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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Cry me a river:  Imran Khan’s Innocent “20-year old Kashmiri boy”

At his by now infamous UNGA address, Imran Khan displayed thespian skill of the highest order, telling lies and distorting facts with such aplomb that for those who are cricket fans, any doubts that he also must have tampered with the ball during his playing days must have vanished. 

Nearly all of his talk was lies, lies, and more lies. I will focus on one such here. Imran talked, ever so evocatively, of a “20 year old Kashmiri boy… who blew himself up” because he was sick of the “Indian repression” in Kashmir.  Sounds like a boy we ought to sympathize with, no?  


Here are the most relevant facts about this “20-year old Kashmiri boy” whose name was Adil Ahmad Dar.

1.) He took part in the protests against Bharat in Kashmir after the killing of terrorist Burhan Wani, and was injured in clashes with security forces. Remember, Burhan Wani was a top Hizbul terrorist.

2.) He ran away from home in 2018 and joined the Jaish-e-Mohammed.

3.) He was “assigned” the Pulwama bombing task by JeM: something he stated clearly in his fidayeen farewell video.  In other words, he was someone’s package. JeM’s.

4.) His handler was another terrorist: Mudassir Ahmed Khan whose picture below clearly shows that he too was what Imran would call “a Kashmiri 20 year old boy” who loved to pick apples from the orchard and chase after butterflies while singing lovely songs.  Right?

Mudassir Ahmed Khan: Adil Ahmed Dar’s handler, and another “20 year old Kashmiri boy”

5.) Adil Ahmed Dar’s organization Jaish-e-Mohammed, headquartered in Pakistani Punjab where it runs multiple seminaries which have recently gone on an ‘expansion spree’, issued responsibility for the Pulwama terror attack within hours.

6.) JeM also released Dar’s fidayeen farewell video, as complete proof that he was their worker.

This innocent 20 year old Kashmir boy is incredibly hateful for such an innocent boy.  In his farewell video, he uses all the typical Jihadi Salafi language, and abuses Hindus as ‘cow-piss drinkers’. He is sure he is going to Jannat (where 72 houris will fulfill all of Imran’s well known desires).  

In plain language, Adil Ahmed Dar was a radicalized Salafi Jihadi.  His crime was that of terrorism. His crime was driven by his ideology, central to which was hatred towards the “idolatrous, cow-piss drinking” Hindus. 

Imagine Imran’s chutzpah then, to call this indoctrinated beast an innocent boy, while pouring venom on Modi for entirely baseless and imaginary reasons: that he hates Muslims. Here, we have a boy who records his hate for Hindus in a video and then kills 40 Hindus. Yet, he is an innocent boy. And Modi is the hater and fascist? It is like calling playboy Imran Khan, who has bedded a long list of women, a bairagi or sanyasi (one who has renounced worldly life) or some such.

Pakistan and Imran Khan should stop fooling themselves. They have stopped fooling the world long ago.  

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Vinay Kumar
Devout Hindu and practising brahmin, very interested in history and current affairs of Bharat. Do not believe in birth-based "caste" but rather varna based on swadharma and swabhava, and personal commitment to that varna's dharmas. I don't judge people by the religion they profess: every human being should be treated with equal dignity. At the same time, I don't judge a religion by the people I know who profess it. A religion, like any doctrine, should be subjected to critical examination using facts and reason.


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