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Saturday, June 15, 2024

CM Stalin and Dravidianists give a rousing welcome to Rajiv assassinator freed by SC

Perarivalan @ Arivu, a convict in the gruesome Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, has been set free by the Supreme Court. The court invoked the extraordinary power granted under Article 142 to approve his remission plea. While he has only been released from serving his jail term and has not been exonerated, media and political parties, especially DMK, have been giving him a hero’s welcome. Apart from setting a precedent in the judiciary infringing on the executive’s rights, this gives room for terrorists appealing on the same line to get freedom.

Perarivalan was convicted for purchasing batteries for the bomb used by LTTE to blow up former PM Rajiv Gandhi during an election campaign in Sriperumpudur on May 21, 1991. He was awarded a death sentence by the court in 1998 and it was upheld by the SC in 1999. It was reduced to a life sentence in 2014 by a bench headed by the then CJI Sadasivam. Then he moved a remission plea which was backed by the state government. But the governor didn’t make a decision and it went to the SC.

While media likes to show him as a gullible 19 year old who had only bought batteries, implying that he didn’t know it would be used to make bombs. However, before that, he was tasked with filming news and sending the cassettes to LTTE’s headquarters in Sri Lanka. He also helped purchase a bike and film rolls for the assassination team. He had attended the meeting between Rajiv Gandhi and the then TN CM Jayalalitha on April 18 and had a dry run at PM VP Singh’s meeting on May 7 and 8.

Only based on these pieces of information he was convicted of aiding the assassination. But media and Dravidianists have been glossing over these facts and making it look like an innocent man was made to suffer in prison for 30 years. Both ADMK and DMK have been batting for the release of the assassination convicts and CM Stalin hugged and welcomed Perarivalan after the SC verdict.

While Congress is organizing lame protests and condemning the verdict ib meek terms, it should be noted that it was Sonia Gandhi who had appealed to the then TN governor to commute Nalini, another main conspirator’s death sentence to a life sentence in 2000. Now, Arputhammal, mother of Perarivalan, is projected as a legend fighting for her ‘innocent’ son’s life. Demands are being made to provide a government job for Perarivalan to compensate for the loss of his youth. In all probability, he might end up becoming a Rajya Sabha MP on a DMK ticket.

Shockingly but not surprisingly this issue also has been diverted to blame Brahmins. Dravidianists and Tamil nationalists call it a Brahmin conspiracy to punish innocent Tamils like Perarivalan. One even went up a level by saying “Is a single Aryan Brahmin’s life(Rajiv Gandhi) more worthy than 12000 (Sri Lankan) Tamils lives?”.

Another one tweeted that if not for ‘sadist Brahmins’, the assassinators would have been released for their good conduct. Dravidianists and Tamil nationalists have a habit of blaming Brahmins for everything and they have been accusing the community for the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils since the war despite the fact that the Indian government has done a lot for their rehabilitation.

Being a Christian Perarivalan has the support of the ‘civil society’ aka NGOs as well. It is to be seen how he is propped up and what all will follow his release. It sets a bad precedent and clears the way for terror convicts serving prison time. Muslim parties and organizations have been demanding the release of 1999 Coimbatore blast convicts citing their age, health condition and good conduct. It must be noted that even though the TN government moved for the release of all 7 convicts of the Rajiv assassination case, SC only picked Perarivalan to grant freedom.

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