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Monday, June 5, 2023

Bhainsa anti-Hindu pogrom goes unheard as AIMIM shuts off town from outside world

Bhainsa, a town in Telangana state that borders Maharashtra and which is governed by the AIMIM of radical Islamist and open Hindu-hater Asaduddin Owaisi, remains shut from the outside world and Bharat. Situated in the heart of Bharat, this town with almost 50% Muslim population is a harbinger of what awaits our country. A central government that’s busy with politics and the upcoming elections in various states has openly side-stepped this part of the country, for now. This is a dangerous precedent for Hindu society as a whole.

The state is ruled by an alliance between the TRS and AIMIM and the Bhainsa Municipality is run by the AIMIM. Allegations run thick and fast from the local AIMIM government, but a media ban has made sure that only a trickle of news has made it out from Bhainsa. A police force that should have stood up against the violence is instead dancing to its master’s tunes. The true horror of what was unleashed on Hindus living there has still not been told.

Owaisi has been trying hard to falsely implicate the Hindu Vahini for the violence. If that were the case, why would the state administration ban the media from covering the violence? It can safely be adjudged that the Hindu Vahini story is a blatant lie. That a similar attack on Hindus was carried out in Bhainsa in Jan 2020, just after a massive Tablighi Jamaat ijtema (Islamic congregation) ended nearby, indicates that this is part of a strategy to drive Hindus away from the town. In fact, there was another communal clash in May 2020 too. 

There are allegations that this is exactly why both Owaisi and the state chief minister K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) are trying hard to cover up the violence. KCR’s silence indicates complicity in the whole scheme of things. The absence of reporting of any sort from the liberal national media points to yet another episode of Hindu ethnic/religious cleansing. A similar silence was heard during the late 80s and early 90s when Kashmiri Pandit’s were driven out in lakhs through a campaign of targeted terror and intimidation. 

Bhainsa Anti-Hindu Pogrom
Severely injured Hindus in hospital. Nearly 10 people were badly injured in the recent communal clash (Source: Organiser)

Bhainsa was specifically vulnerable since it is a rare area unlike the rest of the state where the BJP does have a major presence – it won 9 seats in Bhainsa municipality in the 2020 local elections, versus 15 won by AIMIM. This is exactly why AIMIM and like-minded Muslim political outfits target such areas. What did the BJP central government do for its supporters in such high-risk areas will be debated not just in Bhainsa but all over Bharat? Why is the town still being neglected even after many weeks have passed since the violence began? 

The omens don’t auger well for the Hindus of not just Bhainsa but all other places where they constitute a ‘majority’ only on paper – just voting for BJP will not guarantee your safety. 

Last year, the violence broke out just before the Hindu festival of Sankranti (the rioters even urinated in batter kept for preparing Sakinalu, a special snack prepared for the festival), and this year Hindus were terrorised just before Mahashivratri.

The riots are carefully planned well in advance, and some spark is manufactured to unlesh havoc. This time, it is said that a minor bike accident soon spiraled into stone pelting and worse. Last year, it was noisy bikers with silencers removed driving at late evening, who became abusive and violent when asked to leave by local Hindus. Both the ruling TRS and AIMIM are adamant not to allow even reporters to enter the town. A few brave ones who did try to cover the story were brutally attacked and are hospitalized in serious conditions.

If the status quo remains, Hindus will also be forced to congregate and take matters into their own hands, which is an option that the minorities would rather avoid for the sake of self-preservation. Such conflict will also not benefit the Muslim population in other parts of the country where they are still a minority. Owaisi and his like-minded clan of Razzakars should stop instigating and inciting the violence and pushing the country down a path of chaos. 

More importantly, the peace-loving Muslim community should come forward and condemn this cycle of violence that Islamists keep unleashing on the nation from time to time. They are the ones who should advise such bigoted leaders. Whether their leaders will accept or not, only time will tell, but the balance of power using violence will tilt as and when the Hindus of Bharat say ‘enough is enough’. 

The Hindus meanwhile should think hard before bringing new political outfits like the TRS to power since like all ‘secular’ parties, they too practice minority appeasement to stay in power and turn a blind eye to atrocities against Hindus. This is exactly what is happening in neighboring Vatican-ruled Andhra Pradesh, as well. 

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