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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Liberals and Islamists suffer meltdown over Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan

Islamists and liberals consoled each other after suffering a massive meltdown on the auspicious occasion of the Bhoomi Pujan of Ram Mandir. The reaction was similar to what we had already seen on November 9, 2019, the day the Ram Janmabhoomi verdict was pronounced by the Apex court in favor of Hindus, but, way more intense, bitter, and coarse.

Earlier, it was reported that Bhagwan Ram’s images will be displayed on the iconic NASADQ and other billboards at Times Square in New York on the day of Bhoomi Pujan. However, the ad company managing the NASDAQ billboard walked back on their commitment and refused to beam Bhagwan Ram’s images after a coalition of Muslim groups filed a petition against it, calling it an ‘Islamophobic campaign’.

Here, we would like to remind our readers that a few weeks ago when Hagia Sophia was turned into a mosque in a sudden move by Turkey’s Islamist government, Muslims across the world celebrated it. Today the same demography finds a temple being reconstructed, after a long-drawn legal battle, at the site where it was demolished 500 years ago, objectionable.

Bhoomi Pujan causes Islamist-Liberals meltdown
Bhoomi Pujan causes Islamist-Liberals meltdown

Islamists mourn the Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan

Not only do they oppose the Bhoomi Pujan and the very construction of the grand Ram Mandir, but they have also openly threatened of razing down the Mandir as soon as the political environment turns in their favor. From its official Twitter handle, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board declared that “Situations don’t last forever,” insinuating a future attack on the yet-to-be-constructed Ram Mandir.


Followed by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi’s tweet too contained a threat about constructing the Babri Masjid again in the future.

Masquerading as a secular intellectual journalist, rabid Islamist who has been called out by the Supreme Court for spreading politically-motivated conjectures in her book Gujrat Files, Rana Ayyub gave another demonstration of her familiar Hindu-shaming routine. But we do echo her ‘Not the India I know’ feeling – the days of Bharat being led by a Prime Minister who had attempted to stall the construction of the Somnath are long gone.

In case YouTube viewers didn’t know, movie critic Sucharita Tyagi also belongs to the anti-Ram Mandir brigade.

Left-Islamist portal The Wire’s journalist Arfa Khannum Sherwani joined in the collective mourning on the Bhoomi Pujan day, questioning if this was the country her ancestors had ‘fought for’.

Well-meaning Twitter users chimed in to refresh her knowledge of history.

Some opted to speak out the tough truth.

Former Rajya Sabha member Shahid Siddiqui attacked secularists who had “tried to ride the Hindutva bandwagon on the construction of Ram Mandir”. We assume this jibe was taken at some of the tall leaders in the Congress party who had sought the blessings of Bhagwan Ram in recent times, right ahead of the Bhoomi Pujan. This would include former Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi as well.

Well known for her Islamist agenda peddling, RJ Sayema too expressed her dismay with humans (read Hindus). It is startling that for a Mandir that is being erected legally, after a verdict of the nation’s Apex court where it was proven beyond doubt that a pre-existing mandir was demolished to construct a mosque, the young generation of IndianMuslims continues to believe that the foundation of the Ram Mandir is being placed illegally.

None of these Islamists have had the integrity to say a word about the genocide that their co-religionists are currently carrying out against Hindus & Sikhs in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Their mind sees only one goal – how to dominate the kafirs of Bharat, how to make this land subservient to Islam.

Liberals mourn the Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan

The non-Muslim liberals also appeared heartbroken, and the Aurangzeb-enthusiast ‘academic’ Audrey Truschke topped the list.

Her pain found a resonance in the incessant cries of the likes of Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose.

Yes, Kashmiris were ‘humiliated’ by the revocation of the temporary Article 370 which had actually denied basic human rights to West Pakistan refugees, Dalit sanitation workers, Gorkha soldiers and women! This is the level of ‘thinking’ and discourse from those who just a decade back were controlling the nation’s narrative.

The Print and ex-Washington Post journalist Rama Lakshmi decided that the act of attending the Bhoomi Pujan by PM Modi made him the worst among the current lot of ‘authoritarian’ leaders. She compared him to the war-crimes accused Slobodan Milosevic who died in a prison cell while undergoing trial in the International Court of Justice (ICJ). And that is exactly the fate our left-liberals wish for Modi and any Hindu leader who dares to deviate ever so slightly from the path prescribed by them: bound in shackles, placed in a cage and summarily executed by their global lynch mob.

Another The Wire and ex-Economist Times ‘journalist’, a known shill for the depraved Samajwadi Party government during the 2017 UP assembly election, decide to turn Ram bhakt for a day to make a jibe at the PM.

Nothing unusual from what we had already anticipated knowing the ideologies of the Islamists and Islamist-apologists under liberal garb.

What is worth celebrating is, that the Bhoomi Pujan for the Ram Mandir has concluded peacefully. Also, despite the chaos created by Islamic associations, Times Square was finally beaming images of Shri Ram.

Wishing every Ram Bhakt reading this piece, heartfelt well-wishes.

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