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Friday, June 21, 2024

Bharat Todo Yatra: Christian evangelicals want Rahul Gandhi as PM, submit memorandum of ‘Christian concerns’ to be addressed by him

The Nehru-Gandhi Parivar has been siding with anti-Bharat forces and favouring Christian evangelism. After peddling lies about the Modi government taking away vanvasi rights, it has now emerged that Rahul Gandhi met Christian representatives on November 9 in Maharashtra’s Nanded during the yatra who submitted a list of demands.

The representatives belong to the evangelical organization General Convention of the Episcopal Churches in Southern and South-Eastern Asia. Their letter cites Rahul Gandhi would be the next prime minister before adding their demands. It provides guidance to the Congress leader on the direction he has to work in after becoming the PM. The letter also equates Rahul’s yatra to the ‘communist march’ of Chinese Communist dictator Mao Zedong.

The letter states just like Zedong ended the monarchy in China, Rahul Gandhi and other leaders would bring about the ‘end’ of the ‘fascist’ BJP and ‘reinstate democracy’ in the country. It also terms the 2024 general elections as a game-changer.

Incidentally, the communist dictator Rahul Gandhi is being compared with was one of the cruellest dictators in China. He believed that power was obtained by the gun. Is now the church group advising Gandhi to resort to violence to gain power if Congress is unable to win elections democratically? Apart from this, Mao Zedong killed hundreds of people during his march leading to a situation of civil war in the country. Is the church group planning to create a civil war-like situation in Bharat as well if Congress fails to gain power?

The organization claims to be the representative of Christians in Bharat and says Anglican churches are conducting prayers for the success of Gandhi’s ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. “We foresee you as the prime minister of the country. Hence, we are putting forward our demands. We hope you would act on these once you become the prime minister”, the letter notes.

The first demand is to grant UGC recognition to Baptist Christian Education Institution’s Serampore College located in West Bengal. It must be mentioned that the college conducts graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral studies in Christian theology. The degree obtained from this college is invalid across the country except in the northeastern states.

The organization wants students of Christian theology to be granted recognition by passing a parliamentary amendment. It also demanded UGC recognition and funding for the Christian studies department at Madras and Mysore universities to further Christian studies.

The next demand is to name the Car Nicobar island after Bishop Dr John Richardson who is supposedly the ‘father of the island’. He is one of the evangelicals who converted several Hindus on the island to Christianity. This helped him win the loksabha seat from Andaman and Nicobar islands in the 1952 elections.

Richardson translated the Bible into the Nicobari language so that a maximum number of people could be converted to Christianity. The Indira Gandhi government awarded him Padmabhushan in keeping with their Christian appeasement policy.

The evangelicals wanting Rahul Gandhi as the prime minister in itself should set alarm bells ringing among the Hindus. However, if that doesn’t then the next demand of the Christian organization will be because it indicates a conspiracy to break Hindu society. The Christian group has demanded that those SC ST Hindus who convert to Christianity should get reservations and social benefits. It is pertinent to note that the constitution denies reservations and other benefits for those converting out of Dharmic religions.

Christian evangelicals believe that Rahul Gandhi would certainly fulfil their demands. The letter concludes by giving ‘advance wishes’ to Gandhi was dislodging the ‘fascist’ government.

It is important to understand the politics behind these demands. Also, this letter makes it amply clear that Congress in general and Gandhi Parivar, in particular, is in alliance with evangelicals. The ties between the two are now out in the open after two consecutive loksabha defeats. Evangelicals are emboldened to make open demands and are openly backing Congress and Rahul Gandhi.

Hindus need to pay attention to words such as gamechanger used to describe the 2024 elections. Also, comparisons equating Rahul Gandhi with Mao Zedong and the manner in which Christian evangelicals want the democratically elected Modi government to be unseated should be food for thought.

This shows how shaken the anti-Bharat forces are and also that these breaking Bharat forces see Rahul Gandhi as their last beacon of hope.

(Featured Image Source: The Narrative World)

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