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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Liberal hypocrisy over decision to ban liquor and meat from Mathura

The liberal cabal has started crying hoarse over the recent decision by CM Yogi Adityanath to ban meat and liquor in the Hindu pilgrimage city of Mathura. While the opposition has jumped into the debate in an attempt to target the Yogi-led UP government in the run-up to the assembly polls, liberals are upset at this ‘forced’ imposition of food choices.

Some from the liberal brigade were ‘concerned’ about the livelihoods that would be affected by the ban while others felt that the CM was attacking the right of meat eaters’ choice of food. There were others who defined the decision as ‘tyranny of the majority’.

PC: Arfa Sherwani Twitter Page

Not surprisingly, the liberal cabal would always justify the tyranny of the minority in the name of freedom of choice. The same liberal cabal would, however, maintain a convenient silence when it comes to Islamic nations that have similar rules in their holy places. Secularism has become a convenient stick for the left-liberals to beat Hindus with.

PC: Arif Aajakia Twitter Page

Public practice of any non-Muslim religion is prohibited by law in Saudi Arabia and it has been explicitly mentioned that freedom of religion is not provided under the law. The country even makes it a criminal offense to promote atheistic ideologies in any form, attempt to cast doubt on the fundamentals of Islam and other acts including non-Islamic public worship, public display of non-Islamic religious symbols, conversion by a Muslim to another religion, and proselytizing by a non-Muslim.

It doesn’t even guarantee freedom of religion to fellow Muslims such as Shias. Not just Saudi but most Islamic nations afford no religious freedom to minorities. One just needs to look at the plight of Hindus in the neighboring nations of Pakistan and Bangladesh to understand what tyranny of the majority actually is.

The real tyranny of imposing one’s choice on others is the Muslim halal economy which is not just discriminatory but also enforces the Muslim religious diktat on non-Muslims. Hindupost had explained how halal was being imposed on the majority.

Halal is the Arabic term for anything which is ‘permitted’ according to Islamic law as stated in the Quran. Although Halal India, the official Halal certification authority in Bharat, states that:  “Halal Products are universal products not only suitable for Muslims consumption, but also for everyone, including non-Muslims”; it is important to note that Halal meat is slaughtered as per Sharia laws laid down in the Quran.

In his article titled “The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority” Nassim Nicholas Taleb explains how a small minority dominates over the food choices of a majority of the population with whom they cohabit a place.

Essentially, economics would dictate a company to choose Halal because a consumer of non-Halal food may eat Halal; the opposite is not true. Therefore, companies would prefer getting a Halal certification to avoid loss of business.

And Bharat has not escaped this dictatorship of the minority as well. An article in Swarajya points out that although Muslims are just 15% of the country’s population, a significantly higher proportion of Halal meat is being sold in Bharat and the number is only rising every year. 

As explained, this is because a majority of Hindus are neither particular about the kind of meat they consume nor are they aware of the consequences of their choices. This in turn gives minorities the power to decide which kind of meat would dominate the market.

Halal certification is not a Bharat-specific phenomenon and the world over the Muslim Ummah (Community/Brotherhood) is imposing Halal on non-Muslims. However, one would never hear the liberal brigade opposing such ‘tyranny’ because the liberal cabal always co-opts with Islamists.

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