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Friday, December 8, 2023

Kerala Intelligence Dept Calls Out Alarming Marxization of Kerala Police

Kerala’s state Intelligence Department has raised a red flag over the increasing Marxization of the Kerala Police Association which was hampering effective policing in the state, Kerala-based news outlet Manorama Online has reported –

“Seeking initiatives from the director general of police (DGP) to check the unhealthy trend, the intelligence report observed that a high level of politicisation was evident during the recently held district-level police association meetings. Along with the report, Intelligence ADGP TK Vinod Kumar handed over a letter highlighting the gravity of the situation to the DGP.

Martyrs’ commemoration and politically-tilted sloganeering at association’s annual conferences were in violation of the service rules. Inviting leaders of the ruling front who do not hold any official position to association meetings to deliver speeches would politically divide the force, the report warned.

At the Kerala Police Officers’ Association’s state conference held in Kottayam recently, 50 personnel exhibited their political leanings publicly by sitting as a separate block with red attires on in the presence of the Chief Minister and the DGP. They included five special branch officials entrusted with intelligence gathering, the report pointed out.

Martyrs’ commemoration with floral tributes and sloganeering were part of most association meetings that were attended by prominent CPM leaders. Former chief ministers came under scathing attack by speakers at the meets. Since the left-leaning association had the backing of the government, DGP Loknath Behera remained a mute spectator to the happenings.”

The Kerala Police Association (KPA) has dismissed the charge and claimed to be unaware of any such intelligence report alleging high politicisation of the police force.

Logo becomes red

The Manorama Online article adds, “The blue logo of the police association, which had been in use since 1980, was painted red at some conferences in violation of the official norm. The logo, depicting a policeman in uniform holding a torch on one hand and a set of scales on the other, was designed by a former official attached to the Malabar special police. The board installed in front of the association’s main office was also painted red recently.”

Here are more extracts from the intelligence report –

“The many police associations formed for the welfare of the officers are acting like feeder organisations of ruling political party. Police officers, who are supposed to act without any bias, expressing such political leniency is not acceptable and is alarming.

..Setting up martyrs’ column during the district meetings and raising slogans like ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ (Long live the Revolution!) are in contravention to service rules

It appears that there has been some impact, howsoever superficial, of the intelligence report. The colour of a martyrs’ column at the state conference has been changed by cops from an earlier all red to blue and red. Besides, the description on the memorial ‘Martyrs’ column’ has been changed to ‘Police martyrs’ column’.

The colour of the column, which was red, has been changed to blue and red. Besides, the description on the memorial ‘Martyrs’ column’ has been changed to ‘Police martyrs’ column’ Credit: Manorama Online

A murder or any random act of lawlessness in a BJP-ruled state involving a ‘minority’ victim and a ‘majority’ perpetrator dominates the national news cycle and even goes international – cue Junaid Khan or Akhlaq lynching (in that case, the crime occurred under SP rule, yet Modi was held accountable). Actions of police during BJP rule are analyzed threadbare – even encounter deaths of hardened criminals like Sohrabuddin or terrorists like Ishrat Jehan are debated and litigated endlessly. But this news about the blatant politicisation of a state’s police force within 2 years of CPM coming to power – something flagged by the state’s own intelligence wing, by the way – is not picked up by our elite talking heads and self-appointed guardians of the republic even 4 days after the news was first reported by Manorama Online?

As always, social media was ahead of the curve and had called out this dangerous trend of Kerala Police becoming an arm of CPM long before. If you want to know what is really happening in Kerala, look no further than @PartyVillage017

Here is visual proof of the brazen Marxization of Kerala police cadre –

These set of tweets show how the Communist party’s iron hold over the police machinery manifests as free license for Marxist goons to target all political opponents and ordinary citizens –

Here is how the CPM machinery ‘manages’ policemen who dare to remember their pledge to uphold the law –

This is fascism in action – it is the real crisis of democracy that Bharat faces today. From Bengal, to Karnataka, to Kerala, the secular mafia – Communists, Islamists, secularists, regionalists – are the real fascists who maul institutions and trample all over the Constitution, the moment they get a chance. But if you were to listen to our left-liberal intelligentsia, it is this secular mafia that is the bulwark against ‘Hindu majoritarianism’ represented by Modi – The master Nazi propagandist Goebbels would have been proud of the narrative they have managed to create.

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