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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Eid-e-Milad Triggers Rioting Against Hindus in West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka

Incidents of looting of Hindu shops, attack on Hindus with choppers, heavy stone pelting and arson during Eid-e-Milad ‘celebrations’ have been reported from at least 5 different places in West Bengal, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi commemorates the birth and death anniversary of the prophet (nabi) of Islam.

We spoke to Prasun Maitra, activist with human rights group Hindu Samhati, who provided more details on the attack on Hindus in Dhulagarh, Howrah. Eid-e-Milad fell on Monday, 12 Dec, this year, but some Muslims were carrying out a celebratory procession playing loud DJ music on Tuesday (a day later). When local Hindus who were carrying out pooja for Margashirsha Purnima objected to this, a large Muslim gang soon gathered and looted and burnt 3 Hindu shops. Similar disturbance has been reported from Mallarpur, Birbhum district as well.

Here are some images of the affected sites in Dhulagarh, Howrah provided by Hindu Samhati –

Attacks on Hindus by Muslims during Eid-e-Milad ‘celebrations’. Courtesy: Hindu Samhati

Hindu Samhati team also provided these videos showing the attacks in Dhulagarh, Howrah, West Bengal :

In Maharashtra, riots broke out in Malkapur, Buldhana district following an illegal bike rally taken out on the occasion of Eid-e-Milad. As per this report

Buldhana district administration lifted curfew in communal riot hit Malkapur on Tuesday morning. However, other than some medicine shops, most shops were closed. Meanwhile, police have arrested 83 persons and registered cases against about 1,500 unknown persons.

After the initial outburst, there were no signs of violence on Monday, however two trucks parked on Nandura Road were torched, following which, there were reports of some tension in the area on Tuesday morning. The Dasarkhed MIDC police registered a case after that.

The town had witnessed tension between two communities following an illegal motorcycle rally taken out on the occasion of Eid-e-Milad. Some persons including MLA Chainsukh Sancheti, municipal council president Harish Rawal, deputy superintendent of police Rajesh Salunkhe and others were injured in the stone pelting.

Sancheti had blamed police superintendent Sanjaykumar Bawiskar for the communal riots as he had given permission to the procession against the MLA’s advice.”

In Karnataka, clashes were reported from Hosapete, Bellary district and Gangavathi, Koppal district. Nearly 70 people have been injured, 15 two-wheelers, eight petty shops, and four goods carrier vehicles have been damaged in the violence.

Media goes into overdrive when a fasting Muslim catering supervisor employee is allegedly force-fed rotis by irate Shiv Sena MPs, and the issue rocks Parliament and invites condemnation from all parties. But Hindus at the receiving end of repeated attacks and provocations by Muslim fanatics across the country, does not even elicit a murmur from anyone?

Rather than report events factually and raise the question of why Muslim fanatics clash violently with Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and other Dharmics on a regular basis, media prefers to report feel-good stories of Hindus in Kerala distributing sweets to Muslims on Eid-e-Milad as ‘proof’ of  religious harmony. The idea is to keep Hindus clueless about the ground reality, while continuously shaming them for their festivals, customs and beliefs.

Mamta Banerjee has time to spew invective at the Central Government & Army for doing routine checks at toll plazas, but she is silent when the ‘majority’ community in her state is repeatedly targeted?

While it would be wrong to compare the situation in West Bengal where Hindus are routinely persecuted, to Maharashtra & Karnataka – the fact remains that Muslim fundamentalism & violence is brazen in a ‘secular’ TMC-ruled WB, ‘secular’ Congress-ruled Karnataka and ‘communal’ BJP+Shiv Sena-ruled Maharashtra. No part of the country is untouched by this menace.

This tweet sums up the grim situation for Hindus wherever Muslim demography crosses a certain threshold –


(We thank Prasun Maitra  – @prasunmaitra –  from Hindu Samhati for speaking to us)

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  1. These kind of haramees are there in each every religion not only in muslims even in Hindu Christian Sikh name the religion you will find but don’t blame any religion because no religion teaches this HARAMEE thing I might I have hundred evil things in me that I might have learnt from the society or the provokers but not from religion so mind your words before talking on religion name

    This is why we the Indians fighting like this educated fools if you mention this for muslims inhuman things then what do you people say about gujrat instant where people burnt alive

    I am not saying this is correct every wrong doer has to get punished


    • This is the bulshit ou Muslims alwas harp. All Hindus are condemning with full media support the Gujrat riots. But you Muslims conveniently don’t want to accept that it was Muslims who started the killing spree and all congress ruling states totally refused a helping hand to the Gujrat government when Gujrat security forces struggled to contain the blood bath.I tell you some thing of my impression about Muslims. Once a human become a Muslim he cease to be a human being and that is what being displayed by Muslims. Not even once I have seen a Muslim owning up their misdeeds.

  2. The reason we, the People of Dharma, are suffering now is because our ancestors were too chivalrous and tolerant. We still have not learned.

  3. Mohammed himself looted Jews. remember the battle of Khyber. There is a reference in Sahih Al Bukhari about Khyber battle. Khyber was a beautiful oasis near Madina colonized by some jews. Jews used to live and do business with neigbouring pagan arabs and lived happily without any conflics till Mohammed entered into the picture. One day early morning, Mohammed and his army woke up and performed early morning prayers. Then shouted Mohammedan army “Khaibar khaibar ya yahud, jaish mohammed sa ya’ud ho” Then they attacked jews and killed Jewish men and rapped jewish women. Mohammed himself indulged in Raping women. It is Khyber battle where Mohammed married a helpless jewess women called Saffiyya bint huyyayah by force.

    That is the character of Mohammed. What else you expect from muslims.

      • you f*** yourself first. You proved to me that you have not read Bukhari Hadis and I am totally convinced on this fact. You are a Muslim Mushriq and you will go to Hell where Allah and Mohammed barbiqueu is available. Your mohammed’s penis itself is going to hell because he had sex with pagan aisha and hafsa. here we go.

    • Tum saalo mia log kisi ko shaanti se nahi rahne de sakte .Jaha jaha gaye wahe pe gandh macha diya diya.Tum saalo haraami logo ki asli aukaat to CHINA hi dikhats hai.Tum log waise hi torture ke layak ho.lekin india me aisa possible nahi hai,kyunki hmari so called secular party bich me aa jaati hai.Lekin agar BJP ka nojrity india me increase kiya ,tgen muslims would completely be washed out from india

      • Dont be a devils advocate like pseudo seculars and award wapsi brigades. people like you are the root cause of religions intolerance. being a non hindu i say india is secular because of Hindu majority. the day india becomes islamic the muslims will surely f**k you. shame on you false secularist.


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