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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Actor & Makkal Needhi Meyyam chief Kamal Haasan refuses to accept Poorna Kumbham offered by temple priests

Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan, chief of Makkal Needhi Meyyam (MNM) who is currently touring Tamil Nadu (TN) in the run-up to the 2021 Assembly elections, displayed his Hindudvesh (contempt for Hindus) when he refused to accept the Poorna Kumbham (an honor) offered by the priests of Kumarakotam Murugan Koil.

Local media reports show Haasan turning down the honor offered by the priests where he is given a Kalash (pot) containing holy teertha (water), mango leaves, coconut, and flowers. He, however, did accept the shawl offered by the priests. This behavior of Haasan is nothing short of an insult to Hindu Dharma and displays how people like Hassan are HINOs (Hindus in Name Only). In fact, Haasan is probably a crypto-Christian.

Vedic shastras have laid down rules as to who must be honored with a poorna kumbham. According to the shastras, Bhagwan when He is taken through the streets during processions, rulers who are considered to be representatives of Bhagwan, learned Vedic scholars and heads of religious institutions such as Hindu Mathas including His Holiness (HH) Shankaracharyas are only worthy of this honor.

Ideally, therefore, politicians like Haasan, being offered such an honor deserved for the high and mighty, is in itself an insult to Hindu Dharma. However, this act has at least brought home the point to Hindus as to the kind of hatred people like Haasan, who keep harping upon secularism and equality of all religions, harbor for Hindu Dharma.

There are reasons to believe that Kamal Haasan and his family are crypto-Christians. His eldest brother Chandra Haasan was buried in a church in the UK following his death in 2017. In fact, Kamal Haasan had displayed his Hindudvesh in an interview with Karan Thapar when he admitted that he used to propagate Christianity through dancing, Bharatanatyam to be specific (classical dance form of Tamil Nadu that originated from Eshwara’s cosmic dance), to ‘spread the word of Christ to the world’.

He also accepted that after his association with the Christian Arts and Communication Centre he got connections that helped him re-enter the cine field. He explicitly said that he started propagating Christianity for money; started believing in Christianity as much he believed his own religion (Hindu Dharma) in a business school event.

Charu Haasan had once given testimony drawing parallels from Vedas and Upanishads to fool innocent Hindus into believing that the Purusha and/or Prajapati our scriptures talk about is none but Jesus Christ himself. The whole testimony is deceitful and full of lies even in the basic translation of words.

From Robert De Nobili who tried to pass off as a Brahmin by growing a tuft, adopting vegetarian meal, etc., to a family of well-known ‘Brahmins’ like that of Kamal Haasan giving testimony that Vedas talk about Jesus Christ, indicates the missionaries and neo-converts never leave a poor, innocent Hindu in peace.

The recent incident along with several incidents in the past is ample proof that the Haasan brothers are crypto-Christians and use rationalism & secularism as a mask to hide their Hindudvesh. It is also high time the custodians of temples go by what is written in the shastras regarding offering honor such as poorna kumbham rather than offering it to politicians such as Kamal Haasan who is likely to even tie-up with Owaisi in the upcoming assembly polls next year.

(Featured Image Source: Times Now)

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