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Monday, May 29, 2023

Even the AI knows the biggest threat to Bharatiya Democracy post-2014 is left liberals – Part 2

Given all this we can safely arrive at 2 simple conclusions:

  • All causes supported by Left-Liberals may not be undemocratic and terrorist in nature, but all undemocratic and terrorist causes do have left-liberal support, sympathy and white-washing facilities available on-demand or even without demand.

Take the last year’s Capital siege by Khalistanis that went on for a whole year. Even after an insurrection that was on much larger scale than in USA and which led to a death and thousands of injuries, (forget the loss of revenue, employment and economy for that year.) And I mean looking apart from the usual suspects in left-liberal intelligentsia, media and academia fuelling the anti-national fires burning ordinary citizens’ fundamental rights including Right to Move 14.(d) and Right to Form Associations and Unions 14.(c) [which includes Right to Not being forced to join or even resign from an association, like the alleged ‘farmers protestors’ did with leaders who were associated with BJP or even SAD.]

Those unconstitutional blockades of our national capital were organized by SKM, whose majority of unions were Left-Wing. And a lot of their leaders were investigated for Left Wing Naxal terror links even before the alleged farmers protests.

It is also true that foreign government have sought to exploit and interfere in our domestic instability, foremost among them was Canada. Their modern day Stalin called Justin Trudeau had supported this unconstitutional capital siege of Bharat. He is in power in Canada because of support from Khalistani leader Jagmeet Singh’s party NDP. That NDP is far-far-left itself in its politics.

In fact, over the years, western foreign conservatives have (mostly) understood that Hindus pose no threat to them. Almost all anti-Bharat tirades that have frequency of a Kapoor soap-opera, have been coming from left-liberals over there. Politicians or their prestitutes.

Same goes for bleeding heart left-liberals’ support to Islamist terrorists not just in our country but world-wide. We get ‘austere religious scholar’, ‘schoolmaster’s kid’ and ‘Osama ji’ for them.

Again, it was under the leadership far-left leader like Jeremy Corbyn, when UK’s labor party passed a resolution to snatch away Bharat’s sovereign right to decide what to do with Article 370, and in fact called for Kashmir’s secession from India.

And for that matter, let’s remember the support for “tukde-tukde gang” in Left-Liberal circles. The gang which itself came into notice in the anti-national’s favourite hotspot called JNU, usually associated with far-left radicals.

Let’s also remember that one of the most hateful seditious masterminds of anti-Hindu Delhi Riots is Sharjeel Imam, who was a regular columnist for far-left propaganda outlet The perpetual Liar.

Let’s also remember how the Kashmir Pundit genocide is vehemently denied by left-liberals. KPs, who were a minority themselves and were overnight forced to leave their homes and hearth by Islamist majority who screamed from the mosque loudspeakers: “Leave, Convert or Die!”

So much for “Hindus using loudspeakers to play provocative songs.”

For that reason alone, loudspeakers on all mosques across Bharat should have been declared a terrorist threat – if we’re adhering to left-liberal logic of regulating speech, that is.

But moving back to Left-Liberal support to seditious violence…again same can be observed in their support for North-East terror groups, a lot of them have converted to Christianity.

The whole Dravidian genetic mythology called Aryan Invasion Theory and the assorted Tamil supremacism and separatism, is again, widely supported by left.

And, for the card-carrying left-wing terrorists…well, they’re declared ‘Gandhians with Guns!’

So much so that despite being the most violent anti-democratic threat facing Bharat, none of the left-liberals are even willing to talk about them, let alone condemn their anti-Hindu anti-Bharat seditious terrorist activities.

Even when they’re supposed to be operating under democratic umbrella, theirs is an oppressive shadow under which the tree of democracy is forced to bend down to Politburo’s diktats, its roots having no choice but to drink the party’s offering of red blood of masses who resist even peacefully, and hence one day the tree becomes nothing but a skeletal stump without any greenery of peace, nor beautiful flowers of debate and certainly without fruits of prosperity. Communists’ decades long rule in Bengal is the prime example of it. But the examples are limitless across the globe.

And why shouldn’t it be so? Marxism explicitly asks for “violently overthrowing the State”. Otherwise Jains, Jews and Buddhists, too, are minorities in Bharat, or elsewhere. Outside, there may also be Japanese, Vietnamese, Latino, Slavic, Korean minorities apart from Hindus. They never, never, never get the kind of support from the left-liberals which usually the most violent “minorities” do.

  • Biggest threat to democracy is not from “So-called hate-speech by Majority”, it’s the mass-censorship regime favoured by Islamist terrorist naxals and their allies.

Before coming to present, let’s circle back to very recent past: Nupur Sharma is accused of “hate-speech” by Islamo-Leftists. If that was US-UK or any kind of western country, the “offensive speech” would be judged by who incited whom to commit violence against whom?

Nupur Sharma, in that speech, never called upon any Hindu to behead any Muslim because of the religious concepts mentioned in the latter’s holy books in which many Muslims hold uncritical belief despite scientific evidence to the contrary. She may have ridiculed those concepts, but let’s face it: its’ not the 1st time someone had highlighted those things. And again, she never incited her fellow Hindus to behead the Muslims because of the real or perceived ridiculousness of those concepts.

On the other hand, 6 people are dead no-thanks to left-liberal’s favourite alleged fact-checker dog-whistling against Nupur Sharma. Nothing, absolutely nothing had happened even after a whole goddamned week had passed after that TV show aired. But as soon as the alleged fact-Checker aired the doctored clip of the show, Jihadi terrorist attacks happened in Bharat, riots erupted and people lost their lives. Hindu people lost their lives.

Now, coming to the present, take all the hullabaloo about T.Raja.Singh or any other Hindutva leader appearing in Sakal Hindu Samaj rallies which are agitating for laws against various Jihadi activities. In the (latest) Ram Navami violence, as far as Maharashtra is concerned, only 3 places: Jalgaon, Sambhajinagar and Malad of Mumbai were affected. Even taking that into account, everything else, everywhere else remained under control. But the worst of it happened in Bihar and Bengal. Where rioting and destruction continued even after Ram Navami. There wasn’t any so-called “hate-speech” going on there by Hindutva leaders, now was it? Nor was it due to Ram Navami either, because that day was already over.

In Una case, for which Kajal Hindustani was outrageously arrested, what she had said there was even less controversial than Nupur Sharma’s alleged controversial statement. Despite which, the violence was again instigated by the so-called minority community. For which 200 people of theirs are booked for the conspiracy to create riots.

In any of the western democracies – which our brown-sahibs from Lutyens Elite and Khan market gang of left-liberals desperately want us to emulate too, abandoning all civilizational connections to Hinduism in the process – the case against Kajal Hindustani would never have registered in the 1st place. And the whole blame for it would be on those who conspired to commit mass-scale violence – and rightfully so! It’d be their “speech” that would’ve been criminalized.

In fact, T.Raja Singh and other Hindutva leaders have been making such speeches, which are, without trial or verdict, declared guilty of “hate-speech” by our eminent left-liberals on a regular basis. Why don’t Hindus then get agitated over it again and again and resort to violence immediately and do a genocide of Muslims?

Sakal Hindu Samaj has been taking out those rallies for months, right? Why didn’t any of it end up in riots or the so-called ‘imminent genocide of Muslims’ that’s just right around the corner since 2014?

Why does it only happen on Hindu festival days? Doesn’t it look like a concerted attempt to subconsciously drill the fact into masses that Hindu festivals are bad and violent? Given that on the other side of the violence equation, the elite Khan market gang, urduwood and Lutyens Elite keeps defaming our festivals in the garb of giving ‘social gyan’ that inexplicably never appears for ‘minority festivals’?

Look at the George Soros funded US and western govt. propaganda NGO ironically called Human Rights Watch’s latest “report” on Islamist violence on Ram Navami.

“Bharat’s Hindu Festivals Bring Increasing Anti-Muslim Violence” runs the blatantly anti-Hindu, anti-Bharat, pro-Islamist, colonial, racist rant of a headline.

Let me turn that around for hypothetical (or maybe real?) scenarios:

Islamic World’s Ramadan and other festivals brings increasing anti-Kaffir Violence.”

“Jewish Sabbath and other festivals brings increasing anti-Palestine violence.” (or vice-verca, depending on which side of the fence you’re on.)

“Ukrainian orthodox Christmas and other christian festivals bring increasing anti-Russian genocidal violence.”

“Western festival of democracy bring increasing massive genocidal violence across rest of the world.” (No citations needed for that, because Colonialism, Slavery, Opium Wars, Latin American wars, World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, all happened under “democracies.”)

The rest of the article from HRW runs along as if ALL the violence in Bharat was one-sided, committed by Hindus against Muslims despite multiple evidence to the contrary easily available and the article itself grudgingly admitting that 1 youth who died of bullet wounds was, in fact, a Hindu.

Hello? Was, that dead ‘Hindu’ guy a victim of ‘Anti-Muslim violence’… or could it be a typing mistake and they meant ‘Anti-Hindu Violence’? Nah, idol-worshipping, polytheist Hindus…how can they ever be victims in the eyes of Abrahamic west and indeed, the rest too.

So who’s speech needs to be curtailed – if at all?

Given all that, it becomes absolutely necessary that State and especially courts and our mi-lords, take immediate notice of these left-liberals, these intellectual terrorists, who are constantly hatemongering against peaceful and tolerant Hindus and who are, even more constantly, inciting ‘politically correct’ violent minorities to go on terror rampage; the kind of minorities who have displayed a brutal propensity to fly off the handle and get on a rioting-killing spree at the slightest hint of what ‘they’ consider to be slightest ‘provocation.’

Remember, the banned Islamist terrorist organization PFI? It only allowed 3 far-left propaganda outlets: The Wire, The BBC and NDTV.

Imagine that!

A terrorist organization being sufficiently confident of achieving its radicalization purposes against Hindus through even so-called mainstream media houses!

Shouldn’t the law crack down on these propaganda houses whose content is assisting Jihadi and other terrorists in their seditious mission of waging war against Bharat to overthrow democracy?

It’s those left-liberals, who must be held responsible for constantly dog-whistling against Hindu majorities and hence threaten the unity and integrity of Bharat. They’re enemies of Bharat, Bhartiayas and Bhartiya democracy. Because if we keep giving ground on fundamental rights like Article 19,1,(a) [Freedom of Expression] and Article 19.1.(d) [Freedom of Movement] of the majority, all in the name of appeasing violent foreign origin minorities’ so-called ‘religious sensitivities,’ then the day is not very far when democracy itself will become a ‘provocation’ that needed to be rioted out of political fashion and replaced by minority rule.

Oh, I’m sorry! That already happened! – It’s called “Pakistan!”

Ah, so we’re after a poorly scripted urduwood sequel then!

Because the data is unquestionable. If we’re after concept of ‘equity’, then those segments of society who had displayed constant propensity to abandon democratic norms and resort to organized violence, must be more severely regulated than those who, despite the constitutionally mandated discrimination against them and in favour of minorities, had kept their faith in that same constitution.

That faith cannot be rewarded by imposing even more brutal restrictions on their freedoms, religious or otherwise. Or else we’re rewarding violence and penalizing peace.

Is that what democracy is about?

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Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande
Abhinandan Pande is an aspiring Spy Thriller writer who sees the threats to Bharat as they are - An institutionalized Abrahmic/Left-Liberal revulsion for Hindus' Right to Exist.


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