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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Is the Indian Judiciary a partner to Soros’ regime change operation?

The blatant Judicial overreach to take over selection of Election commission in spite of repeated assertions of President, Vice President, Law Minister not to transcend the division of powers enshrined in the constitution as well as the panel selected by judiciary to investigate the Adani case,  shows something really bad is cooking in the nation. 

This is particularly in light of open threats by Soros against Narendra Modi and his Government.  Democracies are most vulnerable to judicial corruption because the framers of the constitution establish Judiciary as a watchdog for executive overreach making it difficult for executive to remove them.   But what if the fence eats the crop?  Then that democracy has virtually become a banana republic serving the  anti-national forces both within and without. 

To put this in context, just today ex-President Trump sent an email on Soros actions to all his supporters saying the following:  “I am being attacked for exposing George Soros and the millions and millions of dollars he’s spent to buy the White house.  I will not be silenced for calling out the billionaire puppeteer who has wreaked havoc on our borders, our justice system, and our nation.  As Soros and his puppets in the media try to silence us for exposing Soros’s election meddling and corruption, I am asking the “silent” majority to double down and send a loud message that 2024 is the year taking our country back for good”.  – President Trump

Indian Election commision has done a reputable job of holding elections and you wonder what the Indian judiciary is attempting to fix by blatantly violating the constitution.  Also, look at the constitution of the panel selected by the Supreme Court to investigate the Adani case that was quoted by Soros in his India ‘regime change’ speech.  One of the members of the panel is Somasekhar who is on the board of Oxfam India that is not only facing financial fraud investigations, but actually funded by Soros!  

This individual was nominated for High court judge by the collegium twice and was rejected by the Modi Government both times.   Will he be objective?    If you look at the other members of the panel, the connections they have with those involved in fraud investigations and/or the support they give to those who have visceral hate for the Modi administration, you wonder if the panel was constituted by Soros or by an objective judiciary! 

Are we dealing with an institution working for Soros and his local operatives?  These actions seem to clearly indicate that Soros wants to install the Congress party of India or a coalition of it in power in 2024 using a corrupt and pliant judiciary.

A recent article by Rajeev Srinivasan on how Israel is handling the judiciary causing similar challenges to executive can give some pointers to India on possible actions it needed to boldly take. India needs to study how Israel is giving powers to the legislature to counter the blatantly biased judgements.  If this issue is not addressed with urgency,  no matter who won in elections, it will be controlled by a few unelected families and their political partners.  Moreover, if after so many assertions and warnings to the Judiciary not to transcend division of powers, if the Government  does not act now in response to this open challenge (by the judiciary), the judiciary will call their bluff and make matters worse by the day.  Actions cannot be driven by fear and the Indian Parliament needs to sent a message.

Now, let us examine a regime change playbook.  The playbook the Western elite are using is similar in different nations with some changes based on the local conditions.  In fact, the wonderful documentary, ‘Ukraine on Fire’ shows how Ukraine regime change was done more than a decade ago and it talks about how similar playbook is repeated in other nations.  It is a must watch for the nations facing such threats.

 A regime change operation consists of few elements such as:

1) Division of electorate by manufactured or weaponized incidents –  In India it will be mainly using Muslims by creating a propaganda of persecution.   If necessary, there will be engineered incidents accompanied by many manifold magnifications of it using a corrupt pliant media.   Sometimes it will have criminals penetrate targeted organizations (say Hindu organizations) to engineer incidents or blow up an existing incident disproportionately in the media.   In the US it was played up using many incidents of police brutalities against blacks.

2) Creation of violent disruptive force –  In Ukraine it is Nazis, in the US it is Antifa, in Israel it is Hamas, in India it is radical Islamists funded and supported via many NGOs and the Kalisthanis.  In the past it included Naxalites.  The persistent bogus campaign of Muslim persecution is also for encouraging violent elements.  In  fact this propaganda is used by not just local terror groups but external terrorist organizations.  

This helps to  create an impression that the country is not safe under the current regime and cause disenchantment against the current Government as a weak government.   A violent backlash to brutalities such as Godhra carnage  which is milked even after 2 decades along with complete blackout of the atrocities faced by the majority indicates what is possibly in store. 

We will also see more and more outrageous violent incidents such as the storming of a police station in Punjab by Kalisthanis.  Just as in Shaheen bagh, Farmers protests, we will see more toolkits and playbooks, either just waiting for a simple incident to blow up or engineering one.  As the elections get closer, sleeper cells of radical Islamists and Christian missionaries will also become more and more active.

3) Media  – While this is mostly subdued in India make no mistake, the innuendoes, the selective coverage will become increasingly prominent as the 2024 election nears, especially depending on which way the wind blows.  With literally many crores at their disposal, it is easy to buy up any media unless the Government keeps a close eye on its operations.   Let us not forget the recent hit job of BBC against Narendra Modi and there will be more such hit jobs along with active propaganda via social media in the next few months. In the United States, the media and social media are completely in control of Western elite as seen during the last US Presidential elections.  The backlash against Elon Musk for recently taking over twitter and attempting to make it a objective media is for all of us to see. 

4) Judiciary –  This is where democratic nations are most vulnerable and it is more so in India where a collegium system of ‘judges selecting judges’, created  via a blatant hijack of constitution that is completely unheard of in any democracy .  These judges selected via an unconstitutional and opaque system are very closely tied to corrupt Congress party,  now not only dictate the constitutionality of actions of other branches of the Government but actually are taking over other branches of the Government. 

Indian higher judiciary is mostly a family business that has no accountability to citizens which is driving the nation into a situation similar to how few oligarchs control many nations running them to disaster.  Worse, citizens cannot even criticize because they are threatened by ‘contempt of court’. 

Justice Joseph reportedly said that India needs a system that can take action against the elected Prime Minister of India.  Guess where this is going.  The judges of India as Government servants are supposed to inform the Government of their trips outside India but the judiciary in India has removed that rule. So whom are the judges meeting?  What kind of relations they have with external forces who may not have good intentions for India.  What is the relationships to their organizations or promises made to them or their relatives as future rewards if they follow their agenda?    

What is also most dangerous is any attempts by the Government to curb the activities of break India and  ‘regime change’ forces can be literally blocked or even abetted by Judiciary.

5) Legislature – with billions at their disposal, it is very easy to buy even the legislators, creating fissures in the political system at many levels to topple governments.

6) Election manipulation – While many nations suffer from this including the United States,  India fortunately has a reputable election commission as demonstrated by no political party question the election results.  The manipulation of this system by blatant overreach by the Indian Judiciary should send shockwaves to the nation.   What is that the judiciary is fixing, they are indeed breaking it, perhaps to help their political partners while at the same time securing their family business of ‘collegium system’.

7) Extreme actions – The regime change forces of the West are known to take extreme actions such as assassination of the leaders of many nations that do not suit their objectives.   This may not be just by a missile operation of a plane or a direct attack, but can be more gradual and slow poisoning whether it is foods consumed or via invisible attacks such as radiation.

The changing world order:

The unipolar world order is in its final gasp and any such seismic changes do not happen in vacuum.   It is not difficult to see Soros is a front to a powerful Western elite which wants to do everything possible to stop or delay the changing world order by any means.  In fact, they are unabashedly saying they want to create ‘One World Order’, an euphemism for a world controlled by few Western oligarchs, a continuation of colonial and imperial agenda.  

Implementation of this agenda requires removing or stopping nationalist leaders from coming to power, whether it is Trump in the US, Jair Bolsinaro in Brazil,  Netayahu in Israel, Putin in Russia or Narendra Modi in India and planting those governments that suit their interests.  While the West wants to use India as a prop against China’s ascendancy, they do not want India to rise up and become a challenge to the Western dominance and hegemony.    At the least, they want a very weakened Modi Government to do their bidding, to pursue their agenda.

-By Satya Dosapati

(The article was published on the author’s blog on March 2, 2023 and has been republished with permission)

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  1. Very insightful article written by the author Satya dosapati garu..every one must read this and become aware of how strongly external forces are trying to stop the nations from becoming strong and powerful..


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