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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Are Hindus the new Jews?

Hindus are being led on a garden path to be eventually slaughtered. Every aspect of their cultural identity is under state scrutiny and everything that a Hindu does as a token of being Hindu is directly or indirectly intruded or in worst case assaulted by the state in one form or another.

What is of utmost concern is that the so-called champions of Hindu rights have been the most brutal in their passivity to offer any sort of resistance to any anti-Hindu legislation or executive order or policy when they were in opposition and in their speed of execution in implementing anything remotely anti-Hindu when they are in power.

We as Hindus, have undergone extremely high rate of attrition in the course of history. The findings of remnants of temples in every nook and corner of world is a living example of what has been lost in the course of history and how it has been white washed in myriad ways to make it palatable to gullible Hindus.

A recent example of such a white wash can been seen when a prominent Congress politician who is accused of murder, has called the discovery of a Vaishnavite temple in Swat valley as the discovery of the first temple of Gandharv Civilization rather than acknowledging the temple as a part of the wide umbrella of the Hindu Civilization. This is in contrast to the Chinese way of looking at things.

The Chinese have stuck on their claims of nine dash lines or some god forsaken letter written by some unknown traveler and have staked claims on vast swathes of land based on these obscure claims. Similar appropriation has happened or is happening on the scientific and cultural accomplishments of Hindus.

Scientific advancements of Vedic yogis, mathematicians, scientists, anthropologists, chemists, etc., have been appropriated by other religions and their followers to such an extent that the original discoverers have all been forgotten.

This cultural and religious appropriation has hastened with present generation of political leaders at the helm of affairs. Most striking example of the same is the way Surya Namaskar, the Vedic offering of oblations to the sun, have been disconnected from its Hindu moorings. Pranayama is being championed as non-religious in its content and offering. Yoga is made to be devoid of its religious strings and is being propagated as a way of exercise and controlled breathing technique.

Numerous such incursions are seen in all forms of Hindu way of life.

Central government and its agencies, led by the so-called champions of Hindu rights, have made all efforts to subdue Diwali festivities by banning of crackers by means of executive orders and judicial overreach based on petitions of its members and functionaries. Pollution around Diwali is not caused by the crackers and is due to various reasons, primary of them is the stubble burning by the farmers of neighboring states.

It is quite surprising that those states which were in no way affected by the pollution were the first ones to be banning crackers. This year the reason for cracker ban was not only pollution (as the data showed that the pollution on a day post Diwali was lesser than the days prior to Diwali) but because of Covid situation around the country. This is some real shifting of goal post.

It is indeed surprising that rather than addressing the real reason of this pollution caused due to stubble burning, the central government and its agencies chose to selectively target the major Hindu festival of Diwali and interfere in it. State government of Rajasthan has banned after death rites of Hindus citing COVID-19 protocols but has so far restrained itself from intruding or rather even commenting on anything remotely connected to any other religion.

Similar is the case by the State government of Odisha which is extremely enthusiastic about curbing of Hindu rites, rituals and dharma gurus. The recent case of curbing the Chhat puja is a stark example of how all the governments have taken all efforts to intrude in the Hindu religious sphere.

These and many more such actions by the governments at centre and state to target anything remotely Hindu is worrying for the Hindus. These actions by the governments have made us believe that the Hindus are the new Jews and we are being led to the garden path of extinction in a gradual manner by the very people who are entrusted to be the van guards of this civilization.

A recent endorsement by the Prime minister of a book by a certain writer has evoked mixed reaction in the online supporters of the Prime Minister. It is not surprising to find that the Prime Minister has endorsed this writer on his official and verified handle as the writer is of the same belief as the Prime Minister in reforming of Hindu Dharma.

It is not only an endorsement of the book but also the ideology by the Prime Minister. What has been most striking in this endorsement is that the Prime Minister chose to endorse a book written by a certain writer and on numerous occasions has endorsed anti-Hindu voices and shown concern to them but not once did the Prime Minister even remotely endorse news portals like OpIndia or Swarajya or Twitter handles like @TrueIndology for reasons unknown to us.

Anyone who has been vocal with their criticism of these policies and unwanted reforms has been harassed and humiliated by the organs of the State or has been deboarded from all forms of social media to curb their voice of opposition to these actions by the government and its organs.

These actions by the central and state governments and their organs reinforce the belief that Hindus are the new Jews. If we don’t rise up to the occasion of protecting and nurturing the Hindu identity then we might as well in our lifetime see the destruction of the Hindu edifice.

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Ashok Parmar
Ashok Parmar
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