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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Speak for yourself, Mahua Moitra: Bengali Hindus know their history, share no soul with Islamic B’desh

TMC MLA Mahua Moitra, in trying to slam Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s comments about illegal infiltrators eating up rights and rations of people in West Bengal, said, “Bengalis share a border and a soul with Bangladesh. STOP your filth.” 

This is the same politician whose leader, Mamata Banerjee, tirelessly spews venom on fellow countrymen from the states of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. In public rallies, she calls the people from these Bharatiya states goondas (goons); alleges that they attack Bengali women. She hasn’t even spared central forces from her invective.

But Mahua Moitra’s soul doesn’t find those venomous speeches filthy. Her soul awakens suddenly to the love of Islamic Bangladesh. Again, we must not expect any better from one that finds the “Didi o didi” by Narendra Modi disrespectful, but not “Sala” by Mamata Banerjee.

Now, let’s go back to Mahua Moitra’s claim “Bengalis share a border and a soul with Bangladesh. STOP your filth”. As a Bengali, I can vouch for the falsity in the statement. Sparing a handful of pretentious social justice warriors bitten by communism, Bengali Hindus at large share no part of their soul with the majority population of Bangladesh or their infiltrators in this sliver of land saved by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, named West Bengal.

Bengalis Hindus were put through repeated episodes of massacres in what is today known as Bangladesh – such as 1946 (Naokhali), 1950 and 1964. Hindu women were gang raped by Islamists through the pre-independence days till Bangladesh’s liberation war. Bengalis had to abandon their home, land, wealth – as a Bengali would say “gola bhora dhaan, maachh bhora pukur” – and rush to this side of the border to stay alive…yes, carrying just enough food to survive, nothing else. Those who didn’t leave wilfully, were driven out or forced to live as second-class citizens. 

One has to be completely uneducated on the history of one’s land to not know how Hindu villages were targeted, and their young girls taken away, raped and murdered or converted to Islam and married to one of her rapists. Unlike Mahua Moitra, Bengalis haven’t forgotten their blood-soaked history and would like to have nothing to do with the Islamic Republic of Bangladesh.

Again, it’s not that this systematic slaughtering of Hindus and unspeakable atrocities of their women is a thing of the past. Till this day, Bangladeshi Muslims form murderous mobs of thousands and burn down Hindu villages, ransack their properties and massacre them over random Facebook posts. Abduction of Hindu girls, their religious conversion and marrying them forcefully is common. 

Last week, a Muslim headmaster of a higher secondary school hailing from a politically connected family ‘married’ a Hindu student as his fourth wife. We cannot speak for the Bengali Muslims in West Bengal, but the Bengali Hindus on both sides of the border do not identify with this culture of perversion & barbarism, nurturing a ‘soul connection’ is a far cry. The only Bangladeshis our souls cry for are the tortured and tormented minorities. We hope they can benefit from CAA which Moitra and her party stridently oppose. 

The violence of Bangladeshi Islamists is not limited to Bangladesh. In 2015, right under the nose of Mamata Banerjee’s governance of Maa, Mati Manush, a septuagenarian nun was gang-raped brutally by 8 men. Though Islamist journalist Rana Ayyub tried to accuse Hindu groups, when the crime was investigated and criminals were arrested, they were found to be Bangladeshi illegal infiltrators like Mukul Alam (28) and Md Majid (29).

This is not some odd and solo case of Bangladeshi infiltrators attacking Bharatiyas for money or lust. In 2017, Kolkata Police caught illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh for robbing jewellery, cash and other expensive valuables from a family in South Kolkata’s Santoshpur. From human trafficking to cow smuggling, forging of national Identity cards, there is not one crime that the Bangladeshi miscreants have not tried in Bharat, after having seeped in through the porous borders of West Bengal. High time the union ministry wakes up to this menace and seals off these borders. The people of West Bengal deserve to live peacefully.  

And it’s not only the illegal infiltrators. Those who come with student visas to get an education and those who come to get treatment with medical visas have also violated the visa norms and tried to meddle in Bharat’s internal political matters. No Bengali Hindu shares a soul with Bangladesh. Mahua Moitra is an exception, and she should talk only for herself and introspect how lust for political power and ideological arrogance has made her blind to the persecution of her own people.

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