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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

What Rajasthan Police’s brutality with Shrikant Pandit’s pregnant wife tells us about Indian State’s skewed priorities

There is no end to police brutality in an Indian state that is heavily biased against Hindus. In one such instance, a Gaurakshak family paid the price as his pregnant wife lost their unborn child due to Rajasthan police brutality. According to Shrikant Pandit’s mother, his 9-month-pregnant wife was kicked by the police due to which the child died in the womb. Haryana police have registered a case against their Rajasthan counterpart for assaulting Gaurakshak’s pregnant wife and causing the death of the unborn child.

The death of two cattle smugglers hailing from Rajasthan’s Ghatmika village identified as Junaid and Nasir have given rise to the targeted harassment of Gaurakshaks and their families merely on the basis of accusations made by the families of the smugglers. Their charred bodies were found in a car and police alleged that they were ‘burnt alive’ in Bhiwani’s Loharu area by five Gaurakshaks who had ‘abducted’ them.

Family members of the deceased filed a complaint in Rajasthan on the basis of which one of the Gaurakshaks identified as Rinku Saini was arrested. Shrikant Pandit, Monu Manesar alias Mohit Yadav and a few other unknown members of his group have been named as accused along with Rinku.

The police began investigations after the remains of the smugglers were found on February 16. They allege that Mohit Yadav is the prime accused and they are on the lookout for absconding members of the group including Mohit and Shrikant.

However, it was during their so-called searches for the ‘accused’ on February 17 that the brutality of the Rajasthan police was on display. They forcibly raided Shrikant’s house in Haryana’s Nuh late in the night when everybody was asleep by forcing Shrikant’s family members to open the gate.

Even after they informed them that Shrikant was away due to work, the police barged into his house and assaulted his family members. Shrikant’s mother Dulari and his pregnant wife were manhandled. The cops reportedly kicked his wife in the stomach resulting in the death of the unborn child.

Testimonials by Shrikant’s family members attest to police brutality and the trauma they were put through. Shrikant’s father Balkrishna Shastri said that Rajasthan police surrounded their house when they were all asleep. He said the cops took away both his sons (Shrikant’s brothers Vishnu and Rahul) who are employed in different professions. They wanted to take him away as well but his wife Dulari prevented them and saved him.

“The Police attacked my in-laws and injured my mother-in-law. We told them that Shrikant was not there at home but they didn’t listen. They damaged the furniture of our house and assaulted me. I was 9 months pregnant and doctors had said that the child would come into this world in the coming 15 days. The Police pushed me, since that I am in pain and today my child was born dead”, Shrikant’s terrified wife said.

“The Police officer hit my daughter-in-law in the stomach. After that my daughter-in-law complained of severe stomach pain. We immediately took her to the hospital where doctors operated on her to bring my dead grandchild out into this world. My grandchild was bleeding and had stopped breathing inside”, Shrikant’s mother Dulari said while sobbing uncontrollably.

Dulari filed a complaint with the Nuh Police in Haryana. In her statement, she said 30-40 persons entered her home on February 17 at around 3.30 AM dressed in Rajasthan police uniforms and some of them in civil clothes. They abused her and her family members, forcibly entered her home in search of Shrikant and took her sons Rahul and Vishnu with them. She also demanded strict action against the culprits who hit her pregnant daughter-in-law, resulting in the death of her grandchild.

“Rajasthan Police have alleged that Shrikant, Mohit Yadav, Rinku Saini, and other members of their Gaurakshak group have burnt Junaid and Nasir alive in Bhiwani’s Loharu region. However, Yadav who has been primarily framed in the case said that the Police are unnecessarily levelling allegations against them. He also said that he was in Gurugram when the incident happened and that the footage of his presence in Gurugram’s hotel is also available”, highlighted OpIndia.

It must be highlighted that Junaid and Nasir were cattle smugglers who had 4 to 5 FIRs against them. However, despite the FIRs the two culprits were never arrested. The family alleged that five Bajrang Dal (BD) members caught Junaid and Nasir in Haryana’s Ferozpur and attempted to take them to the police but the latter refused to arrest them. Furthermore, Mohammad Jabir, a relative of the cattle smugglers, accused BD members of taking the duo to Bhiwani’s Loharu region.

HinduPost had earlier highlighted how and why Mohit Yadav AKA Monu Manesar has been on the radar of cow smugglers. Hailing from Manesar in Haryana, he has been associated with Bajrang Dal for the last 10-12 years and has emerged as a major force against cow smugglers in recent years. There is no doubt that he is the enemy no. 1 as far as Mewati cow smugglers are concerned. Earlier in the year 2019, he was almost killed by cattle smugglers who fired bullets at him for protecting the cows from being smuggled.

The historical region of Mewat which consists of the modern-day Nuh district of Haryana and adjacent parts of Rajasthan and UP is one of the hubs of the illegal beef mafia which has its tentacles all over Bharat. The Mewati cow smugglers are some of the most vicious and hardened criminals in the country.

In January 2021, cow smugglers and villagers in Mewat, Haryana fired gunshots and threw stones at a police team, leaving 8 personnel injured. They destroyed police vehicles and ran away with two dozen cows, bulls and calves that the police had rescued.

In Maharashtra too we recently witnessed police brutality against Gaurakshaks. Nanded police allowed cow smugglers to escape and instead thrashed Gaurakshaks. This brutality towards Hindus has become a trademark of the Indian republic where every institution from the police to the administration to the judiciary is largely anti-Hindu. While the law has failed to act against criminals the system wastes no time in criminalizing innocent Hindus.

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  1. The cop who actually hit the pregnant lady should be found, and punished. THere is no other way to deal with these scoundrels. How dare a cop hit a pregnant full term lady. This is beyond inhuman.


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