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Sunday, June 16, 2024

It’s not a personal matter, TMC MP Nusrat Jahan mocked Hindu religious sentiments, lied in Parliament

Just months after the Trinamool Congress party started its first term in West Bengal, an Anglo-Indian woman in her mid-thirties, a mother of two, was gang-raped in a moving car by 5 men and then tossed out. 4 of these 5 rapists were Muslims, the prime accused being Kader Khan who was also the then-boyfriend of debutant Tollywood actress Nusrat Jahan. He was reported to have absconded and there were rumors that Jahan had aided her rapist boyfriend to flee.

Kader Khan was picked up by Bengal Police in 2015 from a hideout at Noida and it was then discovered that the Bengali actress was in constant contact with him. Not only that, the two of them had also booked a room for a day in a Mumbai hotel while Kader was on the run, following which Jahan returned to Kolkata and arranged tickets to Patna for Kader.

Little did the people of Bengal know that this woman, who had information about a criminal on the run and had arranged for a hide-out for this rapist boyfriend, would go on to represent them at the temple of Bharat’s democracy and be a Member of the Parliament representing Basirhat constituency.

By the time of general elections in 2019, TMC had established itself as a Muslim-appeasing political body, and in line with this ideology they introduced Nusrat Jahan as their candidate from the Basirhat seat. By this time, Nusrat had established herself as an actress and social media influencer – she was a popular tik-toker – and had left her affair with Kader Khan behind her. She was now dating a Hindu industrialist Nikhil Jain, which earned her some brownie points from gullible Hindus.

Though Nusrat Jahan won the Basirhat seat, she was absent for the oath-taking ceremony on the pretext of getting married to beau Nikhil Jain in far-off Turkey. Along with her, her Tollywood friend and fellow TMC MP Mimi Chakraborty was also missing the oath-taking ceremony. She was attending Jahan’s wedding. The pictures and videos of this wedding went viral on the internet. One of their marriage events was also attended by West Bengal CM and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee.

Nursat Jahan took the oath as the representative of the people of Basirhat on 25 July 2019 on the floor of Bharat’s parliament, as Nusrat Jahan Ruhi Jain. Her hair-part was lined with sindoor, her hands were stacked with choodah, and a mangalsutra adorned her neck – all signs of a married Hindu woman. Her identity on the Lok Sabha website was recorded as a married woman and Nikhil Jain’s name was provided as spouse’s name.

This marriage triggered a lot of debate and attracted fatwas from Muslim fundamentalists, but Nusrat paid little heed to them. She attended the Durga puja as a married Hindu woman, participated in sindoor khela (a Vijaya Dashami custom of Bengali Hindu married women). She prayed to the Goddess as a married woman.

On numerous occasions, Nusrat Jahan introduced Nikhil Jain as her husband and referred to his mother as her mother-in-law. After becoming an icon of Hindu-Muslim “love”, she criticized the anti-conversion laws introduced by the BJP to curb ‘love jihad’ and other fraudulent conversions, sang highly about the “secular love” Bengalis practice and called the BJP “poison”. The liberal brigade rallied behind her “bold and beautiful tweets.”

The marriage hit the rocks within two years, above reasons notwithstanding. In such a case, like other couples, the Jahan-Jain duo could have filed for a divorce as recognized by the law of the land and move on. However, the route the TMC parliamentarian took has sent the country in a state of shock accompanied by a bitter awakening.

Responding to queries on divorce, the actress-turned-politician said that she was ‘never married’ so the question of divorce does not arise.  “Interfaith marriage in India requires validation under the Special Marriage Act, which never happened. As the marriage was not legal, valid and tenable, there is no question of divorce,” Nusrat Jahan declared.

Cheering for “secular love” to slam the BJP, the Muslim MP switched tunes and cited ‘interfaith marriage laws’ to deny validity of her marriage with a Hindu man, as per her suitability. How different is this to the Muslim youth who assumes a fake Hindu identity to entrap a Hindu girl, marries her in a temple, and later dumps her?

This parliamentarian has outraged Hindu religious sentiments by making a mockery of sindoor, mangalsutra, choodha, sindoor khela. Introducing Nikhil as her husband and refusing his identity later, this parliamentarian has defrauded Bharatiya citizens for two years. A self-respecting government and country would immediately take actions to strip her of her MP status.

Nusrat Jahan is not a random woman. She is a people’s representative. This issue is about a parliamentarian lying on the floor of the house, sitting in Parliament under a false identity, mocking the religious sentiments of Hindus. It cannot be dismissed as a ‘private’ matter.

A fly-by-night politician, with a history of being an accomplice to a criminal on the loose, Nusrat Jahan Ruhi Jain’s actions show how important it is to have greater legal control over inter-faith marriages, and why strict laws to punish fraudulent conversions and grooming jihad (aka love jihad) are much needed.

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