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Sunday, April 14, 2024

How Annamalai peels Dravidian propaganda layer by layer

The current president of Tamil Nadu BJP K Annamalai, an ex-IPS officer is proving to be a nightmare to DMK and Dravidian organisations. He has been exposing the sham of Dravidian ideology whether it be social justice, equality, women empowerment or development. The hate filled Dravidian Model is trying to find roots in neighbouring states and North Bharat through sheer propaganda with the help of sold-out media and so-called intellectuals. But Annamalai is calling out its fake atheism, social justice, etc and exposing it for the shallow hate-filled it is.

DMK and Onions

Once Annamalai explained how DMK works in spreading its anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin and anti-development propaganda successfully. He used onions as a metaphor to show how DMK and its first family are surrounded by different layers to protect their image and the carefully crafted lies. The first layer, he said, is the media, sold out journalists and so-called intellectuals. 

Spokespersons of the party and their troll army on social media come next. Annamalai called this as the ‘attack layer’ which would scuttle any attempts to have a civilised debate about any issue simply by using obscene language abusing caste, religion and other identities to stun the opponent. He says that people from different areas belonging to different castes and religions are carefully picked to build this layer.

One can see this description play out in A Raja’s case. When he denigrated Hindus by intentionally misquoting Manu Smriti, BJP, RSS members and Hindu activists gave it back in kind. Those who responded thus to A Raja’s obscene remarks were booked under the PCR Act. The third layer is formed by what he calls zamindars in the guise of ministers. The first two layers, Karunanidhi family and its close associates, loot money through these people and protect them from facing the law or public.

The third layer inturn protects the business interests of the first family and faces the criticism and attacks thrown at them. The fourth layer is the extended family that protects the first family and the last layer consists of the ‘leader’ and his family aka “Gopalapuram which has nothing inside it” Annamalai said. It is a very apt description of how things work in not only DMK but the Dravidar Kazhagam as well and we can see it play out in many instances.

Dravidian Movement’s British Allegiance

He touched a nerve that no one dared to in all these years of TN politics. He talked about DMK and its elite club’s association with the British when the party was known as the Justice Party. Finance Minister PTR Palanivel Thiyagarajan is the grandson of PT Rajan who was the chief of the presidential council during British rule and one of the founders of the Justice Party. It is not widely known to the public. Recalling this Annamalai said, “His ancestors showed support and love to the East India Company. Did they not? Are there no links between the East India Company(ECI) and the Justice Party which is your mother organisation?

“What did you say in 1947? Did you not say that there is no need for independence?TN people know the relationship between your party and ECI. From the times when the Justice Party was founded and Dravidar Kazhagam was formed, didn’t you have a relationship with the ECI? Back then it was the British Empire and your leaders told Britishers ‘Please don’t give independence to India. We cannot even manufacture a ball-pin on our own. Even if you give us independence, please rule TN from England’, didn’t they? When DMK people conceal their history and  shamelessly try to portray themselves as some freedom fighters in 2022, it becomes our responsibility to rebut them ?”

Countering Dravidianists’ Fake Self Respect

Dravidar Kazhagam tried to stop the centuries old practice of carrying the Thiruvavaduthurai Adheenam, a Shaivite math head, on a palanquin, claiming that it is against human rights. Annamalai had assured that he’ll carry the palanquin if need be. He mocked DMK ministers trying to flatter Udayanidhi Stalin, next in line for the DMK throne, by reciting the titles of the film’s he acted in. He questioned what their ideology could offer with those who worship and would lift the palanquin for an individual. “This (Shaiva) siddantham has been in Tamil land for 2000, 3000 has been here before your ‘new ideology’ came”, he said.

Beating At Their Own Game

Annamalai has taken A Raja misinterpreting Manu Smriti and intentionally abusing Hindus very seriously and stood with the cadre who were booked for responding to Raja’s comments. Yesterday BJP organised a protest in Coimbatore condemning the DMK government’s inaction in maintaining law and order and arresting BJP members intentionally. The district administration had refused to grant permission for the protest but Annamalai went ahead.

While speaking at the protest Annamalai took A Raja and those who goaded him to abuse Hindus to cleaners. He exposed DMK’s plan to divert public attention from issues like hiking electricity tariffs and rampant drug abuse in the state by making Raja abuse Hindus. Raja had said that he followed in the footsteps of his guru EV Ramasamy aka Periyar and only quoted from his book. Annamalai quoted from the same book to show how Periyar was disgusted with DMK receiving the public by offering money for votes.

Periyar had said, “Oh there is no one to question..there is no one to think..what all they give for a vote! They give everything except their wives to get one is worried about it..who is doing this? Our Kazhaga members only.. they will scold me if I talk about this..what misfortune befell them that they are doing this..only votes are important for them not their wives or children..if it continues like this they may even give their wives for votes as they think power and position is more important than them”.

Annamalai quoted this and used the exact manner and words in which A Raja and even Periyar used to say “I’m not saying’s already written there”. Periyar aka EV Ramasamy used to lie through his teeth about Hindu scriptures saying that they describe shudra women as whores of Brahmins. After saying everything he would say, “Nan sollala..apdi than eluthi iruku” meaning, “I’m not saying so (on my own) is written there”. It was a classic take down from Annamalai in attacking DMK with their own ideology and its founder. After all that’s what Dravidian ideology does with Hindus by poking their eyes with their own fingers.

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