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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Indira Gandhi was a vain autocrat, not the ‘Iron Lady’ she is made out to be by Congress & Lutyens

Indira Gandhi is one of the many leaders who has been given an exalted position by Congress and a halo has been created around her by Lutyens’ elites who have elevated her to a status where questioning her or the leadership she provided and the blunders she made is termed untenable.

She has been portrayed as an ‘iron lady’ and Congress supporters have even referred to her as ‘Durga’. She was projected as some sort of a messiah for poor Bharatiyas who elevated the status of Bharat. However, projections are often illusions and the real face of Indira Gandhi who weakened Bharat through her wrong decisions has been exposed by Twitter user AparBharat in his thread that we have compiled into an article.

In 1966, then PM Lal Bahadur Shastri died under mysterious circumstances in Tashkent, Russia. Although, there were several conspiracy theories about the involvement of CIA, Russia or even Pakistan, his successor Indira who benefitted the most out of this ill-fated event did not even deem it fit to conduct an investigation and unravel the mystery.

On 7th Nov 1966, Gau Raksha Samiti headed by Karpatri Maharaj marched towards Delhi with thousands of cows & Saints with an age old demand of banning cow slaughter in Bharat. Indira’s government opened fire on peaceful protesters sitting outside Parliament. In this massacre, thousands of cows were killed, as per official report 250 Saints died and unofficial figure says 5000 Saints lost their life.

Official reports were written by Congress so readers are free to make their own inferences regarding the two sets of figures. Indira couldn’t accept a simple demand of Hindus.

In 1969 Veterans of then Congress, led by Morarji Desai got frustrated with Indira’s autocratic behavior. They revolted with Indira & the strength of the government came down to 220 MPs. Now to get majority Indira played a cruel game. She allied with Communist Party of Bharat, a decision that caused utmost damage to the nation.

Communist Party took its pound of flesh and demanded that all major educational institutions in Bharat be handed over to them. JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) was established in 1969 & communists got full control of JNU as part of the deal. This has damaged us beyond repair and even in 2020 we are suffering from this draconian act.

The major reason for Morarji Desai & veteran Congress leaders for going against Indira was nationalizing 14 of the largest banks. After alliance with Communists, Indira adopted far left policies including nationalizing insurance, coal & oil industry. All major government jobs went to communists.

Indira had strained relations with top business groups like Birla & Tata and in 1974; she brought ‘The Foreign Exchange Regulatory Act (1974) where foreign equity couldn’t exceed 40%. This led to the exit of multinational companies like Shell, IBM, Coca Cola, Caltex, etc. This article explains how economic policies of Indira Gandhi made a huge & lasting damage to Bharat.

After her alliance with Communists, Naxal activities increased in Bengal. Indira Gandhi justified extremism saying these young intellectuals were taking to violence due to lack of jobs. This is exactly what Team Rahul is doing with Kanhaiya Kumar & Team Priyanka is doing with Dalit leader Ravan Chandrasekhar.

Communists, who have copied all movements from US, started Dalit Panther Movement in 1972 aping the Black Panther Movement of US Communists. A strategy which they are now trying again with ‘Dalit lives Matter’. This movement was based on Marxist-Buddhist ideology where Dalits were radicalized against Hindus.

Indira relied on Left Ecosystem for her image building across the nation, in reality she was worse than Sonia or present Gandhis. In 1971, Indira Gandhi abolished Privy purses, it was a compensation agreed to be given to Royal families who merged their princely states with Bharat. So we acquired their land & gave them nothing in return. On the other hand, in 1976, Indira ordered all the land acquired from Waqf board should be returned to them.

She was called ‘Iron Lady’ for the victory in 1971 Bangladesh War, but in reality the Hero of the war was Sam Maneckshaw who denied to go to war in April 1971, saying Army needs time to prepare & in December 1971 he delivered the victory as he had promised. It is pertinent to mention that the Gandhis didn’t attend the funeral of Maneckshaw.

Gen. Sam Maneckshaw did his job and captured 90,000 Pakistan soldiers and handed a resounding defeat to Pakistanis. Now the ball was in Indira’s court who could have easily resolved the Kashmir issue in 1972 Shimla Agreement with diplomatic bilateral talks, but she further worsened it by agreeing to LOC (Line of Control).

Many of the judicial judgements leave us stunned as does the power leftists and Congress wield on the judiciary. However, we must remember that Congress is well protected by the judiciary as Indira started this trend in 1973 by appointing a pliable judge as Chief Justice of India by superseding 3 senior judges. It was a Black Day in history of SC (Supreme Court).

After radicalization of Naxals & Dalits, Indira added another Frankenstein monster in Punjab which went even beyond her control. To counter Akali Dal’s growing popularity, then Home Minister of Bharat Zail Singh created Bhindranwale who brainwashed farmers against green revolution.

In 1967, constitutional bench of Supreme Court struck down minority status of Aligarh Muslim University. But in 1981, Indira Gandhi restored minority status by constitutional amendment. Remember in 1966, she could not fulfil a simple demand made by Hindus but minority appeasement was important to Indira as it is to Congress even today.

By 1984, she could no longer control the Frankenstein Monster she had created in Punjab. The entire Khalistan movement was now sponsored by Pakistan. Autocrat Indira never succeeded in diplomacy, hence she ordered Operation Blue Star which led to her assassination.

If you dig even deeper and analyse all decisions taken by Indira Gandhi in her political career, most of them were draconian & we are still paying price for her sins. Her tenure from 1969-1976 was the worst for economy of Bharat which led to huge inflation. Poverty actually increased after 1971.

It seems the Gandhi family hasn’t learnt any lessons from the history of Indira. The current clan is taking the same route of having cozy relations with JNU communists as strategists. They are using similar radical elements to create unrest in different parts of Bharat.

In reality, Indira as PM was worse than Nehru and it is high time that Bharatiyas are made aware of the real face of this so-called ‘iron lady’.

(Featured Image Source: DNA)

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