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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Restoring Bharat under Modi

The political nullity of Nehru’s legacy bequeathed to Bharat the catastrophe of the Sonia Congress and its unspeakable cabal of robbers for whom grand larceny appears to have overwhelmed other aspirations. Its degenerate moral and intellectual vacuity has given Bharat Kanhiya Kumar and the JNU, a tax-funded obscenity engaged in deeply disturbing abuse of a sacred symbol of Hindu civilisation as a call girl. Any other nation would have justly descended into instant bloodshed to unflinchingly repudiate such irredeemable demonic forces arrayed to destroy it. Instead a privileged section of the nation’s elite rose to applaud the abominations. Those up in arms were sections of Bharatiya academia, their well-fed counterparts abroad and a media, suborned by evangelist largess and petrodollars and Delhi’s insufferable elites. Denied their Lutyens homes and freebies proved decisive in turning them against the nation.

In the past week, the Pakistan-ISI sponsored alleged revolt in Kashmir has brought out more of the venal detritus, crawling out of the fetid wood work, denouncing the very basis of Bharat’s territorial integrity. Kashmir has been Bharatiya since time immemorial though a significant proportion of its populace has been corrupted beyond redemption by Jihadi ideology. The international legal basis of Bharat’s claim to Kashmir may be sound, but is irrelevant. Kashmir is vital for Bharat’s national security and no amount of hand wringing by Bollywood soft porn purveyors and idiotic scions of erstwhile ruling dynasts can second guess that reality. Their pathetic demands for effective surrender of Kashmir (and Jammu?) to Bharat’s existential enemy can only be met with steely determination and their eventual extirpation at a moment chosen by those sworn to defend the nation till their last breath.

Pakistan is a vehicle for the continuation of the Islamic depredations that began more than a thousand years ago with Mohammed bin Qasim. The issue of Kashmir is only a derisory immediate excuse and any adverse resolution to its status the threatened beginning of the renewed downfall for Bharat civilisation, redeemed in blood by Marathas, Sikhs and Jat warriors in the seventeenth century. Bharat must bide its time, but the only solution to the dispute with Pakistan must be its dissolution and the creation of Bharatiya satraps around its north, in the shape of Baluchistan, Sindh and the NWFP. As for Pakistani nuclear weapons, outsourced by Bharat’s murderous northern tormentor, in order to harass it and curtail its ability to respond to assaults like 26/11, the solution is staring Bharat in the face.

The ultimate owner of the nuclear weaponry must be addressed and not the immediate possessor, the Pakistani cat’s paw. Bharat must urgently achieve the nuclear weapons triad to create an invulnerable second strike capability, increasing as well the numbers of delivery platforms and warheads to guarantee any pre-emption will still allow massive retaliation. It should then make clear any Pakistani nuclear assault will prompt all-out strategic retaliation against China, the ultimate owner of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, which outsourced them to it. And the probability of secondary retaliation against the cities of the keeper’s of the holy places that funded Pakistan’s arsenal should be subtly insinuated. It is all about affecting decision making with appropriate dire threats of one’s own and both these criminal states have persuasive influence over Islamabad’s proclivities.

The Pakistani armed force of butchers and rapists, who showed no mercy to innocent men, women and children in 1948 and 1971, are owed an unforgettable flogging. Its cataclysmic decimation must be the aim of Bharat in the next full-scale military encounter, recalling the cries of helpless women ravaged by a licentious soldiery, remembering the massacre victims of 26/11 and so many other occasions of cowardly assault against civilians. Bharat must draw the Pakistani army into Bharat, to a final pitiless killing field or enter west Punjab to deliver a blow from which this murderous soldiery will never recover. Let it be the final blow to the threat of Islamic reconquista promised by LeT and its ISIS sibling that began the very moment of Bharat’s independence. It should conclude the 1200 year history of invasions from the north, which Jinnah’s Pakistan aspires to resume. A Carthaginian termination is indeed required and a fitting epitaph to the monstrous founder of the pure Jihadi state.

In the meantime, every patriotic Bharat must support ongoing endeavours to invigorate Bharat and build its economic strength and military strength. Everything else is background noise, even if aspects of the trajectory adopted by the current incumbents in power are regarded unsatisfactory by some deep thinkers.  No matter who is in government it is surely the case that some of its policies and their implementation will not appeal to everyone. But attempting to upset the applecart in entirety because some issues irritate can only be deemed anti-national because it will also subvert the vital task of national renewal. Besides, after 68 odd years of uncertain effort, at best, to transform Bharat, barely two years have elapsed. And these have been challenging years, with the political opposition determined to stop all progress in a dismal attempt to position itself favourably for the next general elections.

On the wider international front, energetic efforts are being made to secure specific national goals for Bharat, whether access to uranium or entering strategic partnerships. Bharat’s relationship with the major power and their close allies has also been put on a firm footing. Bharat may be a swing power, but extreme care must be taken to balance its interests and conflicting goals and keep partners guessing, but reassured Bharat is not a committed adversary of any. The twin goals that must be doggedly pursued are national economic advancement and ensuring that Bharat itself does not become the satrap of an ambitious nation that only wishes to engage with subalterns. A third and difficult goal also in play is the need to bind the nation together both as a polity and civilisation, the task in which Nehruvian Bharat failed dismally. Of necessity that will be underpinned by its history and Vedic past though sufficiently ecumenical to accommodate anyone with goodwill towards the nation.

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Dr. Gautam Sen
Dr. Gautam Sen
Dr. Gautam Sen taught international political economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science for over two decades.


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