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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Kashmir Solidarity Day – How Pakistan sponsored ‘5th Generation Warfare’ was foiled by Bharat’s people and government together

We are living in a digital age, where the use of technology has transformed everything. Technology has reshaped how battles are fought. In today’s time, we talk about the 5th generation warfare, a new method of battle, fought by civilians instead of the regular Army. One such attack was carried out by Pakistan recently, and we must know how our people and the government foiled it.

On February 5, all of a sudden social media was abuzz with ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day‘, as various Pakistan-based MNC’s social media handles started putting up posts about Kashmir Solidarity Day. Pakistani dealerships of MNCs such as Hyundai, Suzuki, Honda, KFC, Kia, Toyota, Isuzu, Domino’s, Pizza Hut made these tweets. As expected, this attracted an extremely sharp reaction from Bharat, and people started making demands for the boycott of all these companies in Bharat.

What is Kashmir Solidarity Day?

Kashmir Solidarity Day was started by Pakistani spy agency ISI and terrorist group Jamaat-e-Islami in 1990. This propaganda has been orchestrated in the name of Kashmir and Kashmiris, However, it has no connection with the welfare of Kashmiris, instead, it is organized by the banned terrorist organizations, who are sending terrorists to kill innocent Kashmiris for several decades.

Pakistan misused this propaganda to trap Bharat at international forums and the sole idea is to keep Kashmir Issue alive. Pakistani government calls notorious terrorists like Hafiz Saeed as keynote speakers in their event which is in itself an indication of their intentions behind celebrating this imaginary event.

Pakistan’s 5th Generation Warfare attack on Bharat

As we know, all these tweets or posts were made by Pakistani dealerships of respective MNCs. Most of these dealerships or establishments are managed or owned by ex-Pak Army officers, politicians, and influential businessmen. These companies do not even have head offices or manufacturing plants in Pakistan. Pakistan misused the credibility of these brands and let their local dealerships make these posts to impose a 5th generation warfare on us without firing any bullets.

It was a mischievous game of Pakistan with two broad objectives. On one hand, Pakistan successfully brought the ‘Kashmir Issue’ back on the International forum. This led to an aggressive reaction from Bharat, as millions of people were protesting against the Bharatiya counterpart of these MNCs, vowed to never buy anything from them, canceled their bookings, etc. This created negative sentiments in our corporates and led to a situation of anxiety. Well, that’s exactly what Pakistan wanted at this critical juncture when Bharat is recovering from COVID’s impact.

How Bharat Fought back and Knocked Down Pakistan?

The moment this news broke, our people launched a campaign on social media, asking questions of the MNCs, asking them to apologize, and make their stand clear on Kashmir Issue. This time several senior officials, dignitaries, and renowned personalities also supported this trend, and openly expressed their views against these MNCs.

As the pressure of citizens was mounting, the Ministry of External Affairs stepped in and immediately started communicating with the countries these MNCs belong to. South Korea’s ambassador to Bharat Chang Jae-Bok was summoned and apprised of Bharat’s “strong displeasure” over “an unacceptable social media post”. It was underlined that the matter pertains to the territorial integrity of Bharat and no compromise can be reached.

A stern message was given to all countries, including the USA, that Bharat would not tolerate such an act. Our government insisted that these countries and MNCs must frame robust guidelines to take corrective actions and prevent such issues in the future.

Bharat’s Foreign Ministry’s tough stance forced the South Korean Foreign Ministry to immediately express their regret. Thereafter, all these MNCs also tendered their unconditional apologies from their official accounts. These MNCs strongly condemned the tweets and posts of their dealerships in Pakistan and assured Bharat of making strong arrangements to prevent any such incident from now on.

There is no doubt that this was an outcome of the tough stance of Bharat’s people and the government. All the foreign brands have bowed down, which proved the strength of Bharat. It also proved that no one can play with the sovereignty of Bharat anymore.

Here it is important to understand that the way the foreign nations and MNCs apologized and promised to take corrective action is indeed surprising. The way our Ministry of External Affairs has put pressure on these countries is worth appreciation.

What’s in for Pakistan?

The brunt of these actions will have to be borne by Pakistan because now these MNCs are preparing to take stringent action against their local dealerships including drastic steps like closing the dealerships. This will certainly have a deep impact on the economic situation of Pakistan, as any MNC will now be afraid to do business there, and even if they do, they will do so by making such strict rules that from now on Pakistan cannot carry out such a proxy attack on Bharat by placing a gun on their shoulders.

Bharat used its economic dominance and the huge market as a weapon therby taking out the wind of Pakistan’s proxy war. However, the credit must go to the people of the country, who by reacting strongly to Pakistan’s nefarious acts, not only pressurized the government to take drastic steps but also gave a very strong message to the corporate world that when it comes to the country, there won’t be any compromise and we can take on anyone.

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