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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Making a mockery of the mandate in Maharashtra; Will Shiv Sena commit Harakiri?

The acrimony between the BJP & Shiv Sena has betrayed the mandate of the people of Maharashtra. Considering that both the parties were in a pre- poll alliance, their inability to form a government inspite of the people’s mandate reflects poorly on their image.

In a democracy, the mandate & the verdict of the people has to be honoured at all costs & narrow partisan interests including one’s love for their kith & kin cannot be allowed to derail democracy. It was incumbent on the pre-poll alliance to respect the mandate & form a government to serve the interests of the people of Maharashtra, but that interest seems to have been hijacked by self interest, egos & putra-moh which has pushed the welfare of the people of Maharashtra to the back-burner.

The people of Maharashtra must be miffed & saddened by this betrayal of the two political parties who failed to deliver on the confidence reposed in them. The political hierarchy of the two parties should have taken upon themselves to diffuse the inbuilt crisis & settle the issue amicably by foregoing narrow interests for the state’s cause.

But obviously that was not to be & family interests overrode the interests of Maharashtrians.

BJP & Shiv Sena have had an acrimonious relationship for the past half decade but inspite of that they held on to each other, even though they did not have any alliance in the previous 5 years. In democracy, people are supreme & any disrespect or disregard for their interest will not go unnoticed or unpunished. Both parties will have to bear the consequences for this break up.

A golden opportunity to run a majority government has been sacrificed at the altar of family interest & egos. The NCP & the Congress must be cock a hoop at this developing scenario where their two main political opponents are out to destroy each other .

They seem to be the immediate political benefactors of this dogfight but there could be more than meets the eye in this political slugfest.

The Chanakya of BJP has not uttered a word in this whole drama as it unfolded even when the climax beckoned. But this baffling silence of the Union Home Minister, which has pushed the Sena to the brink & exasperated Uddhav Thackeray pushing him to his political opponents, could be intentional & might alter the face of Maharashtra’s politics one way or the other.

In future, the people of Maharashtra could shun pre-poll alliances in favour of single stable parties which could run for their full terms. It will be interesting to see how the electorate votes in future elections in this state if the Shiv Sena-BJP combine is unable to form a government.

The people could punish both the parties for failing to deliver on a mandate but the wrath could fall more on the Sena & Uddhav for holding his son’s interest above that of the state.

Either way, the NCP & Congress who have made a comeback in Maharashtra will be major gainers as the people could opt for this alliance after being let down by the other.

Old political war horse Sharad Pawar is enjoying the show from the gallery & has put the ball in the court of Shiv Sena-BJP combine by stating that the mandate is for the pre-poll alliance to form the government, thus ensuring that the Sena & BJP are left to face the public fury & resentment.

Since Fadnavis & the BJP have expressed their inability to form the government, the governor has invited the second largest party (Shiv Sena) to form the government.

This has put Pawar’s NCP along with the Congress in the kingmakers role. However, wily fox Pawar has also put a rider for supporting the Sena by saying that the latter should first leave the NDA. If Uddhav, in his current state of desperation & putra-moh, decides to leave the NDA, he could be playing into the hands of the NCP as there is no guarantee as to how long the latter will support the Sena along with the Congress.

This dual horse ride could be suicidal for the Sena, but it seems there are no saner voices to guide it or they are drowned in the din of of coronating Aditya Thackeray come what may.

Such is the desperation of Uddhav to catapult his son in the CM’s saddle that he is ready to forge an alliance with his political adversaries throwing his party’s ideology & principles out of the window, which is very reminiscent of Kaurava king Dhritrashtra’s blind love for his son Duryodhan, which led to the downfall of the Kauravas.

Will Shiv Sena & Uddhav pay the same price for their lust for power? Only the people of Maharashtra will decide.

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Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta
Political Editor, Samast Bharat magazine


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