, while their own workers are facing the brunt of the Marxist killing gangs?

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