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Sunday, June 11, 2023

DMK calls Bharat ‘Union of States’ and stokes separatism

The Justice Party, mother organisation of DMK, wanted British to continue ruling Bharat and wanted a separate Dravida Nadu when independence was inevitable. DMK is now following that legacy by fueling secessionism in the name of voicing out for federal rights. To hide their incompetence and to rake up anti-Modi sentiment, DMK has taken to demonising the central government. As a part of this the party has started a campaign of calling the central government as ‘Union government’ and describing Bharat as a Union of States.

With the prevalent anti-Modi sentiment in Tamil Nadu, DMK has won 2019 Loksabha and 2021 assembly elections, treating BJP as the main opposition rather than their fellow Dravidian party ADMK. Now that they have tasted blood by putting the blame on the centre for everything and creating a perpetual victimhood mindset among Tamils, they are continuing it with this ‘India is a Union of States’ propaganda.

Even though it might appear as a political move, the immediate consequences of this have proved that it is heading towards the goal of Breaking India forces. DMK spokesperson, Constantine Ravindran said in a live debate that “India as a country doesn’t have people of its own and if 30 states decide to secede there will be no India”. 

Another politician declared that calling the central government as ‘Union government’ and Bharat as ‘Union of States’ is a prelude and warning to attaining separate Tamil Nadu. In an interview to IBC Tamil YouTube channel which is run by Srilankan Tamils, he alleged that the BJP government at the centre did injustice to Tamils in NEET, Mullaperiyar and Cauvery issues and accused it of imposing Sanskrit and Hindi. On the contrary, with the BJP government in Karnataka, TN has received the allocated amount of Cauvery water in the past few years.

PTR.Palanivel Thiagarajan, the finance minister of TN, while talking in the assembly, called the Manmohan Singh led government as ‘central government’. But when he talked about the current government at centre he said ‘union government’. This shows that DMK doesn’t want to cross the line by demonising the concept of a centre. But in its attempt to demonise BJP and Modi, DMK is encouraging anti-Bharat elements. While the high rung politicians say that they are against BJP snatching Tamil’s rights, their lapdogs freely advocate separatism in social and mainstream media.

DMK is also making this out to be a Brahmin issue like it does with everything under the sun. In the world of memes, this issue is utilised to further spread hatred against Brahmins. As the basic Dravidian ideology is to oppose everything that the Brahmin community supports, it is touted that only Brahmins are hurt by the ‘Union of States’ nomenclature. Dravidian supporters were seen tweeting that if it offends Brahmins they’ll call Bharat a ‘Union of States’ simply because Brahmins don’t like it.

They even illogically argue that as Sardar Patel is known as Iron Man of Bharat because he integrated 500+ princely states, it proves that Bharat was never a whole country. The News Minute, which has been going out of its way to defend Dravidian principles, published an article and called people of Gujarat and Maharashtra as ‘heavily compromised and egregious in their historical silence, hence enabling an anti-federal structure’

On the other hand it praised Mamata Banerjee for ‘spiritedly standing up against the overreach of centre’ simply because she is ideologically opposed to BJP. But it totally brushed under the carpet, how she has been indulging in one of the worst forms of political violence in the history of Bharat. The article actually lamented that due to the centre’s unwillingness to share power many lives were lost, as the GST council meeting wasn’t called to reduce GST on medical equipments, medicines and other medical requirements. 

But it totally skipped the part where the states demanded that they be given the right to procure vaccines and spectacularly failed to fulfill their responsibility when their wish was granted. It didn’t speak of how poorly Kerala and Maharashtra governments handled the second wave either. It tried to put all the blame on the centre for Covid deaths. Now it’s emerging that the Delhi government had inflated it’s oxygen demand and hoarded, perhaps even diverted it to private players.

It is to be kept in mind that the author of this article wrote another article titled ‘United States of South India: Can a southern collective get us a better deal from Delhi?’ in 2016 based on distorted data points. Curiously it is in line with the proposed ideas for the US government to influence Bharatiya law makers through a concept called ‘Subnational Diplomacy’. The one who wrote about this concept as a proposal to the new Biden administration, bats for the US government to reach out to the state governments and local leaders to ‘shape the foreign and federal policy of Bharat’

One cannot help with the suspicion that perhaps DMK is working for the US government’s priorities when it rakes up the federal power sharing issue and ends up encouraging people to talk about secession. Apart from this, the DMK government has formed a panel of renowned economists to advise the CM which consists of Jean Dreze. He is a former member of the famed National Advisory Council, a den of urban naxals and Breaking India forces. 

While the Tamil discourse is full of secessionist content in this issue, the message given in English to the non-Tamil audience is totally different. English media reported that ‘MK Stalin said there was nothing wrong in the usage since the word ‘Ondriyam’ (Union) implied federalism and asserted that the DMK would continue to use it’. Now the question is whether BJP as a responsible political party and as the party with power at the centre expose this narrative and deal it with iron hands to crush the thought of secession at its budding level itself.

(Featured Image Source: The Indian Express)

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