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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Liberal Privilege: Dynasty prince’s entitlement to bigotry and hate-speech against all Modis – Part-1

(DISCLAIMER: I don’t believe in following sentence. I also believe that whoever does, needs to urgently seek professional help from qualified mental health experts.)

“Why are all terrorists Muslims?”

The moment anyone’s heard saying it, the all-powerful Islamo-Leftist lobbies around the world descend upon them with a tsunami of counter-offensive labels, like “Bigoted”, “Fascist”, “Racist”, “Islamophobic”, “White-Supremacist”, “Hindutva fascist”, “Majoritarianist”, “Enemy of Democracy”, “Democracy in Danger”, “Nazi”, “Hitler” etc.

And even if the counter-offensive labelling is exaggerated in response, the validity of underlying sentiment cannot be questioned.

How can all Muslims be terrorists, when Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had helped create the very missile deterrence that shields us all from a very real source of the worst kind of State-sponsored Islamist terrorism exported from across our borders? In fact, all Hindus revere him and urge other Muslims to follow his example. Earning excellency in STEM (and other fields) and contributing towards the prosperity of our entire nation, instead of being purposely handicapped by a madarsa education when they don’t have to, and which has often times proved to be a chief source of indoctrination towards violent Islamist terrorism across the world, right? Again, proving the point of this article are exceptions inherent in even this argument, because getting into STEM fields and getting rich, is no guarantee to not becoming a radical Islamist terrorist.

The biggest example is perhaps world’s most infamous Islamist terrorist: Osama Bin-Laden. He was born into a rich and well off Muslim family, and he was an engineer by education. If you think that happened too long ago and too far away, do remember that merely a month ago, Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi – who had attacked Gorakhnath temple in a bid to assassinate CM Yogi Adityanath of UP and kill as much ‘kaffir’ Hindus as possible – was convicted of terrorism and waging war against Bharat and was given death penalty for his Jihadism. He was a chemical engineering graduate from 1 of the top engineering institutions of our nation: IIT Mumbai, and still he chose to take the hateful oath of loyalty towards the dreaded Islamist terrorist organization ISIS. At the time the Islamo-Leftist lobby had tied to paint him as “mentally unstable”, but that didn’t fly in the eyes of a court of law.

And please, that shouldn’t be taken as to somehow mean that ALL engineers are, in fact, potential terrorists! They suffer enough torture and ridicule from all sections of society (including their parents, with their incessant ‘Sharma ji ka beta’ comparisons that pushes a significant number of them to become bad writers and poets.)

And please, it doesn’t mean that all ‘Sharma’ – or their ‘betas’ for that matter, need to be eliminated in response, either!


But coming back to Islamist terrorism, anti-Muslim bigotry and exceptions…

Arif Muhammad Khan, the eminent governor of Kerala, was entrusted by PM-Modi himself for the job and given the governor’s history dating back to Shah-Bano case… well, no-one can call him ‘anti-national.’

A R Rahman, whose music has touched the hearts of so many Bhartiyas and in fact, people of all over the world…I’m not aware he’s written, composed or orchestrated any music glorifying terrorists in any shape, way or form.

In fact, if we go to the ‘Truth-has-a-left-bias’ Wikipedia’s take on Islamophobia (even if I do have serious problems with that particular term), what do we find?

“Islamophobia is the fear of, hatred of, or prejudice against the religion of Islam or Muslims in general, especially when seen as a geopolitical force or a source of terrorism.

We might’ve significant disagreement about the whole thing, based on our own civilizational experience across more than a millennia – especially when it comes to criticism of the religious doctrine itself and how it instructs to deal with “Kaffirs” – the fact remains that “ALL Muslims are XYZ” is considered, by even normal people, as typical negative stereotyping of a whole community, and it definitely serves as a trigger (no pun intended) to make Islamo-Leftist cabal fly off the handle, especially when it comes to mentioning “Muslims” and “Terrorism” in one sentence.


Because actions of a few cannot define intentions of a whole community. Whoever does that, is a bigoted person.

That’s their logic.

Which seems fair enough.

And according to international Islamo-Leftist cabal known for stretching all logics to extremist proportions, that kind of bigotry is textbook “hate-speech”, in immediate need of not just being banned but worthy of criminal charges. Again, “hate-speech” being a term I completely disagree with, but we’re only talking about their logic.

So imagine my confusion, when Dynasty Prince pappu asks, in full public view, with a derisive and hateful smirk on his face, “Why does ALL thieves have a surname Modi?” somehow, he becomes the victim!


Why doesn’t the above logic apply to him?

What’s so special about him?

Dynasty Prince pappu is convicted in a defamation case recently for that remark, given 2 years prison sentence and because of which, he was disqualified from the parliament.

But everywhere you look right now, anti-Hindu and anti-Bharat forces are calling it “Murder of Democracy!”, “Hindutva majoritarianism!”, “Hindutva backlash because Prince pappu allegedly asked tough questions about Adani!”, “Chilling effect on Free Speech!” “Modi and his supporters also said this or that!” etc.

Elsewhere, there are reams upon reams of articles and wall-to-wall coverage about “legal technicalities” of this case. Whether defamation charges were really applicable or not; whether section 8.(4) of RPA is applicable or not; what’s the implication when court suspended sentence for 30 days and gave bail, but parliament disqualified him; whether that was legal or not; and whether stay on sentencing alone from a higher court would suffice or conviction also needs to be stayed?

No-one, almost no-one is paying attention to the underlying moral bankruptcy for which legal consequences are now imposed upon Dynasty Prince pappu.

Whether you can associate an entire community having a specific surname, with some criminal behavior?

Dynasty Prince and his sycophants darbaris are saying “he had no intention” or “he was talking about corruption.”

Believe me, I get it. All Hindus do. And especially all women, and especially Hindu women who’re most vulnerable to Love-Jihad.

I get the politics of “ALL…”

Most vehemently derided by radical feminists because when they say “All men are rapists!” or “dogs”, or a combination of the two, their argument, when someone quickly points out “Wait a minute! You can’t possibly mean ALL men…? Did you?” had always been that they don’t literally mean ALL men. It’s just the fact that overwhelming amount of rapists (and perpetrators of other sexual crimes) are men. It’s unfortunate that the same LeLi feminists would deride equally or perhaps more fiercely the plight of common Hindu women as imaginary and a “conspiracy theory” when they say they’ve become victim of Love-Jihad, whose perps had an overwhelming tendency to hide their religious identity and such perps overwhelmingly belong to 1 particular community.

That’s been the key theme with Islamist terrorism too, especially this side of globe in Bhartiya subcontinent.

Overwhelming amount of organized terrorism was done in the name of Islamist supremacy and hatred of kaffirs. But the phenomenon was definitely not limited to Bharat and is indeed, replicated across the globe.

But that’s a matter for a separate article.

The point is: Yes, we know that it’s not ALL the members of X community who are automatically guilty of Y crime, just because they belong to X community – even if an overwhelming amount of criminals for Y crime are, indeed, X.

But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t guard against our worst instincts for labelling an entire community as “Y by profession”, based on those incidents.

Or so the discourse about “civility” goes.

But that’s where the problematic factor in Dynasty Prince pappu’s remarks become even more problematic.

Forget the OBC caste factor of Modis for a moment.

He cited the case of economic fugitives Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi…and hinted at PM Narendra Modi, when he made those distasteful “thieves” remark.

Let’s also forget that not a single case of economic offense has been proven anywhere in a court of law against PM Modi.

Still, it amounts to just 3 people.

Sooner or later this decade’s census will happen, but even taking a conservative estimate right now, there must be at least 30 lakh ‘Modis’ in Bharat.

Are they all thieves?

Worse, if Dynasty Prince pappu had shared some kind of statistic or data in support for his statements, even from those lopsided anti-Hindu Islamo-leftist western think-tanks or rating agencies which declare all too eagerly that overwhelming amount of thieves in Bharat do have Modi surname, even then, he’d have some kind of notionally logical argument to back up his “ALL…” out bigotry against Modis.

There’s nothing like that here.

Just 3 people. And even out of those 3, only 66% strike rate.

So just 2.

So…based on just 2 persons’ economic offenses, he declared entire Modi community as thieves.

Based on above logic, 2 Muslim person’s proven terrorist offences should be enough to label entire Muslim community as terrorists, right?

And I’ve already given the names of 2 well-educated, engineer Islamist terrorists – Bin-Laden and Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi.

For an even better context, recently banned terrorist organization PFI alone had 4 lakh members! And a recent SC judgement had held that mere membership of a terrorist organization is a punishable offense under UAPA.

So mathematically speaking, ALL Muslims are 2,00,00 times more likely to be terrorists – according to dynasty prince Pappu’s logic, and that’s when we’re focusing on PFI alone. If we take ALL Islamist terrorist organizations into account the number may well be higher – again, according to Dynasty Prince pappu’s integral math of bigotry.

So the threat really is quite huge… Or how is it said by the people – and disdainfully dismissed as a conspiracy theory by Islmo-Leftists? Ah, yes! “Hindu sach me bahut bade khatre me hai.”

And yet we Hindus, we still get bludgeoned to death internationally for “Islamophobia” when we say so.

As for other excuses flying around, like legality of it all, well, dynasty prince pappu is…well, Dynasty Prince Pappu. The designated King who’s told all his life that he’ll become PM of this great nation one day. And not just told, but prepared. Not just by his Italian born mom but entire Lutyens Elite and Khan Market gang as well, not to mention foreign friends who’re ideological neighbors of Italy.

So he is, whether he sits on PM’s chair or not, de facto leader of Bharat who’s denied his birthright formally due to a temporary democratic error due to EVMs being hacked.

A big leader like that…saying All members of a particular community are “thieves.”

That’s just not gonna fly, boss.

Listen to speeches of PM Modi post 2014 or even when he was declared PM candidate by BJP. He never says such crass things. He might’ve, once, when he was CM (even back then I have grave doubts he stooped that low), but top leaders of political parties rarely resort to such disgusting, hateful remarks … directly taking names of entire community, even when that community is famous (or infamous) for some … specific skills in specific fields.

What becomes even more astonishing is that rent-a-piece and morally bankrupt LeLi intellectual class, in cahoots with the corrupt opposition politicians who’d actually led our country to bankruptcy in the past, they’re all staging protests, calling it end of democracy, planning more chaos on streets and attacking BJP all around…as if any of that had to do with the ruling party.

The verdict came out of a court. Remember? The same un-elected ones who’re at severe loggerheads against the BJP? And because of which they were your heroes just a few days ago? That rings any bell?

Anti-Hindu people are behaving, both inside and outside Bharat, as if judge sahib read a verdict drafted in 7-Lokkalyan Marg at PM’s residence.

What happened to separation of powers?

Are they saying Judge sahib was in PM’s pocket? And hence that’s why they’re seeding more chaos all around because they don’t trust Bhartiya judiciary?

Because that to me, sounds like Contempt of Court. (And its astonishing why the court hadn’t taken suo-moto cognizance of the same, given the level of contempt for the Judiciary flying around for that written judgement.)

Dynasty Prince Pappu got convicted in a case filed in 2019 in a court of law. Immediately got 30 days’ bail to appeal. When you have that option, to appeal in a higher court – which in likelihood will side with you, given its recent antecedents – why raise all this chaos? What’s the point? And more importantly, what’s your real intention?

You’re behaving as if this is the be-all, end-all of democracy itself – which, I have to say that identifying one person’s rise and fall with the fate of democracy’s rise and fall itself… it seems pretty authoritarian.

(To be continued…)

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Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande is an aspiring Spy Thriller writer who sees the threats to Bharat as they are - An institutionalized Abrahmic/Left-Liberal revulsion for Hindus' Right to Exist.


  1. this article debunks stereotype myth with clear examples, warns of dangerous consequences.
    very well-researched and thought-provoking!


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