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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Congress Ups the Anti-Hindu Ante in Poll-Bound Karnataka

In under 6 months, Karnataka will be going to the polls. The current Congress Government led by CM Siddaramaiah has under-performed on most counts, although you wouldn’t think so going by the relatively benign coverage he has received in mainstream national media, compared to the vicious witch-hunt which BJP’s BS Yedyurappa endured during his turbulent 3 year stint as Karnataka CM from 2008-11.

Like other politicians from the Congress ecosystem, Siddaramaiah enjoys ‘secular privilege’. Issues like suicides/mysterious deaths of senior IPS/IAS officials one of whom even left a suicide note indicting Home Minister KJ George, lawlessness as evidenced by several daylight hackings of opposition workers and leaders, a persistent farmer suicide epidemic, crumbling infrastructure in the premier IT city of the country, corruption charges and tax raids against the Energy Minister – all of this would have rung the death knell for any other leader, but all this is just water off a duck’s back for Siddaramaiah.

The Empress of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, has anointed Siddaramaiah as the chosen one for the May 2018 Karnataka assembly polls – and after such blessings from the exalted one, all sins are washed away. Mainstream media has your back, and will ensure that ‘balanced’ articles play up your ‘good work’ and rationalize or cover up for your many failures.

Congress has an innate cunning which is yet unmatched by any other political dispensation in the country. They know that the dice is loaded against them, especially if BJP unites behind BS Yedyurappa’s leadership and the Modi wave which is still going strong across the country, persists till May 2018.

Congress knows how electoral cycles work, and they know that losing power in elections is a setback, but not the end of the world – what matters is the control of institutions such as academics, legal fraternity, media, social sector etc. In other words, the ESTABLISHMENT.

Congress knows that Hindus are now regarding it with increasing distaste. They know that visits to temples, photo-ops with the masses, adopting the neta ‘look’, raking sympathy for the dynasty’s ‘sacrifice’ etc. – all these shenanigans which worked in the past have rapidly diminishing returns in the new Bharat.

So, Congress is silently upping the ante on the anti-Hindu front in Karnataka. This will have two benefits – one, it consolidates their core minority base even more; two, it ensures that any potential BJP Government will be kept busy untying the knots while facing fierce resistance from the ESTABLISHMENT – activists, legal, media nexus – at every turn.

What are these anti-Hindu, colonial era divide and rule measures that Congress has unleashed in one of its last major political bastions?

1.) Stoke Lingayats to reject ‘Hinduism’ & seek ‘Minority’ tag

The primary objective of the Nehruvian consensus bred ‘Idea of India’ is to divide Hindus into sub-identities, and wean those smaller sub-identities into the ever-growing ‘minority’ block. And the vehicle to achieve this goal is legislation, mutilating the Constitution if need be.

So, similar to how UPA-2 tried to win the Jain votebank by granting Jains the ‘minority’ tag months before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, a more insidious ploy is now underfoot to rake up divisive sentiments within the powerful Lingayat community, break them from the Hindu fold & keep their votebank in the Congress camp instead of allowing Lingayats to consolidate behind their tallest leader in the state, BJP’s BS Yedyurappa.

Congress’ approach to the whole issue is summed up by Karnataka water resources minister M.B. Patil, one of the key leaders behind the agitation, who said, “We have less in common with Hinduism than Sikhs or Jains.” While the minister was making this debatable assertion vis a vis the Lingayat breakaway demand, it provides a fascinating insight into the post-independence Congress ideology & mindset nurtured by the Nehru-Gandhi family.

While those leading this agitation are predictably claiming that it is apolitical and solely due to ‘theological differences between the Lingayats and mainstream Hinduism such as rejection of the caste system’, the truth is that the ‘minority’ tag has become so sought after today solely because it offers a host of Constitutional and State sops that are just not available to the majority.

Foremost among these benefits of minorityism is freedom to run your educational institutions (Article 30 of the Constitution) and without laws such as RTE breathing down your neck. This article by @RealityCheckInd explains this crucial motivation behind hankering for the ‘minority’ tag and why we will see more of such demands in the future.

Another eye-opening article by Arihant Pawariya explains how minoritarian benefits are now firmly ensconced in our body politic – freedom to run educational institutions, scholarships, special schemes & other economic incentives, and of course the extreme deference shown by the ESTABLISHMENT to your religion & culture, while the Hindu religion and customs are mocked & mauled willy-nilly.

2.) Bring Hindu mutts and their temples under Government control

Until now, Karnataka’s HRCE (Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments) Act, also known as ‘Muzrai’ Act, has kept religious mutts and temples managed under them out of its purview. As with anything to do with Hindu temples and institutions, there is long & tangled legal history to this too.

Of course, the current Congress Government claims that it wants to ‘improve temple administration’ and adhere to earlier Court rulings by making changes to the Act and now bringing mutts under State control. When you own the ESTABLISHMENT, you can devise any cover for your real intentions.

Lets look at what the head of the committee which is seeking to make these changes has to say – “We will also study how the issue is being handled smoothly in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. We want to reduce interference of the government by empowering local committees,” he added.

Yes, you read that right – the way Hindu temples are being mismanaged by state HRCE departments in TN/Kerala/AP, their assets like lands being leased for peanuts to politician-controlled mafias, their idols being stolen and replaced with fakes, each and every aspect of temple administration including how puja is to be done controlled by Government babus – that is the role model of ‘smooth handling’ which Congress now wants in Karnataka.

There were murmurs of a similar move in 2014 too, but at that time Congress had retracted in the face of opposition by BJP and several seers of affected mutts, some of whom also commented that ‘that such a law never came to the minds of erstwhile Moguls, British and Nizam governments.’

But if there is one quality that the Congress ecosystem does not lack, it is persistence – drip by drip, year by year, their battle to fragment Hindus and control their institutions, perseveres. And given the disjointed, half-baked opposition to their moves, this ESTABLISHMENT ultimately wins one day.

3.) Blatant minority appeasement by glorification of Tipu Sultan, crackdown on public Hindu celebrations

S Siddaramaiah’s Government has been holding grand ‘Tipu Jayanti’ celebrations on Nov 10, riding roughshod over the sentiments of native Kannadigas who consider Tipu Sultan as a tyrant who murdered many innocents and forced thousands to convert to Islam. We have covered the history of these brutal religious-military campaigns by Tipu and his father Hyder Ali in this two-part article series.

And not content with just glorifying a man who Hindus consider as the Southern version of Aurangzeb, Siddaramaiah has also now started cracking down on long-standing Hindu religious celebrations such as Hanuman Jayanti processions –

Congress has shown many times in the past that it has absolutely no moral compunctions in its quest to retain hard power. They burnt Haryana using the Jat reservation protests, then burnt Madhya Pradesh through the contrived farmer agitation, and now are all set to burn Karnataka in the event that they lose power in next year’s assembly polls.

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