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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Journey of a Slogan From Pakistan to JNU

After importing a fiery slogan from Pakistan and planting it in JNU, the Subversion League formed by leftists and Islamists is now in fast forward mode.  It is extraordinary that the popular anti-Bharat slogan coined by Hafeez Saeed of Lashkar, ‘Jang rahegi, jang  rahegi, Bharat ki barbadi tak, Kashmir ki azadi tak’ has become the battle cry of  secessionists trying to assert their right to bad-mouth Bharat. And our ‘unpaid’ and ‘paid media’ is having a rollicking time!

The favourite slogan shouted by members of the Subversion League has a colourful history. Pakistan has been celebrating 5th February every year as ‘Yom-e Yakjehti-e-Kashmir’ (Kashmir Solidarity Day) where all kinds of anti-Bharat slogans are shouted and provocative speeches against kaffir Hindus of Bharat are made. Though started in 1990 by the then Prime Minister Nawaz  Sharif and supported by Benazir Bhutto, soon the reins of the Kashmir Solidarity Day were passed on to the Chief of  Lashkar-e Tayeba, Hafiz Saeed.

Every year  rallies and rowdy demonstrations are organized by the Lashkar in which Bharat is pilloried and threat to destroy ‘Hindu India’ are made  – if necessary by nuclear bombing. The motor-mouth chief of Lashkar-e Tayeba has a penchant for coining anti-Bharat slogans. Originally he had coined the slogan, ‘Jang rahegi, jang rahegi, Kashmir ki azadi tak, Zalim ki barbadi tak’.   Over the years, the last portion of the wonky slogan was modified into ‘Bharat ki barbadi tak’.

Last year, immediately after celebration of the Kashmir Solidarity Day across Pakistan, the Bharat-destruct slogan was imported into the Jawaharlal Nehru University by a gang comprising the members of AISA and Democratic Students Union. And on 9th February, 2016, suddenly the JNU burst into flames when a function was organized for eulogizing terrorist Afzal Guru and advocating  destruction of the Bharatiya nation. The two favourite slogans of the  radical mobsters of AISA and  Democratic  Students Union were ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and ‘Jang rahegi, jang rahegi, Bharat ki barbadi tak’.

When the ultra-radical group AISA (All India Students Association) won the JNU student union’s elections in 2012, several groups of  anti-nationals  shouted in unison  the famous Maoist slogan “Lal Salam” and drum beats reverberated across the  campus. There were spontaneous celebrations and distribution of sweets, too.  The scale of  spontaneous celebrations was far more  impressive than the previous celebrations organized by the  leaders of  AISA and  Democratic Students Union  in  April, 2010,  when 76  Jawans  of  the  C.R.P.F. were killed  at  Dantewada  in an ambush by Maoist terrorists.  The killing of CRPF Jawans was celebrated under the aegis of ‘JNU Forum Against War on People’ formed jointly by members of  the AISA and  the Democratic Students Union.

The reasons for launching this new war against Bharat by the Subversion League are not difficult to seek.  During the UPA regime, the AISA, Democratic Students Union and Islamists had a free run across JNU and many other educational institutions. They could celebrate the killing of CRPF jawans with impunity. They had also tried to organize a beef festival despite written objections filed by many nationalist students.

Unfortunately now, at the national level the tide has turned against them which has made them angry and aggressive.  Public memory is proverbially short, but far shorter indeed is the memory of  telemedia anchors and column writers.  The ultra-soft attitude of the UPA regime towards radical Islamists has to be evaluated with  reference to Rahul Gandhi’s confidential tete a tete with the US Ambassador, Timothey Roemer, in July 2009, warning the latter that ‘saffron terror’ was far more dangerous than the Islamic terror of Lashkar-e-Tayeba ! That revealed the pro-Islamist tilt of the Congress party.

No wonder, the smouldering embers of the fire of Maoism and Islamism continued to rage across the Jawaharlal Nehru University for a number of years.  But the UPA government  chose to ignore the signals of  the growing radicalization of students by Islamists and Marxists, for  reasons best left unstated.

To add fuel to the fire, recently several Marxist professors of JNU and from other educational institutions are being invited by their ideological lackeys to various Universities across the country. The prairie fire lit by the Subversion League has already spread to several Universities and educational institutions across the country.

It is well known that many radical communalist lecturers like Ali Javed  and SAR Geelani have been strutting across Delhi and other major cities like Kolkata and  Mumbai to fan the flames of  subversion.  They are believed to be operating in tandem with fifth columnists and fellow travelers.  Many of them are allegedly funded by anti-Bharat groups based in the Gulf countries.  There are reasons to believe that these anti-national moles have regular connection with the Pakistani spies embedded in Bharat.

It is not a  mere  accident that under-trial Kanhaiya Kumar and the organizer of the anti-national ‘cultural event’ Umar Khalid happen to be active members of the Democratic Students Union which was responsible for the grand celebratory function  organized after the Maoist manslaughter of  CRPF Jawans in 2010.  It is believed that Umar Khalid has been in touch with academicians like SAR Geelani and Prof. Ali Javed who had held a similar anti-national function in the Press Club of India last year on 10th February.

There is a hush-hush rumour that Umar Khalid and Prof. Ali Javed had been in touch with some suspected members of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India, popularly known as SIMI, through AISA activists.  In this context, the open support of  Hafiz Saeed to the anti-Bharat activities of AISA and Democratic Students  Union after the pro-Pakistan slogan shouting in February last year must not be ignored.

Most importantly, the intelligence agencies should try to investigate how the offensive anti-Bharat slogan seeking destruction of the Bharatiya nation was imported into JNU. The persons responsible for popularizing the idea of ‘Bharat ki barbadi’ need to be exposed and punished.

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Ram Kumar Ohri
Ram Kumar Ohri
IPS ( Retd I.G./Arunachal Pradesh) Shri R.K.Ohri, is a retired IPS officer who was Inspector General of Police in Arunachal Pradesh. He has taught in Internal Security Academy of CRPF and in Bureau of Police Research and Development. He was also Secretary of Association of Retired IPS officers. He has authored several books including 'The Bell Tolls, Tomorrows Truncated India'.


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