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Seven Walls of Congress Ecosystem : Prologue

Every nation has a support structure that protects its identity and help its people progress. That structure consists of various forms of national systems, policies and support groups. A high-level classification of this structure can be organized into seven layers of inter-woven groups. From the center of the nation, these seven groups are :

Seven Walls of Ecosystem : Maa Bhaarati imprisoned within.

1. Constitution: The national agreement that enshrines the (unique) identity of a given nation, its core interests and operating principles, criteria for its citizenship and rights of its citizens.

2. Paramilitary: Constitutionally sanctioned force of coercion to safeguard its citizens’ rights, enforce law of land on its citizens and protect its citizens from external competitors and enemies.

3. Judiciary: Constitutionally sanctioned system to interpret the constitution itself for the citizens and offer justice in the matters of inter-citizen and citizen-system disputes.

4. Bureaucracy: Constitutionally sanctioned apparatus to administer the governance services in an efficient and timely manner to its citizens.

5. Intellectuals and Academia: The citizens group that are expected to help its citizens in understanding the interdependencies of national interests, identify and advocate progressive changes that are in sync with the identity of the nation and train future generations to carry forward the national identity.

6. Elections: Constitutionally sanctioned way for transfer of power from one individual or group to another to represent the nation and are empowered to formulate time-specific laws and enforce them.

7. Media: The citizen groups and systems that are expected to be the factual, logical and impartial medium of communication on national news and debates on various dimensions of national identity.

Bharat under British rule had a colonial form of structure to represent above layers of power groups; defined by how British viewed Bharat and Britain’s objective to rule a foreign population that it occupied over two centuries back.

Bharat started working on building its own set of structures to represent above aspects of nation after its independence from British in 1947. A new constitution was formulated to represent the Hindu portion of undivided Bharat, which gave necessary protection to non-Hindu minorities decided to stay back in Bharat even though a separate nation was created just for their well-being.

In their wisdom, Bharat’s leadership of independence era felt that the nation can continue using the Paramilitary, Judiciary, Bureaucracy, academic and election structures, instrumental in colonizing Bharatiyas for two centuries, as they are, just by adopting a new constitution. Perhaps the expectation was that the national structures start behaving differently because the constitution is different.

Over the past seven decades, the Constitution of Bharat has been amended more than hundred times. Most of these amendments are political in nature. Constitutional amendments were made to impose emergency and curtail fundamental rights of Indian citizens. Few amendments, such as the 42nd amendment, changed the very basic structure of the constitution to impose foreign ideologies like secularism and socialism on Bharat’s identity. Any logical mind can easily speculate the effects of such compromised constitution on a nation when all other national structures were set up to be colonial and continued as they are post-independence.

In this analysis, we call such a power group as Csystem (C-system). This is a system built on colonial ideologies, colonial idea of Bharat, colonial power structures and groups. Over past seven decades, this Csystem spread its tentacles across every national structure using a system of rewards and punishments, family connections and specific ideological allegiance. Every national structure that is meant to serve and protect citizens of Bharat and their national identity has been transformed into a fortification meant to protect the Csystem from its opponents. The Csystem mutated into a colonial power over its own people.

National consciousness is a very dynamic system. It is capable of springing opposition against colonizers until the native population is completely genocided or absolutely subjugated, as happened with native Americans and such likes. The national consciousness of Bharat started to formulate itself into an opposition group to fight this secular colonizer of Bharat, as it did during Islamic colonization and British colonization. Given the fact that elections are the only constitutionally sanctioned way to transfer power from one group to another, this opposition too established itself as a political party and started contesting elections.

The Csystem naturally sensed this political opposition earlier than normal citizenry. In an ideal world, political parties would present their value proposition to the citizens in a coherent and logical manner in order to win their mandate. But the Csystem already turned into a secular colonial empire. So, it chose to destroy its potential opponent using its offensive troops. An advanced troop of sepoys from media, intellectual, paramilitary and judicial walls were dispatched to destroy the change agents in opposition group. These sepoys in media, intellectual, judiciary and paramilitary harassed the change agents for more than a decade.

The resilience of Bharatiya consciousness is infinite. It also learned many lessons from the past waves of colonial attempts and becoming better era by era. If Bharat took 800 years to defeat Islamic colonization and 200 years to defeat British colonization, current secular colonization started to collapse within just 70 years.

More than 54 crores (540 million) of 81.5 crore (815 million) eligible Bharatiyas participated in this democratic war for transfer of power in 2014. Bharatiya Janata Party under the leadership of Sri Narendra Modi won more than 17 crores (170 million) in this democratic war and breached the election wall of Csystem and claimed power. It is important to note that in this election Sri Narendra Modi secured more votes than any other democratic leader ever in the history of mankind.

In an ideal scenario, such a clear election mandate (the constitutionally sanctioned process of transfer of power) would have given Sri Narendra Modi complete control over all the other aspects of national structures and power. But as described above the basic nature of all aspects of Rashtra were hijacked by Csystem to turn them fortified walls in a colonial fort, and these walls continued to oppose and obstruct Modi government in fulfilling its duties as the democratic representative of the nation.

In the upcoming parts, we shall explore how each wall of this Csystem is opposing and obstructing the Modi government in its fundamental task of representing, protecting and serving Bharat. We will start from the outermost wall, Media, travelling towards the core.

Shubham Astu !!

-Sri Rama Yeleswarapu

(This article was first published on the blog of the author.)

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