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Monday, April 15, 2024

DMK’s Anti-Hindu Face Unmasked

It is an open secret that Congress ally Stalin led DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) has always been anti-Hindu. DMK and its parent body DK (E.V Ramasamy Naicker founded Dravida Kazhagam), which calls itself secular, takes special pride and joy in mocking Hindu festivals, culture and rituals.

As explained by Maridhas, for every member and leader of DMK, Hindus are someone who can be mocked and yet whose votes can be shamelessly sought during elections because Hindus are divided along caste lines. Stalin, who never forgets to wish Muslims during Bakri-Eid and Ramzan and Christians during Christmas, neither finds the time nor the inclination to wish Hindus during any of their festivals. On the other hand, he mocks Hindu traditions calling them superstitions.

Yatha Raja tatha Praja (As the King behaves, so do his subjects)

Shastra Pooja (Ayutha Poojai as it is known in Tamil Nadu) is a part of the celebrations of the Hindu festival Vijaya Dashami since times immemorial. DMK leader and presently Member of Parliament from Sriperumbudur, TR Baalu tweeted  Ayutha Poojai wishes with a pic of Naicker’s walking stick and magnifying glass and added sarcastically “don’t complain later that I did not wish”. Wonder, if Baalu would tweet Ramzan or Christmas wishes with the same rider and sarcasm. Obviously not because just like his master Stalin, he also knows that it is easier to get away after mocking majority Hindus.

TR Baalu’s Vatican Visit

Contrast the above tweet wishing Hindus with Baalu’s 2003 visit to Vatican  when he was the Union Minister of Environment and Forests. He, like Stalin, takes special pride in showing subservience to the Pope and falling at his feet.

Baalu at the feet of the Pope

No wonder, DMK & DK supporters don’t think twice before mocking Hindu customs by showing Hindu Gods & Goddesses with slippers, brooms etc (as pointed out by Maridhas in his video). It is even more disturbing that none of the DMK leaders condemn such acts. Why would they, when it is actually they who encourage their supporters and cadres to behave uncouthly towards Hindus.

Being an atheist is not a crime and DMK members like Baalu can choose atheism if they so want but their atheism and by extension secularism is a mere sham. A true secular is one who would treat all religions at par but Stalin, Baalu and other DMK leaders leave no stone unturned to take jibes at Hindus and appease Muslims and Christians. The main reason for this is that they know how to get their bread buttered.

Hindus have never been vote-banks and particularly in Tamil Nadu they have mindlessly voted for DMK. The question Hindus should ask themselves is: would Baalu ever dare to mock Islamic and Christian customs or use sarcasm while extending Eid or Christmas wishes?

And a simple challenge to Baalu: next time try mocking Bakri Eid celebrations or questioning Christian rituals.

If even now Hindus of Tamil Nadu don’t unite and make people like Baalu pay for their anti-Hindu stance, I’m not sure when they would find the courage to stand up for their traditions that has been passed down from generation to generation for several centuries. After all it is the future of Hindu civilization that is at stake here.

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