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Friday, June 9, 2023

Vanvasi community socially boycotting some youth for eating beef, allege ‘political activists’: Marayoor, Kerala

Based on the allegations by ‘political activists’, Kerala Police initiated an investigation into the alleged social boycott of a few youngsters for consuming beef. The incident was reported from six vanvasi (tribal) villages in and around Marayoor in Idukki district bordering Tamil Nadu. 

These highlands are where the Muthuvan community has thrived for centuries and as per their beliefs, consumption of beef is forbidden. Cow meat is generally banned in most parts of Bharat, but not in Kerala. Incidentally beef is available in all hotels of Marayoor and locals consume it freely. So why this issue now?

Marayoor panchayat authorities said they have not received any such official complaints so far. Local residents in their statement to Marayoor police clearly stated that no one was ostracized but added that there were such allegations. To substantiate their claims, local media showed a few young men camped inside a forest. 

Village chieftains clarified that such false narratives of a social boycott are nothing but a staged attempt to demean the rituals and customs practiced in their hamlets for ages. They added that an Oorukootam (tribal hamlet meeting) will assemble soon to discuss the issue. 

Incidentally, the Kerala police special branch has proactively started to investigate and they even said that they will initiate further action once their ‘report’ is ready. 

Many centuries ago, the very first thing that marauding Christians and Muslims did to the local Keralites was to make sure that they were force-fed beef. It was considered a punishment and humiliation of Hindus, who regard the cow as sacred. Thus began a sad saga of beef-eating that continues till this day in ‘Gods Own Country.’

Those from the ‘minority’ communities relish a chance to indulge in beef and the communist atheists are a new addition. Naturally, the question arises about who gains from feeding beef to Hindu vanvasis and why now? Who are these ‘Andolan Jeevis’ and what do they stand to gain from this controversy? 


Around the world, Marayoor is famous for its natural and unadulterated jaggery. Acres of sugarcane are cultivated deep inside the western ghats and its peculiar geographical identity gives the jaggery a distinct flavor and a dark brown color. Unaffected by the Halal mafia thus far, prices of this jaggery have remained pretty competitive till now. 

Yet the Kerala government shuns such traditional farmers/ manufacturers and buys Halal-certified jaggery for use in Sabarimala temple from dealers in Mumbai. 40 lakh kilos of halal jaggery was purchased in 2019, and much of the adulterated stock soon decayed and was sold off to liquor barons at a pittance. The same communist regime is now talking about ‘socialism and social justice’ among tribals, and such allegations can be considered as nothing but a means to tamper with their Dharmic belief systems and manufacture fault-lines, possibly to prepare the ground for the conversion mafia.  

Another enterprise that was cunningly usurped from the poor vanvasis is the sandalwood industry. The communists used the Naxal menace (a monster of their own creation) and took over the sale of sandalwood, many decades ago. They recently sold off 50 crores worth of sandalwood logs to a company in Bengaluru and as usual, Marayoor locals received a pittance if anything. 

In their hurry to drain the state exchequer, the yearly auctions of sandalwood are being speeded up. In fact, Kerala once had a thriving sandalwood soap industry. The communists decimated Kerala Soaps and Oils Ltd. using mismanagement and labor strikes. 

The Caravan Park

Another motive could be the reasoning that negative publicity is the best publicity and the communists are experts at exploiting such hostile tactics. They know very well that the very mention of beef brings in liberals from all over the country.  The first-ever Caravan Park in Kerala is being planned at Marayoor and is the brainchild of tourism minister and Kerala CM’s son-in-law, Mohammed Riyas. 

To even believe that tourists will flock to Kerala at a time when the state is yet to control the coronavirus is dubious. The Kerala model has flopped, the health minister is in hiding and the chief minister does not even mention the deaths, which now number over 42,000. The state with just 2.75% of Bharat’s population now ranks second in the number of deaths after Maharashtra. Masks are off and the ‘Kerala Model’ has been brutally exposed.

Vanvasis (tribals) of Kerala

This is also the state where a vanvasi named Madhu was accused of stealing a kilo of rice and lynched to death. Madhu’s murder shocked the conscience of Kerala and an Islamist named Ubaid TU posted a selfie with a tied-up Madhu in the background. That case is being inordinately delayed and justice for Madhu seems far off. 

What we now see is a perverted version of socialism where malnourished vanvasi children and mothers are dying and the communists are haggling over beef. 

The government should concentrate on resolving pressing issues on the ground rather than stoke controversies over beef. The ‘ostracized’ beef-eating Marayoor youth living in the open forest seem like mere pawns in the communist scheme of things. 

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