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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Dialogue with Masters – Rajiv Malhotra in conversation with General GD Bakshi

During his recent tour to Bharat, Shri Rajiv Malhotra interacted with various thinkers as part of a ‘Dialogue with the Masters.’ Here is the video of his conversation with a well-know commentator on national security & civilizational issues Major General (retd.) Gagandeep Bakshi (SM, VSM) –

Summary transcript by HinduPost – 

  • Large nation states like Bharat face a greater danger from within. No other nation state has had its identity destroyed like Bharat has – this happened due to the period of Islamic and British colonization.
  • After the 1857 war of Independence, the British took it on themselves to destroy Bharat’s society – they exacerbated caste fault-lines. Native Indian soldiers formed the backbone of the British empire – even when they left, they installed an Anglophile elite who would continue furthering their agenda. Today, we have a William Dalrymple whose ancestors were in the British East India Company, who decides what is good/bad literature and controls major literary festivals in Bharat through his intellectual sepoys.
  • Arab Spring ended up disintegrating the regimes which were at least modernist and secularist in outlook. Universities have been used to initiate dissent and rebellion – for eg. in the case of the Syrian civil war.  Today, our security forces are shocked when they hear separatist chants in JNU in the heart of Delhi. If anything is done to rein in these elements, we hear cries to protect freedom of expression and against ‘saffronization’. A lot of what was predicted in the book ‘Breaking India’ is coming to pass.
  • The US Ambassador to Bharat talked about protecting free speech when the JNU controversy erupted – but has there been one American University where Osama bin Laden was hailed as a martyr or protests were held against his extra-judicial killing, or where the 9/11 bombers like Atta were celebrated?
  • The idea of post-modernism, flat world, no borders has been exported, but not applied to the West itself. Many Indians who have a deep inferiority complex latch on these ideas in the hope that they will get recognized and rewarded by the West. Organizations like Ford Foundation nurtured such sepoys to create NGOs and make trouble in the hinterland of Bharat – there is a market for such psuedo left-liberal intellectualism.
  • Now, elite American think tanks like Brookings India, Carnegie India have decided to recruit children of Hindu Government officials and industrial families and influence them intellectually to become carriers of American ideological values. We don’t have think-tanks of similar quality and pay grades. This war is becoming more sophisticated and many Indians from Ivy League universities are now joining this think tank machinery.
  • We have let ourselves to be guided by an army of psuedo intellectuals like Romila Thapar & Rajmohan Gandhi who were funded by the Nehruvian state. Congress wanted to keep people divided, to create divisive sub-nationalist histories, thinking that they could control these votebanks – subverting the nation became fashionable in departments of social sciences and history.
  • After the 2nd world war, the occupying American forces made sure the German and Japanese were neutralized and given huge guilt complexes. The Indian forces had a huge role to play in the British victory in World War 2, but while leaving the British installed a pacifist Government which spread the lie that we won Independence due to Satyagraha and non-violence. 26,000 out of the 60,000 soldiers of Subhash Chandra Bose’s INA (Indian National Army) died in WW-II..is that non-violence? When the Indian Army proposed a modernization plan to Nehru, he said “We don’t need an Army, only police”!!
  • The Constitution of Bharat has copied many elements of Government of India Act 1935 – the whole concept of ‘Imperial Justice’ says that Bharat is full of warring races and ethnicities, so it needs an external power to hold it together. That idea was adopted by the Nehruvian State post independence, and we still carry that inferiority complex till today. What is the qualification of Sonia Gandhi that she was ruling us till couple of years ago – if Rajiv Gandhi had married a black African woman, would she have been given the same position as Sonia Gandhi enjoys?
  • When people’s minds are so weakened, it is easy to turn them against each other – make them blame their own culture, the Vedic culture for all their ills. Brahmins suffered greatly under 1000 years of Muslim rule, and today they are blamed for plight of the Hindu masses? Now we are glorifying marauders, invaders and rapists.
  • Today, Bharat is a weak State but a strong society – no other civilization can boast of such a span of cultural continuity as us. So many excavations of our civilizational sites have been made – we should rename the Indus Valley Civilization as Saraswati Valley Civilization – and they show this remarkable continuity such as the famous Shiva in Yogic pose, as Pashupati, murti excavated etc.
  • 70% of American Presidents have served in the Armed Forces – Americans take great pride in their military and support its role in nation building. But in Bharat, the situation is opposite – how many politicians have served in the forces or sent their children to join the military? The Nehruvian narrative of State constructed was one to justify your political survival against the bogey of Subhash Chandra Bose and INA. When the chief decision maker for Indian Independence Attlee came to visit in 1955 and was asked why the British left in such a tearing hurry after successfully foiling the 1942 Quit India movement and winning WW II  – he said three words “Subhash Chandra Bose” & Indian National Army (INA). The INA trials in Feb 1946 saw mass revolts in Indian Royal Navy – 20000 sailors pulled down the Union Jack, threw their British officers into the sea and marched on streets of Karachi and Mumbai with portraits of Netaji. And today we are told that we got freedom without firing a shot? You have blotted out the names of 26000 INA soliders who died, to give a construct of a pacifist state based on non-violence, ahimsa etc. We got the disaster of 1962 due to this mindset – thankfully we learnt our lesson.
  • Indira Gandhi made a civilizational U-turn in 1971 by breaking up Pakistan, but in the 2004-14 period Congress went back to Nehruvian pacifism claiming that war was impossible after the nuclearization of South Asia. After Pakistan realized they couldn’t defeat us in a front-on war, they resorted to their proxy war by a 1000 cuts, which since 1993 has spread across Bharat in the form of Islamic terrorism – 80000 Bhartiyas have died in this proxy war.
  • Apocalytpic wars have always decided the fate of our sub-continent. We are not a pacifist, soft-power nation – that belies our civilization history. 1971 was a turning point, but we did nothing to take the war to Pakistan in the last 30 years. But that has changed with this year’s surgical strikes within Pakistan. Our PM spoke for the first time of the sufferings of the nationalities in Pakistan who have been oppressed by the Punjabi Muslims – the Baloch, Sindhis, people of Gilgit-Baltistan etc. Hence it is time we repeated Bangladesh by separating Balochistan.
  • The coming of President Trump offers a window of opportunity to sell the idea of freedom of Balochistan to USA as well, as it will offer them access to Central Asia via the sea, bypassing Pakistan. Pakistan has rented its territory to China for the CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) – this corridor is not intended for economic purposes alone, it poses a Chinese military threat to Bharat. Gilgit Baltistan in PoK is our territory – why did we allow China to build a road over it? Oil shipping lanes for many democracies are under threat due to this Chinese access to the port of Gwadar. There is a real danger that China will weaponize Pakistan to hit Bharat and do its dirty work.
  • This is the demise of the pseudo-liberal era – Brexit, Trump, Putin, Japan’s rise..all show this. We have to take advantage of Trump’s rise – but we have to do it quickly. Trump has said his top two challenges are China and Islamism – Bharat shares these two common enemies. China and Pakistan have used USA as a cash cow – if we go by Trump’s election-time rhetoric, he will take action on this and rein in an over-assertive China which says it is above international law – for eg. in South China Sea.
  • Trump has said “Pakistan is the most dangerous nation in the world, and Bharat is the check to Pakistan.” We need to take him up on this…this is where we need military thinking rather than old-school diplomats. In America, military leaders go on to lead the country and run Fortune 500 companies, whereas in Bharat military has been marginalized from strategic thinking & planning. Only when a war takes place is military called to centre-stage – but this is now changing. We need to strengthen our military, pursue indigenization of weaponry and give military a greater say in national affairs.
  • We need allies like Japan, Korea and other neighbours of China like Vietnam. An Asian balance of power needs to be created against China – Bharat, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and maybe Phillipines need to create a NATO like alliance to counter China’s rise. Even Koreans say that China keeps Korea divided as a united Korea would pose a major threat to China. No other country has done so much to proliferate nuclear technology as China has done with Pakistan.
  • Pakistan disown’s its own origins, and has sold itself to China. They have no narrative of their own, and the Arabs don’t accept Pakistanis as equals even though they are Muslim. Arabs, Turkish and Persians are considered superior to the Muslims of the sub-continent, and Pakistanis try desperately to prove that they too are Ashraf (high-caste Muslims, mostly foreign conquerors) and not Ajlaf (local converts). Now, Pakistan has gone totally into the Chinese camp – they have written off USA prematurely, after ripping them off for $ 31 billion and keeping Osama Bin Laden in Abbotabad just 800 m from the Pakistan Military Academy. This is the way this country lies through its teeth – 3000 American soldiers have been killed because of the proxies sent in through Pakistan.

Hopefully, we see people like General GD Bakshi in a formal policy making or advisory role with the Government of Bharat.


Rajiv Malhotra is a researcher, author, speaker. He can be contacted at:

Facebook: RajivMalhotra.Official


Twitter: @RajivMessage

(This article represents the opinions of the Author, and the Author is responsible for ensuring the factual veracity of the content. HinduPost will not be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information, contained herein.)

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Rajiv Malhotrahttp://www.RajivMalhotra.com
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