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Monday, May 29, 2023

The frustration of Ram Chandra Guha from Congress is thinly veiled anti-Hindu bigotry!

Gandhi loyalist Ramchandra Guha recently wrote an opinion piece purportedly taking on the Gandhis. Although titled Why the Gandhis must go now, the article is nothing but Guha whining about the inability of the Congress and its top brass being unable to stop the Modi-Shah election juggernaut with BJP Party President JP Nadda added in for additional anti-Hindu effect.

While Guha tries to make his piece sound intellectual and a constructive critique of the Gandhi family as well as Congress in its present form, for the most part of it he is unable to hide the Hindu hatred within him and his anger at the INC and its leadership to stop the victories of BJP and its Hindutva ideology.

Guha says “The original Congress led the freedom struggle, and after Independence, helped build the basis of a democratic and secular Republic. Hindutva as represented by Modi and Shah threatens to extinguish that Republic entirely. However, the costs of Hindutva will not be restricted to the social and political realm alone. For, apart from undermining independent institutions and persecuting minorities, the Modi Government has run the economy into the ground as well as lowered India’s standing in the world”.

Of course, he doesn’t provide any data or proofs to back the above claim but merely keeps ranting about such unsubstantiated imposition of Hindutva by Modi-Shah. See how cleverly the Lutyens Cabal like Guha are trying to undermine Hindu Dharma by using terms such as Hindutva as if the two are different and separable. Furthermore, if anything, institutions such as the CBI are no more a caged parrot like they were under the Congress-led UPA regime. Statistical data also disproves Guha’s claims about minority persecution.

His main lament throughout the article is not that the Gandhi family currently leading INC comprising of Sonia, Rahul, and Priyanka not just lack leadership skills but are far removed from ground realities and have always been working against the nation’s interests but that under the trio, BJP continues to win despite the best efforts of the opposition.

Guha besides being short on facts also blatantly lies through his teeth when he says “the Modi Government’s attacks on the press and their subordination of the judiciary”. Ever since Narendra Modi became PM in 2014 despite the constant attack by media, the press has only been increasingly hostile to both PM Modi and BJP. Also, there is not one instance where the judiciary has been suppressed by the current regime as claimed by Guha. For reference, he should see the history of constitutional amendments under Nehru and Indira.

He literally seems to be praying for the economy to slip further and never recover from the pandemic so that the present regime is dislodged since his favorite party and the Nehru-Indira descendants are unable to do so. He continues with the usual favoring crony capitalists, stigmatizing Muslims, distracting farmers, and other similar rants which are characteristic of the Lutyens cabal as he is unable to pinpoint the exact shortcomings in the policies of the current regime nor is he able to raise any corruption charges against them which were characteristic of UPA I and II.

It is absolutely clear from the write up that Guha is least bothered by what happens to Bharat and his entire article is only him venting his frustration at Hindus consolidating themselves and asserting their identity. This talk about secularism is a mere smokescreen to hide his hatred for Hindu Dharma and Hindus at large though he tries hard to use the term Hindutva as a distraction.

He concludes by saying “Whether or not Sonia Gandhi celebrates her birthday this year (or any other) will not affect the nation’s future. The sacrifice she should make is to retreat from politics and take her children with her. Their departure will increase our chances of rescuing what remains of the Republic from the ravages of Hindutva authoritarianism“.

Will Guha bother to explain what exactly does “ravages of Hindutva authoritarianism” mean? The policies of the present government have largely curbed the free pass that the Lutyens cabal and their media allies got under Congress-led UPA.

Guha is simply frustrated because unlike earlier he and several others of his ilk have no say in the corridors of power and it is no longer easy for them to arm-twist the government to do their bidding.

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