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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Shocking comments from Dravidianists on a video showing poor Brahmin in distress

Tamil Nadu (TN) is deeply in the grip of Dravidianists promoted by Congress ally Stalin led DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) and its parent body DK (Dravida Kazhagam) which propagate ‘atheism and secularism’ (read anti-Hindu Dharma propaganda) in the name of EV Ramaswamy Naicker (EVR). However, the same DMK doesn’t bat an eyelid before seeking the votes of Brahmins that it keeps abusing day in and day out.

Both DMK and DK leaders and their SM (Social Media) followers use the foulest language to target minorities Tamil Brahmins who are just 2.5-3% of the total state population. The real target here is Hindu Dharma and Brahmins are merely convenient punching bags.

The vile comments to the above video posted by a Dravidianist, in which a poor Brahmin expresses his distress regarding the situation that has risen out of the Wuhan virus enforced lockdown, prove the kind of hatred fomented by Dravidianism. Some of the valid points that he raised about non-Hindu film stars and so-called atheist politicians commenting on Hindu Dharma while ignoring the wrongdoings of other religions has probably irked ‘Periyarists’ who masquerade as seculars.

The Brahmin elder speaks of how DK and DMK people have always abused Hindu Devis and Devtas and practices. He even pointed out how DMK had organized a gathering to eat during eclipses only to oppose the Hindu beliefs in general and Brahmins in particular.

The video also points out how one of the DK leaders had questioned why Hindus use a red cloth for Devi Bhagwati instead of supplying sanitary pads to her during her periods. The leader even spoke derogatorily of Devi calling Her nothing but a brass doll. The contempt for Hindus is visible in the tone of the speech itself.

DMK Chief Stalin has also called Hindu marriage rituals as disgusting and that it is irritating to hear the mantras being chanted during Hindu marriages. Stalin’s father and DMK supremo MK Karunanidhi had called Prabhu Sri Ram a drunkard and had wanted to know whether he was a civil engineer to have built a bridge across the sea (in reference to Ramsethu).

Another point which the video raises is of the poor salary paid to Brahmin priests. He points out how a shivacharya’s (priest in a Shiva temple) father’s salary is pending for the last forty years. He has said that priests receive a meager salary of Rs 500 per month.

Questioning actress Jyothika who stated that people should donate to hospitals instead of temples, he stated that unlike churches that make donation compulsory temple priests accept whatever devotees give voluntarily and do not force anyone if they choose not to donate.

The saying ‘Yatha Raja Tatha Praja’ holds true for DK and DMK supporters as can be evidenced from the replies to the video of the elderly Brahmin gentleman.

A Christian padre Cyril Paulraj called the Brahmin ‘selfish’ and asked him to come out of the well.

Another person mockingly commented that the old man was ranting because he wasn’t able to earn as the temples were closed.

Some felt that since the Brahmins were used to ‘free food’ without having to work and earn, they are distressed and crying now.

Instead of sympathizing with the person’s difficulties, some anonymous handles felt that the person’s acting skills were worthy of taking a note or who wanted to laugh at the old man’s plight.

Another handle with EVR as the cover pic and LTTE terrorist V Prabhakaran as the display pic stated that the Brahmin (using the derogatory term Parpan) has been begging well to date and they usually earn 60000 per month by performing poojas. Now they (upper castes) are saying that they are facing difficulties.

These are only some of the comments which show the true mentality of Dravidianists. There is no sympathy or empathy for a fellow human being in suffering. Almost everyone has the opinion that Brahmins are rich and they have become so by ‘exploiting’ the lower castes.

Leaders like Stalin, 2G scam fame A Raja, Veeramani of DK, Thirumavalavan of VCK have constantly pitted Brahmins against others by projecting the former as ‘villains’ who are out to exploit people of the lower castes while conveniently ignoring the fact that Brahmins hardly have a say in anything let alone exploiting.

That’s how the Nazis ran Goebbelsian propaganda against the Jews; demonizing a community that barely had the power to bring about political change. The Brahmins of TN do not constitute a vote-bank and hence their voice is never heard.

Brahmins by nature are not aggressive as a result of which they hardly retaliate despite the fact that they are demonized again and again.

(Featured Image Source: Twitter)

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