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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Blunders of 1962 should not be forgotten against treacherous China

Xi Jin ping’s treachery & deceit hit a new low when unarmed Bharatiya soldiers were attacked by the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) with iron rods, nail studded and barbed wire laced rods at the Galwan valley. The Bharatiya bravehearts though unarmed fought valiantly to inflict death to 35 and more Chinese barbarians for this cowardly act.

20 of our brave men were martyred in this pre-planned medieval crude slugfest by the PLA which boasts of being the most modern army of the world. This was the worst face off since 1967 when 300 Chinese and 80 of our soldiers were killed in Nathu-la.

This dastardly and ignominious act by the Chinese manifests the tainted and sullied face of their President and the PLA which ambushed unarmed Bharatiya soldiers with weapons which which will put demons to shame. It is also a manifestation of its President growing and uncontrollable desire to unsurp America and become the number one military and economic power as it has demonstrated through its debt diplomacy and forcible occupation of territories and islands in South China sea, Sri lanka (Hadmanpota), Pakistan (Gwadar port), Africa (Djibouti), in addition to forcible occupation of Tibet and imposing its will on Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The latest nation to be done in by this debt diplomacy is Nepal. The building of the Darbuk Shayok Daulat Beg oldie road (DS DBO) up till the Karokaram pass which gives Bharat an access point to Aksai Chin and the Lhasa Kashgar highway has irked China as have a number of roads (61) which have been and are being built by the BRO (Border Road Organization) under the ICBR (Indo China Border Road ) initiative.

Once the build up by the Chinese started in the Galwan valley in April a skirmish or a face off looked imminent particularly as the Chinese started fortifying the hills around the Galwan river and latest satellite images, post the shameful slugfest by the Chinese only reinforced that viewpoint.

The words of the PM on the Galwan encounter that not an inch of territory has been ceded to needs to be trusted but the Chinese need to be pushed back to the pre April positions and status quo ante needs to be restored albeit forcefully even if it involves a limited military onslaught.

Bharat’s superiority in mountain warfare with over two lakh troops in 12 divisions has been acknowledged surprisingly by a Chinese expert Huang Guozhi, senior editor of “Modern Weaponry” magazine. According to Huang, the Bharatiya army is number one in the world in high altitude combat and war and with the raising of the 50,000 strong mountain strike force this view is further reinforced.

Guozhi mentions the M777, the world’s lightest 155mm towed howitzer, the Chinook heavy transport helicopter and the AH-64E Longbow Apache attack helicopter (all American acquisitions) procured by the Bharatiya army to sustain his argument.

The Chinese grudgingly and secretly acknowledge Bharat’s mountain supremacy but it’s time this prowess is put to test by Bharat against its main adversary which has cultivated the habit of nibbling our territory since his holiness the Dalai Lama took refuge in our country in 1959.

Mao Zedong blamed Bharat for the Lhasa uprising in Tibet and was infuriated by the asylum given to the Dalai Lama and this triggered the Sino-Indian 1962 war. Bharat payed dearly for not using its air force even though the CIA reports confirmed that that the Chinese could have been beaten in the air due to their ill equipped bases and refueling facilities.

According to Air Marshall (Retd) RS Bedi, former DG of Defence planning staff, the Chinese had Mig-15, 17 and a few Mig-19 in their arsenal and the IL – 28 bombers were the only potent aircraft which could bomb the eastern cities of Bharat.

He further says that western intelligence reports from China confirmed that the Chinese air force was almost grounded due to the stoppage of spares by the erstwhile Soviet union. However, the then US ambassador to Bharat, Mr Galbraith and Nehru’s IB (Intelligence Bureau) boss BN Mullick “exaggerated the Chinese threat in the absence of real intelligence,” according to the former Air Marshall.

The total intelligence failure on our side and the lack of preparedness of our top hierarchy can be gauged from the fact that Nehru returned from Colombo on the 16th of October and the Director Military operations was on a cruise on the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant when the Chinese attacked us at 5 AM on the 20th of October 1962.

Even though the Chinese got a bloody nose in the battle of Nathu la and Chong la in 1967, it has not stopped the dragon from salami slicing our territory in the western and eastern sector and the latest attempt at incursions in the western sector are a part of that policy.

Limited activity has been witnessed at Skardu air base in PoK where a Chinese refueller aircraft and a few Pakistani transport aircraft were seen recently and since then Pakistani air bases are under Bharatiya radar. This development only reiterates the present governments view point of reclaiming PoK which was gifted to Pakistan by our first Prime Minister ignoring the advice of his home minister.

Military strategists have always been wary of the Chinese using Pakistan Air bases in PoK in the event of a war as the high altitude Chinese airfields in Tibet hamper take off with full fuel and firepower. Bharat needs to squeeze China at sea by deploying its frigates and aircraft carrier at the strait of Malacca and choking China’s energy supplies from the middle East and African countries like Angola.

Bharat needs to increase its dominance and presence in the Indian Ocean to keep China at bay and joint surveillance and exercises by the quad (America, Australia, Japan and Bharat) in the Indian Ocean and South China Sea are imperative to thwart China’s hegemony and make it bite the dust on land and at sea in the eventuality of a war.

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Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta
Political Editor, Samast Bharat magazine


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