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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Danger Signals – Love Jihad in Kerala

There is urgent need for all Hindus to show attention to the menace affecting the demography and politics in Kerala. We have been blind to Kashmir type Jihad unfolding on pre-planned script.


The history of Love Jihad dates back to 1980; during that period we did not have access to information or news, or there was limited publicity. As interfaith marriage was recognized by law, Hindus resigned to their fate and considered it as an isolated event. Hindu leaders of Congress and Communist were too secular to open their mouth against deliberate plans.

Jihadi designs

Purpose of Love Jihad is to establish Caliphate in Kerala by cleansing Hindus just like what happened in Kashmir. The Kerala Jihadis have favourable atmosphere prevailing in the state under Congress and CPIM secular vote bank rule.

Modus Operandi

Jihadis have full time paid activists everywhere, most of them are criminals and frauds, some are students from poor background who are sponsored, funded and brain washed. The victims are Hindu girls of single parents or from poor family, even upper caste and affluent girls are also targeted thru college. They are befriended by Jihadi girls who introduce them to friend Jihadi Romeos and then regular communication is established in the name of love. The victim is soon fooled and made to believe that Islam is a great religion, her boyfriend is great or very rich or employed (not true), and that Islam offers great women’s rights and protection.

These Jihadi Romeos also appear in matrimonial columns, Facebook and other chat sites as Hindus to lure their prey, and will disclose true identity only after the victim is fully way laid. There were cases where girls ran away from Registrar office when they came to know true identity of Romeo, but it seldom happens as the Romeo is accompanied by paid goons.

Once they find that Hindu girls accept their love and marriage proposal, Jihadi girls take the victim to some conversion centre located deep inside Muslim area of North Kerala. Victims are strictly instructed not to contact parents or relatives as they may stop their journey to heaven. In some cases girls are subjected to sexual relations, threat or rape and video is used to blackmail them.

These Hindu victims then disappear for few days and undergo brainwashing and marry secretly. By the time the victim’s parents realize the truth, their daughter is already married and converted to Islam, or left for religious centres in Kerala and Karnataka or ISIS camp in Afghanistan, Syria. These girls are then not accessible and even police cannot find them. Higher officials are heavily bribed by the organizations sponsoring love Jihad like Jamat-e-Islami, SDPI, PDP, Popular Front and NDF. They also bribe politicians of all levels in Congress, CPIM, UDF and LDF so that no one will speak for the victim or against Love Jihad.

Congress and CPIM leaders have close links with all these Jihadi organizations. Complaints from parents brought directly to the attention of the present CM did not get any attention and police could do nothing. Hindu organizations protest occasionally which is dubbed as Sangh Parivar campaign by media and politicians sponsored by Jihadis.

Alarming demographic changes

In 2011 Census Kerala Muslim population is 26.56% compared to 17% in 1951. Even though Muslim population is 50% of Hindus as per 2011 census; in 2015 it was reported that Muslim child birth rate is equal to Hindus at 42% – i.e. out of all live births recorded in Kerala in 2015, Muslim and Hindu births were equal despite the much higher Hindu population. The reasons are lower minimum age for marriage, up to four marriages and child birth control not being applicable to their religion. 95% of the more than 45,000 child marriages reported from Kerala since 2001 are from Muslim communities, particularly from North Kerala where Muslim population is significant.

Successive state and central governments have ignored this demographic threat. During the same period, Hindu population have declined from 65% to 54% a de-growth of 11%. While Hindu and Christian population is shrinking Muslims are growing faster as per their Jihad plan.

Political implications

In 2004, the number of assembly seats in Muslim populated areas of North Kerala were increased by 4 and those in Travancore area occupied by Hindus and Christians were reduced by four due to demographic changes which speaks for itself. The beneficiary is Kerala Muslims league – a silent partner in Jihad; they became the second biggest party in Kerala UDF after Congress. The same Jihadis were involved in defeating BJP leader K Surendran by fraud voting in Manjeswaram assembly seat during 2016 election.

As per a report which appeared in Kerala Kalakumudi weekly in 2012, about 10% of the members of the DYFI and Youth Congress are separatists who have infiltrated into these organizations. These organizations are forced to maintain silence because of the threat from these 10% separatists. The separatists also try to prevent Muslim women from working for Hindus, threaten, falsely implicate or defame moderate Muslims or such community leaders.

Economic implications

Smuggling, counterfeit currency printed in Pak, trafficking of drug and women are their major source of funds. Besides, Saudi and NRI funds from Gulf are provided for religious conversion and Jihadi activities in Kerala.

Kerala has one of the largest Gold smuggling rackets in Bharat; many times, this goes unnoticed and occasionally a small consignment is caught to fool us. Kerala airports are also famous drug smuggling centres, which is spearheaded by the Jihadis to make money for other illegal activities. UAE and Gulf countries were major centres for these illegal activities and benami investments. Many Jihadi agents in Kerala have become rich overnight, they have acquired landed properties in coastal areas which suits their smuggling activities.

Failure of Law and Order Machinery

Unfortunately, Kerala today has a completely corrupt and politicised police set up, many officers are either criminals or involved in large scale corruption, land grab and smuggling. These police officers ensure that love jihad cases are concealed, no FIR is registered or no investigation is conducted or that evidence is destroyed.

Speaking to reporters in New Delhi on Saturday 26 July 2010, then Kerala CM VS Achuthanandan said PFI was trying to multiply Muslim numbers in the state by influencing youth of other religions and converting them by giving money (courtesy Times of India 26 July 2010).

Another Kerala CM Chandy gave the figures related to conversions in state legislature as a written answer to an unstarred question raised by K K Latika, CPI(M) legislator. According to the CM, a total number of 7713 persons were converted to Islam during 2006-2012 as against 2803 conversions to Hindu Dharma. Among those converted to Islam during 2009-12, as many as 2667 were young women of which 2195 were Hindus and 492 were Christians. As against this, the number of young women converted during 2009-12 to Christianity and Hindu Dharma were 79 and two respectively.

Here are some examples of this dangerous phenomenon that has swept across Kerala.

Bindu, the mother of a girl in north Kerala whose daughter was lured by a young man, an MBA, who himself was a convert to Islam from Christianity, said that her daughter was in regular contact throughout her study time, and then suddenly there was silence. The worried mother approached the police after finding no response from her daughter. The police officer advised her to approach the High Court with a habeas corpus plea. The court got the police to produce the girl in the High Court and the mother was shocked to find that her daughter was in full veil.

Anuja, a student from Palakkad was befriended by a criminal Jihadi accused in a BJP leader’s murder; this Jihadi had a live-in relationship with Anuja in Ernakulam. Later Anuja found that this man was already married and has children, but even her parents could not save her and she was killed; a cold blooded murder.

Rajeswari, daughter of Subramanian, a resident of Puthiyakavu, Kollam was another unfortunate victim found dead. After conversion she accepted the name Rahina Banu. The police have arrested Muhammad Zacharia, son of Muhammad Sharief, a resident of Pallikkal, Malappuram for her death.

Another girl Akhila left home to convert to Islam under the influence of her college friends. Akhila’s father, K.M. Ashokan, filed a habeas corpus writ to bring her back home. Meanwhile, Akhila suddenly married Shafin Jahan, an active member of SDPI. Following this, her father filed another petition asking that the marriage be annulled and that he be granted custody of Akhila. The High Court decided in favour of the father. After the order, the police reportedly took her to her parents’ house, though she had earlier told the media that she does not want to stay with her parents. This case is now in SC and NIA was instructed to investigate whether it is a case of fraudulent coerced conversion and marriage.

The SDPI Jihadis threatened the Kerala HC Judge; tried to attack HC premises and next day took out a march to the HC which was stopped by Police. SDPI is the new name for SIMI; they are just pretending to be political activists but their main agenda is Jihad and hate against Hindus.

In yet another case, a 23-year-old Hindu girl studying for MBA was found missing from her college at Kasargod. Her parents received a letter stating she has left to study Islam. Police could not locate her even after her parents complained, but later produced her after court intervention.

A Facebook post of A V Siva Prasad, former SFI state leader and DYFI Uduma block secretary, is doing the rounds on the internet. He has alleged that Government College, Kasaragod, is a target of a lobby that persuades students for conversion. He later deleted the post after CPIM leadership threatened him.

Kerala Hindu helpline number (9497545511) run by VHP received around 8,000 calls in 2010 within 6 months of its launch. 750 of these cases were reported to the police, out of which 366 girls from various communities were rescued by Bajrang Dal workers. Conversion took place through schools, colleges, business houses owned by Muslims and even in the Gulf countries by same Jihadis or their agents.

Victims Statistics

The exact number of Love Jihad victims in Kerala cannot be ascertained as Kerala police under Congress and CPIM rule has concealed evidence and statistics. However, estimates put the figure as over 40,000 starting from year 2000; i.e. an average of 2500 per year.

Malayalam weekly Kalakaumudi once reported in 2012 the available statistics of conversions by an Islamic council in Malabar. Those who converted to Islam in 2007 were 627, including 441 Hindus and 186 Christians; 885 people in 2008 – 727 Hindus, 158 Christians;  674 in 2009 – 566 Hindus and 108 Christians; 664 in 2010 – 566 Hindus and 98 Christians; 393 in 2011 – 305 Hindus and 88 Christians. Young women constitute a majority of those who convert. In a raid at such a conversion centre in 2008, 17 people who were staying there for getting converted were found.

False cases against Hindus

Two prominent cases were initiated by Kerala police, sponsored by the current govt. led by CPIM – one against Vellapalli Natesan a prominent backward community leader of Kerala, and the other against retired DIG Senkumar for stating facts about planned demographic changes. Both cases were in the name of “creating communal hatred” (read as exposing the Islamist agenda) while the same CPIM led govt is hosting criminal and terrorist Madani without feeling any shame. Congress and CPIM leaders in Kerala are competing with each other to appease Muslims vote bank.


To deal with such Jihad threatening our country, culture and heritage, besides democracy and peace, following immediate action is required.

  1. Campaign in Kerala to increase Hindu population and deal with love Jihad
  2. Regulate conversion at district magistrate level by adopting a new central law in parliament.
  3. Purge criminals from Kerala police force, customs and coast guard.
  4. Probe benami investments by Kerala NRIs, officials and politicians.
  5. Enforce uniform civil code, population control and minimum age for marriage on Muslims.
  6. Govt. of Bharat should stop endorsing passport for Muslims with more than one wife.
  7. Govt of Bharat should provide protection and grant for love Jihad victims to restore their lives.

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V Vishwanathan
V Vishwanathan
Managing trustee of Jagadguru Memorial Charitable Trust, Chennai (, Member of BJP since 1980, tweets at @Tretayug



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