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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Uddhav faction’s Sushma Andhare spews venom against Hindu deities & saints

Uddhav faction leader Sushma Andhare who was all praises for Islam has repeatedly spewed venom against Hindu Dharma, saints, and Bhagwans. Several videos of Andhare have made their way to social media (SM) and the Hinduphobia displayed by the Sena leader put a question mark on Uddhav Thackeray’s claim of being a ‘Hindutvawadi’.

Maharashtra’s Sant parampara is one of the most revered in the state and has great significance for the masses. Andhare took potshots at Hindu Sants saying they denied education to the masses while conducting miracles such as making buffaloes talk.

She also spread misinformation about as well as denigrated Prabhu Sri Ram and Bhagwan Krishna. She said she doesn’t have faith in Bhagwans Ram and Krishna. “They say Ram is God. How can Ram be God? He suspected his wife Sita because someone raised doubts about her 14-year stay in Lanka with Ravan. We can also raise questions about Ram who spent 14 years in the jungle…tasting fruits with Sabari”, she says while laughing sinisterly.

Andhare also denigrates Bhagwan Krishna by calling Him one who steals the clothes of women and slyly watches their bathing. Angered by her derogatory comments, Krishna Bhakts vowed not to vote for her party. They took the oath with Bhagwan Krishna as their witness.

The Sena leader is a repeat offender who has often made derogatory remarks against Hindu Dharma. Earlier she made demeaning remarks against Bhagwan Vishnu’s Dashavatar and the birth of Bhagwan Ayappa. Andhare also insulted Devi Maa and Hindu rituals followed during Navaratri while the audience laughed.

Talking about Devadidev Mahadev in an insulting manner Andhare remarked, “Bhasmasur is said to have undertaken Tapasya to please Mahadev who is known as Bhole. He is so Bhola that He didn’t even know that a son was born to Him” (a reference to Bhagwan Ganesh’s birth). She even insulted Maratha Kranti Morcha and Ayodhya Prabhu Sri Ram’s Mandir.

It can’t be emphasized enough that she is a neo-Ambedkarite who are Hindudveshis to the core. For all his tall claims of being a Hindutvawadi, Uddhav Thackeray’s faction is not only in association with anti-Hindu Congress and NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) but also has Hindu-hating and Islam-loving leaders like Andhare.

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  1. Sant Dnyaneshwar, who made “buffalo talk”, translated the Gita into the vernacular of the masses. That was his major contribution. He only lived to age of 19 or 21 (different sources give different). Not sure what he did to “deny education to masses.” His translation WAS FOR THE MASSES. At that time, orthodox brahmins thought that Gita should remain in Sanskrit only.

    Ms. Andhare does not know what she is talking about. I have actually done fair bit of research into Sant Dnyaneshwar’s life. What Ms. Andhare is saying is the OPPOSITE of the truth.


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