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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Doklam Won, Resurgent Modi Takes on China at BRICS

Modi embarks on the BRICS summit in Xiamen, China fresh from a diplomatic victory over China over the Doklam plateau. With both nations agreeing to a simultaneous withdrawal of forces from Doklam, as was being advocated by Bharat, its stand stood vindicated.

The world community was eagerly watching the Doklam standoff with interest as the two Asian giants sparred at each other for nearly two months in an intriguing game of chessboard diplomacy. The stakes were high for both the countries, particularly so for China as it had made the initial move of building a road in Doklam threatening Bhutan’s sovereignty and literally breathing down Bharat’s throat by looming over the chicken’s neck which is Bharat’s only access to the eastern corridor.

China’s regional and global forays have grown more aggressive since Xi Jinping took over, and many countries like Mongolia, Japan and Philippines to name a few have been at the receiving end of China’s aggression. Staking claim to the territories of its neighbours has become synonymous with China’s foreign policy, and the incursion in Doklam was a manifestation of this policy.

China let loose its official media “Global Times” on Bharat and there was a relentless barrage of anti-Bharat rhetoric, war mongering and bullying tactics resorted to by the official Chinese media as part of its gameplan to subdue Bharat into submission. The Chinese official mouth piece stooped to a new low in its anti-Bharat tirade by making personal jibes at Bharat’s minister for external affairs, but it must be said to her and Bharat’s credit that they maintained their cool and restraint and did not get rattled by the Chinese verbal slugfest.

However, Bharat did not budge on the battlefield and stood its ground much to China’s chagrin, while simultaneously pressing for a diplomatic solution. Bharat’s remarkable restraint and poise – in the wake of Chinese hitting below the belt approach and hysterical war cries – won it the admiration of the world community including America.

Ultimately China was made to blink first and Bharat’s resilience, perseverance and not giving into China’s antics paid off. Bharat’s victory at Doklam has not only increased its stature as an emerging power but also given a shot in the arm to small Asian countries who are facing Chinese onslaught and hegemony. But Bharat should not rest on its laurels  as China is not a country to be trusted and will make every attempt to to make fresh incursions in the eastern sector bordering Arunachal and in the Ladakh sector.

Prime Minister Modi, while attending the five nation BRICS summit in China, riding high on Bharat’s diplomatic win at Doklam raised the issue of terrorism with his Chinese counterpart and made him denounce the Pakistani sponsored terror organisations like the JeM and the LeT, which is a remarkable achievement and a significant shift in China’s stand towards Pakistan.

The joint declaration by the BRICS nations named Jaish-e-Muhammad and Lashkar-e-Toiba, terror outfits openly operating from Pakistan under protection of Pakistan’s Army, which is a major victory for Bharat post Doklam. China has been the biggest supporter of Pakistan and has turned a blind eye to the latter’s aid and abetment to terror in the region, for its own vested interests that include the One-belt-one-road (OBOR) initiative and the development of Gwadar port in Baluchistan.

China’s open support to a terror state like Pakistan for its own hegemonic interests in the region should be exposed by Bharat at every international forum including the BRICS summit. Standing up to the Dragon and looking it in the eye, Bharat has set aside the bad memories and the scars of the 1962 war. A new Bharat under a new  leadership is prepared to take on its adversaries head on, and not succumb to their arm twisting and theatrics as was the case with China in Doklam.

Bharat came to the aid of a tiny and peaceful Bhutan which felt threatened by a rampaging China and called for Bharat’s help. By  stopping China from building a road in Doklam Bharat not only safeguarded its own interest but also the interest of peaceful Bhutan which has no diplomatic relations with China and deals with the latter through its consulate in New Delhi.

While Bharat’s self esteem and pride has taken a leap after the Doklam stalemate, the Dragon must be seething with anger after being bruised by Bharat’s diplomatic and military obduracy.

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Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta
Political Editor, Samast Bharat magazine


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