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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Islamists raise STSJ slogan against Hindu activist in Una, propagandist Zubair & other Islamists plotting Nupur 2.0?

Islamists raised the Sar Tan Se Juda (STSJ) slogan targeting Hindu activist Kajal Shingla on March 31 at Gir Somnath District’s Una town. They accused the activist of delivering an ‘anti-Muslim’ speech during the Ram Navami Shobha Yatra on March 30. Videos of the incident went viral on social media.

Following the Shobha Yatra, a public assembly was held during which Kajal was one of the speakers. Among various other topics, she discussed the issue of forced religious conversion where Hindu women are lured by Muslim men concealing their religious identity.

As soon as a video of her speech was posted online, Islamists like propagandist Zubair and Hinduphobic handle Hindutva Watch began provoking their coreligionists by twisting her words just like they did with Nupur Sharma.

While Kajal asked Hindus to defend themselves, Islamists like Zubair began claiming she was provoking people and ‘targeting Muslims’. Readers may recall it was Zubair who dog-whistled Nupur Sharma’s defence of Hindu Dharma after Tasleem Rahmani insulted Shivling. It would be apt to remind readers that while Sharma is currently in hiding, Taslim Ahmed Rehmani, whose statement against Bhagwan Shiv enraged her during the debate, is roaming around freely.


Islamists descended on the streets on March 31 demanding Kajal’s beheading. The Una police swung into action and organized a reconciliation meeting. However, this was marred as the Islamists responded by pelting stones. The Una police subsequently arranged a meeting between the two communities which also ended up in arguments leading to further tensions. Shopkeepers shut their shops and market in several areas of the town remained shut with rising tension.

Things did not improve even after Gir Somnath’s Superintendent of Police (SP) summoned five community leaders to Circuit House. The situation deteriorated again in the evening as stone pelting took place in Kumbhawada, Koliwada, and Chandrakiran areas. Islamists also flung bottles till cops intervened to restore normalcy. Additional security was kept in the town over the weekend to prevent any untoward incident.

The Ram Navami procession was organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). VHP State Spokesperson Hitendra Rajput said they had not invited Kajal. “Two FIRs were filed at the Una police station against Kajal Hindustani, who allegedly gave the hate speech on Ram Navami and those from both the groups allegedly involved in the clash. Hindustani was not found at her residence and we are yet to detain her”, said Gir Somnath SP in charge Sripal Sheshma.

The police further confirmed that 75 people against whom an FIR was filed on Saturday, were detained. The FIR against Kajal was registered on Sunday. All the rioters belong to Una. Two persons were reportedly injured in the clash that took place on Saturday.

Ram Navami celebrations across Bharat were marred by Islamist violence that continued well into the weekend. It raises serious questions about the apathy of the state and bureaucracy. Not surprisingly, Abrahamo-leftist Hindudveshi (Hinduphobic) forces have been providing cover fire to the Islamist rioters as they did last year.

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  1. Also note that dog whistling is (typically) not a crime. But libel IS. The kind of libel that Zubair has done to Nupur is a SERIOUS CRIME, and if we had been a self-respecting nation, it would not be Nupur, but Zubair who would be in deep trouble. You cannot misrepresent a person’s words causing that person’s life to be at risk. That IS libel.

    How Zubair is not facing serious libel charges, I have no idea. I guess that is what we mean by “secularism.” A muslim can get away with life-threatening libel in the name of secularism.

  2. Minor nitpick Vikramji: The use of dog whistled here is actually not correct. A dog whistle is intended to subtly convey something to a small group WITHOUT inviting opposition (because it is not audible to those people). What Zubair did is more like twisting Nupur’s words out of context to provoke a large number of people (namely, India’s Muslims) while caring two hoots about what Hindus think about his act.

    I think Zubair is doing criminally libelous representation of Hindus such as Nupur. Typically it is libel that exposes a person to risk (such as Nupur has been). Zubair is not dog whistling, but indulging in outright libel.


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