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Friday, September 24, 2021

Halal certified vegetarian food items for Onam festival kits in “God’s Own Country”

Keralites who received the much-touted government Onam food kits were in for a surprise. Even their Pappadams were Halal certified. This didn’t go down well with followers of Hindu dharma who have slowly but surely started to understand the relationship between halal certification and Islamofascism. 

It was earlier decided that free grocery kits would be distributed to all ration cardholders as part of the upcoming Onam festivities. The total expenditure to the state exchequer was estimated to be around 450 Crores.  

Onam is a traditional Hindu festival commemorating the rule of King Mahabali who was an ardent devotee of Bhagwan Vishnu. It is also a ten-day festivity that honors the rule of Mahabali who is believed to visit his citizens on Thiruvonam day and bless them. Elaborate flower carpets and a traditional vegetarian Malayali feast called Onam Sadhya are synonymous with the celebrations. Pappadams are an intricate part of the Sadhya.

Earlier, citing the Chinese Virus restrictions, the CPM-led Pinarayi Vijayan government had banned flower imports from other states which basically meant that there were hardly any flower carpets to be seen. Flowers are usually imported from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in bulk during the Onam season. In an abrupt and complete reversal of attitude, opinion, and position the government imported halal-certified pappadams from Tamil Nadu for distribution through the Public Distribution System (PDS). Both have not gone well with Keralites who vented their anger against the government on social media.

Pappadams are consumed all over Bharat. The basic ingredient is flour and it is known as Appalam in Tamil Nadu and in Northern states, it is known as Papad. There are both small and big manufacturers of pappadams in Kerala. It is a small scale industry which employs thousands of people and is basically done out of small shops and houses all over Kerala. The government ignored the plight of these poor local laborers and went in for a brand based out of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, since halal-certified pappadams were not available in Kerala.  

Halal certification basically means that Hindus are funding their own death certificates. By buying such products we are financing our own disintegration. These certificates are issued by Muslim organisations only who ensure no haram (banned for Muslims) substance has been used in preparation of the item. Although guidelines make it clear that non-muslims can be employed by halal certification companies if the product is vegetarian (non-Muslims are strictly barred from employment in the whole chain from slaughter to packaging for meat products), it is anyone’s guess as to how many Hindus are employed by such companies. This is due to a fascist theory of not employing a kafir (non-muslim) being strictly followed by such Islamic certification authorities. 

Certification is just a covert way of making others pay for the Islamic beliefs of the minority. This is happening since the large majority simply does not care, especially in states like Kerala where seculars abound. It should also be noted that Halal certification is not mandated for food products by the Government of Bharat. 

What makes it all the more sinister is the fact that the earnings from these certifications go directly to Zakat (Islamic religious charity). What such charities do with finance received is a mystery since such Islamic institutions are not audited by the Government and what is promoted by them is no longer hidden. 

With a sizable population in Kerala who are atheists sporting Hindu names, the spread of the Halal Certification virus was expected. It has reached a point of no return where even true followers of Hindu Dharma are being forcibly made to accept halal products and their businesses affected if they do not adhere to the whims and fancies of Islamists.

The government’s decision to purchase pappadams from a Halal-certified supplier in Tamil Nadu especially at a time when the import of other products is banned is a classic example of discrimination at a state level. To expect equal rights from a Hindu-hating atheist CM is like waiting for a miracle to happen.

There are also allegations of massive corruption in the procurement of food items that are being distributed under the PDS. This was confirmed by none other than the Vigilance Department who found that the items purchased are worth Rs.343/- excluding packing charges. But the expenditure for the state exchequer is Rs. 500 per kit. When the scale of the operation is assessed, the total kits being distributed are 88 lakh kits costing around Rs. 450 crores, which reveals the scale of the scam. There are allegations that the excess charge is the commission for the CPM party. 

Sub-standard products have been procured and then billed at inflated prices thereby compromising safety and quality. Quantity too has been manipulated whereby one-kilo jaggery packets were found to be short by up to 100 grams in each packet. Responding to the issue, the state minister for PDS P Tilothaman said that this could be ‘due to evaporation or it gets dissolved’!

To even insinuate that 10% of jaggery which is a solid substance packed in sealed plastic packets would evaporate is almost absurd and borders on childishness. By trying to justify the corruption saying that some packets were found to contain more than a kilo pointed at complicity and complacency at the highest level. Almost all the jaggery packets were found to be short quantity-wise which led to the government ultimately withdrawing the item from the list and replacing it with extra sugar. By then some kits had already been distributed.  

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