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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Vanvasi Madhu’s lynching case on the verge of being toppled by Islamists

Dark Islamist forces are working hard to ruin the notorious Attapadi vanvasi(tribal) Madhu’s lynching case. Madhu was accused of robbing a few kilos of rice and was killed by Muslim shop owners. The incident happened in the Mukkali vanvasi area of Palakkad district in 2018. 

The Kerala High court has appointed a new public prosecutor in the Attapadi Madhu lynching case. This is the fourth government lawyer in a case where video evidence of the mob violence is available! 

Malli speaking to the media

His mother and two sisters survive Madhu and are the only ones running around for justice. The accused are trying hard to threaten the vulnerable vanvasi ladies. Kerala police wouldn’t provide them protection. The local government has its agenda to shield the criminals, and opposition parties like the BJP and Congress are just not interested in the case.

Criminal lawyers representing the accused are trying hard to blame the police. They are trying to utilise the fact the he died in the police vehicle while being shifted to the hospital. Madhu’s sister says that she overheard these lawyers mention that if the current state of affairs continues, all the accused will be free pretty soon.

Communist regime-appointed public prosecutors appearing for the family are doing their best to help the accused. They did not cross-examine two key witnesses who turned hostile recently. These are the same lawyers who regularly appear on behalf of the state to ‘protect the public interest.’ One of those witnesses is Madhu’s first cousin and saw the mob lynch him to death.

He was mentally and physically unstable and lived inside caves in the forest. He helped everyone and was generous to visitors, sharing the rice or tea he had made for himself but generally kept to himself. Vanvasi youth, like Madhu, collect and sell forest produce.

On the day of this lynching, Forest department officials leaked the poor youth’s location to a few Islamist shopkeepers from Mukkali town. These are the same officials who allow rampant tree felling and hunting of wild animals, all for a price. They also indulge in extreme violence whenever poor vanvasis enter the forest. The Adivasis know they are a hindrance to such corrupt officials and prefer to keep their distance.

Those shopowners from Mukkali assembled and drove to the location in jeeps. The area is far from the main road, and ordinary citizens must take passes from the forest officials to enter the area. But Madhu’s attackers did not, and the forest officials waited for them in their government vehicles on the road.

Other Islamists assembled from around the area and a mob of 60 encircled the cave where he was living. He was severely beaten up and the attackers broke his backbone. The poor vanvasi man also suffered 44 injuries, internal and external.

The accused planted a sack containing sand and dragged him to Mukkali town. He was forced to walk to Mukkali, 5 km away, carrying the sack on his head while his hands were tied behind his back. On the way, they waterboarded him in a river. Every time he came up gasping for air, the criminals drowned him again. 

The attackers who had come by jeep made him walk to Mukkali while taunting and beating him. He howled in pain and begged for water. The sadist criminals poured bottles of water over his head. All this happened in front of the forest officials. Those officers provided an escort to the parade and did nothing to help Madhu.  

People were cutting some trees and the lynching continued in full public view. When he fell, one of the criminals, a local trader named Hussain, stomped on his chest. Others, including Madhu’s relatives, were also present in Agali then.

When questioned, the attackers alleged that he had a plantation where he grew cannabis and stole groceries from them. This classic jihadi tactic uses false propaganda to defame the victim. By acting like moral police, they attract public sympathy and isolate the victim from the society. 

Incidentally, they are the same shop owners who bought the honey that vanvasis like Madhu collected from the forest. This also makes the robbery story unreliable, and he did not have a history of robbery. Most of these shops are owned by Islamists who adulterate the honey with jaggery water and fleece the tourists. Hindus in the area are mostly jeep drivers.

The torture continued at Mukkali town, where the attackers took videos and selfies and uploaded them on social media. The confiscated sack of rice then turned into a shopping bag containing groceries. Several hours after the lynching, having made sure that he would not survive, the accused informed the police.

Local police arrived, detained Madhu, and were shifting the victim to the hospital when he died. The nearest hospital (in the state that claims to be number one) is 45 minutes away by jeep, but the police reached there an hour and a half later.

News about his death spread like wildfire. TV channels scrambled crews into the forests and a huge outcry ensued, following which police arrested 16 persons. The 16 accused are Hussain (50), Marakkar (33), Shamsudheen (34), Aboobacker (31), Muneer (28), Siddique (38), Abdul Kareem (48), Ubaid (25), Najeeb (33), Aneesh (30), Radhakrishnan (34), Jaijumon (44), Sajeev (30), Satheesh (39), Hareesh (34), and Byju, all residents of Mukkali. 

Noticeably, other members of the 60-odd original attackers are yet to be booked. No forest official was questioned or charged with criminal negligence or conspiracy. All 16 of the accused are now out on bail. Last year, Shamsudheen (an accused in the lynching) was made the CPM Mukkali branch secretary, but the Marxists withdrew the decision after the issue stoked a controversy.

Of all the mothers in Kerala, no one deserves a house more than Madhu’s grieving mother. She does not have one even today. With crores from public funds for vanvasi ‘upliftment,’ this case is a classic case of neglect and social exclusion.
The accused promised Madhu’s mother Malli a house to keep her mouth shut, but she refused to accept it. The family now lives in fear, under constant threat from radical Muslims, and their relatives have abandoned them. Her latest interview showed that contrary to government and media propaganda (forget a house of her own), she did not receive a single rupee from the government.

The Kerala state police now employ Madhu’s sister, but she had been picked up even before he died. She had gone to attend the police interview when the tragic news about her brother’s demise reached her.

Marxism in Kerala is being stage-managed by radical Islamist green communists. Hindu vanvasis like Madhu are finding it hard and their existence has become a struggle. The local communist regime is trying to topple court cases against violent Islamists.

The real motive behind the killing remains a mystery. Neither the police nor the judiciary is interested in unearthing it, which is the loophole the accused are trying to use for their benefit. The Muslim attackers even dared to take videos and selfies and uploaded them on their social media pages.

Madhu’s court case is going exactly the way that Walayar rape and murder case of two minor Vanvasi girls in Palakkad did. Islamist rapists/ murderers, with help from Marxists/ local police/ judiciary nexus, succeeded in freeing the criminals stating ‘lack of evidence.’ The same Marxists who came to power using vanvasis’ votes are now busy appeasing and protecting Islamists.

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