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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Muslim societies in Pune block COVID19 survey after fear-mongering by anti-CAA-NRC propagandists

Anti-CAA-NRC propaganda spread by vested interests has percolated deep within Muslim society. Delhi and other parts of the country have already paid a price in the violence & mayhem that was unleashed by anti-CAA ‘protestors’. Dangerous rhetoric inciting Muslims to take to the streets for a final battle – from ‘secular’ politicians, activists, ex-judges, NGOs and all levels of Islamic clergy – has whipped the community into a dangerous frenzy.

So even when the whole world is grappling with a Coronavirus pandemic and supporting their respective Governments in whatever way possible, in Bharat we are witnessing a significant number of Muslims flouting government proclamations asking not to gather in large numbers to maintain social distancing.

Shaheen Bagh has refused to disperse, and in fact has demanded Government provide them with masks, sanitizer etc. to uphold their ‘right to protest’! Infants have died in these ‘protests’ because they were needlessly exposed to the elements, but their parents have been brainwashed into cheering this ‘sacrifice for the cause’. Anti-CAA protestors led by the dangerous Islamist organisation TNTJ flouted the Chennai High Court directive and turned out in large numbers.

Islamist organisations like Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) and others have sprouted mini Shaheen Baghs all over the country. One such ‘protest’ site is  Kausarbaug in the Muslim-majority Kondhwa area of Pune. When Zeenat Shaikh and Sheetal Suravase, two Pune Municipal Corporation(PMC) health department workers, went in this area to conduct a survey of people who may have been exposed to the novel coronavirus, local residents hounded them away accusing them of tacitly collecting data for CAA and NRC. At most societies, they were shooed away right from the gates.

As per a Pune Mirror report (emphasis in bold and quotation marks added)-

As word got around that a survey was underway, some of the residents and local ‘social workers’ gathered around the duo from PMC, questioning and following them around as they tried to go about their assignment. Shaikh and Suravase did engage with their detractors trying to explain the purpose of their survey. They even got some of them to speak to their seniors back at PMC over phone. But nothing seemed to convince the belligerent lot and soon the PMC staffers began to feel overwhelmed by their attitude. They sought the help of their seniors but no back-up was forthcoming, forcing them to retract from the scene.

“I came here in the morning and initiated work with my teammate. However, it soon became apparent that running the survey here was not going to be easy. Most people point-blank refused to share any information with us. Some societies denied us entry, while at others the residents slammed their doors on us. Their collective refrain was they would not respond to any of our queries as they feared they were linked to CAA and NRC,” recounted Shaikh.

District collector Naval Kishore Ram was particularly disturbed to hear of the Mitha Nagar account. “People need to understand the gravity of the situation. If they are still non-compliant we will have to use force. They cannot refuse data citing such reasons,” he blistered.”

Earlier, an elderly ASHA worker Maheswari Amma administering polio vaccination was thrashed by a Muslim family in Kerala who thought ‘she was collecting NRC data’. We have seen how the violent anti-CAA protestors in Delhi, including burqa-clad women, brutally assaulted a DCP who had only come to hear them out – head constable Ratan Lal was martyred and DCP Amit Sharma suffered life-threatening injuries in that unprovoked attack.

The level of superstition and irrational conspiracy theories floated among Muslim masses can be judged from this video –

The lady in the first part of above video says – “Who is affected by Corona? It affects Modi and his partners who went abroad to America and other places…Inshallah, it (Coronavirus infection) will not come on anyone other than Modi’s group”. In the second half of the video, the interviewer asks men who have assembled for namaz: “Are you taking any precautions against the Coronavirus epidemic?” One of the men replies: “No, we are not taking any precautions. Only maybe 5% Muslims are taking precautions, rest trust Allah. If Allah wishes, even if we take precautions, we will still get infected.”

Others gathered at Shaheen Bagh smell some conspiracy by Modi-Shah in the Coronavirus ‘scare’ to force them to end the protest, while an old lady says that since they perform 5-time namaz, they are immune to the virus.

Even in the Shia holy city of Qom, Iran, which has reported hundreds of COVID19 cases, religious devotees are still not realising the gravity of the situation and are indulging in irresponsible behavior blinded by the belief that Allah will protect them –

Shia devotees even clashed with Iranian police trying to close shrines. Iran is the third-worst affected country in the world which has seen over 18000 COVID19 cases resulting in over 1200 deaths. Iranian state TV said “millions” could die in the Islamic Republic if the public keeps travelling and ignoring health guidance.

Influential Muslim journalists who write for Western liberal outlets like Washington Post have plummeted new depths in expressing their hate for the entire country just because their propaganda over CAA, NRC did not succeed in revoking these important initiatives –

Multiple reports are showing the way religious leaders of each community are behaving at this time of crisis – in Mumbai, Hindu temples like Siddhivinayak showed the way in voluntarily shutting down, churches committed to following Govt. instructions while mosques said they would function as usual; In Gujarat, temples have closed, churches have cancelled events (will still hold prayer meetings) while namaz in mosques will merely be ‘shortened’.

Bharat’s Muslims needs a new breed of community leaders – in religion, society and politics –  that can boldly counter the hold that radicals currently exercise over them. The regressive mindsets and sectarian attitudes currently prevailing in large sections of Muslim society can only cause them harm.

(Featured image source: Pune Mirror)

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