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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Suspended AAP Councillor Tahir Hussain admits to having fuelled Delhi riots to ‘teach Hindu a lesson’

News reports have emerged that suspended AAP Councillor Tahir Hussain has confessed to having masterminded the North-East Delhi anti-Hindu riots in which several people including Intelligence Bureau (IB) official Ankit Sharma lost their lives.

While several details of the conspiracy hatched by Hussain such as the funding received from abroad and the elaborate preparations made by Hussain has been reported by Hindupost earlier, this confession comes as a big blow to the propaganda machinery run by liberals and seculars who were defending Tahir Hussain by handing him the victimhood card, a narrative they have mastered over the years to absolve minorities of their crimes.

The Wire had taken the lead in putting out a video where Tahir Hussain had proclaimed that he was innocent and was himself a victim of communal violence but added that he trusted the judiciary and therefore ‘surrendered’ himself.

In the video, he had played the Muslim victimhood card drawing parallel to Ehsan Jafri who was killed during the post-Godhra riots. This seems to be the standard template now mastered by anti-Hindu anti-nationals where they create an alibi for their crimes as Hussain had done by calling the Police Control Room (PCR) several times during the riots so that his involvement may not be suspected.

However, when things do not work out according to their expectations and public outrage gathers steam, they use the convenient “I am being targeted because I’m a Muslim” line. The rehearsed ‘confession’ is duly made public by leftist media.

All those backing Tahir Hussain have conveniently gone silent after he confessed on Sunday to Delhi Police’s Special Investigation Team (STF) that he was involved in the North-East Delhi riots. In his confession, he has stated that his intention was to “teach Hindus a lesson” using his money and political power.

This confession comes after he had admitted to having collected funds and materials to fuel the riots and target Hindus specifically. The well-planned conspiracy shows the deep-rooted hatred he harboured for Hindus, which burst out after the passage of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was celebrated by a majority of the country’s citizens early this year.

Furthermore, he says that he planned and executed the entire conspiracy using people like Khalid Saifi, ex-JNU student Umar Khalid, ex-Congress municipal councillor Ishrat Jahan and Popular Front of India (PFI) member Danish.

He also said that he was angered by several recent developments such as the abrogation of Article 370, the Supreme Court (SC) Ram Janmabhoomi verdict that was given in favour of Hindus and the final straw seemed to be the passage of the CAA fast-tracking Bharatiya citizenship to persecuted Hindu minorities from neighbouring Muslim countries.

Hussain had said that it was Saifi who had put Umar Khalid in touch with him and the trio held a meeting in which Khalid is purported to have stated that he would lay down his life for his community. Additionally, Saifi had informed Hussain about the willingness expressed by PFI member Danish to organize funds for this war against Hindus.

In a bid to force the government to roll back their CAA decision, the trio planned to unleash violence against Hindus in Delhi by provoking Muslims to take to the streets. Saifi and Ishrat Jahan then staged demonstrations at Khureji following which unrest spread to various parts of the national capital.

Hussain admitted to having met Saifi once again on the 4th of February at the Abu Fazal Conclave so as to plan the riots in a detailed manner. In the said meeting it was decided that the riots should coincide with US President Donald Trump’s visit to Bharat in order to pressurize the government to reverse their decision on CAA.

Materials required for fuelling the riots such as bricks, empty bottles etc. were gathered along with disabling all the CCTVs so that their involvement would not be recorded on camera. Furthermore, care was also taken to ensure that none from the Muslim community were harmed in the ensuing violence.

It is pertinent to mention here that Umar Khalid was also interrogated by the Delhi Police on the 1st of August with regard to his inflammatory speeches and meeting with Hussain and Saifi ahead of the anti-Hindu riots.

(Featured Image Source: Times Now)

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